May 31, 2009

Rochel’s Life Coaching service

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My wife is now doing Life Coaching online. All who want to take advantage of this great service email her at Also check out her blog for more info.

May 27, 2009

Check Facebook & My Blog to keep up

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I have found facebook to be a great way to get to know fans, friends and yiddin. I’m able to interact with people much better so in addition to my blog, you can hear sometimes hourly updates of my thoughts on facebook, “Reb Moshe Ilovetorah” (not my family one). If your Rabbi approves please add me but always check back here as I won’t always write the same both places.

If you kill it, sing its song!

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Weirdness but here goes:I just saw a poisonous centipede going to the mikvah. After passing it, I worried of the children who would walk there & if it came to my house. So I went back, grabbed a shoe I didn’t like & well whacked him about 20x, 2x would have been enough. Then I came home & remembered that he has a special song that Hashem gave him to sing as is known in Kabbalah so I felt guilty & said it for him.
Let Israel rejoice in He Who made him; Let the children of Zion be Joyful in their King (Psalms 149:2)

May 26, 2009

School System Today

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Children are lucky today to go through the entire school system & even have 1 or 2 really good teachers that show them love for Torah, Crafts, Art, etc… How sad. In the old days, a teacher would remain with the children for many years, taking an interest in everything about them & their personal growth. Today, every year there is a new teacher who barely knows more then your name. We must pray for good education!
How many children have to take pills to concentrate & learn when most of them just need a teacher that cares!

Shavuos, Are we Ready?

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Do you think we were really ready in Mitzrayim, Egypt for the Torah? When we went to Har Sinai, we messed up right away. Here we are just days before Shavuos & we wonder how we are ready and worthy to receive the Torah once again. The understanding of Hashem is more powerful then we can imagine. Even though we know we aren’t ready, He sees beyond this & is confident in giving us once again a NEW chance with the Torah. So therefore, we must be more prepared then we think we are but non-the-less, let us dig deep and continue to prepare ourselves for this great day!

May 18, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Chovot Halevovot Duties of the Heart

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Filmed at the Idra Zutra

May 12, 2009

Happy Log B’Omer! Enjoy this holy day!

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Log BeOmer Thoughts

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Just as we dance around watching the fire here on earth. There are similar activities residing in Gan Eden. Rebbe Shimon sits on a chair next to a great fire and around him are his main students. Next to them are our holy forefathers and other great sages. Around them dances thousands upon thousands of souls as they sing and chant many of the songs we sing here. Above them ciricles malachim ophanim and chayots. Similarly the malachim circle the bonfires we make here. Heaven and earth unite from this. What takes place here has the same effect in Heaven. The main thing is Joy and to appreciate the greatness of the Torah. Rebbe Shimon taught us this and this revelation we celebrate.

May 11, 2009

Log B’Omer Excitement

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I am so excited log b omer is almost here. I have already lit an olive oil candle in my home in his merit and to connect to him soul. I am hoping to leave right away tomarrow night to visit meron and the ohel.

May 7, 2009

Shimiras Aynayim

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I have been trying to visit a holy Rabbi in Tiberias for davening now each week. He is a very holy man whom some say isn’t in this world. One thing I noticed was that when he wanted to reattach himself to Hashem, he would take his tzitzis and touch both his eyes with them. I have found this to be a great tikkun and protection when one feels he has dropped from his madrega or following a negative thought.

Log B’Omer Prayers in Meron

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If you would like special prayers on Log B’Omer in Meron, I will charge regular price to bring your name there on this holy day.

May 6, 2009

Log B’Omer Special

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I am offering prayers in Meron at the regular price for Log B’Omer. I Love Torah Prayers
I have also updated the prayer site recently.

May 1, 2009

My Erev Shabbos this week.

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After Chatzos, I headed out to Meron to daven, put on my extra pairs of tefillin and recite shir Hashirim. This has become a regular practice for me slowly. Then I went to the Idra and smoked my pipe to elevate the tefillos of the week and sang some nigunim. While there, I was imagining how the Sages climb from the lower to the upper Gan Eden, Garden of Eden on erev Shabbos. I thought about how they immerse in the mikvah in heaven and are carried to their place in a chariot of royalty surrounded by the Malachim, angels. Then I thought about how even the angels start putting on shabbos garments and switching places in preparation for Shabbos. I imagined the flow of light coming from the Kisay Hakovod and sustaining everything in this world. I put out my pipe and returned home.
I just heard some torah outside my window and i went outside to catch it. Magevet, which is towel in hebrew is same letters as Mitzvah Gedola Lios besimcha tamid. Mikvah is gematria 151, add 4 for the letters and one for the name you have 156 which is gematria yosef. It is amazing what you can hear outside your window in Israel.
Good Shabbos