March 31, 2009

Wait, Wait… We are still in Mitzrayim!

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Nison is a month of miracles but it isn’t so simple. You have to be patient for your own personal miracle, even the Jews had to first be in Egypt and travel through the treacherous terrain of galus. So to us as well, we must be patient as the first part of this month is supposed to be difficult. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t experience pesach properly. So if you feel the blues, emptiness and an empty pocket, don’t sweat it. There is amazing shefa, sustenance waiting for you at the end of this month. Just get your matzos ready and know salvation is on its way. We are after-all, supposed to ACTUALLY experience the going out of Egypt and redemption otherwise, we haven’t fulfilled the mitzvah of keeping Pesach!

March 30, 2009

Almost a Video

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After my trip to Haifa, I headed north to Naharia to do a Torah video. As I neared the Ocean, I feared the gusting ocean wind would overcome any sound I attempted to make. Sure enough, I returned home unsuccessful but I did return with a peace of mind that only the ocean waves can bring a person.

March 26, 2009

One Step down, 2 Steps Up

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Tonight at Meron, I was pondering why I have suddenly been taken from teaching Torah because of my busy schedule. Suddenly I realized that all my difficulties are related to the concept of humility. In order for me to continue to teach Torah on the next level, I must go down. Since I was with my friend who is the mashgiach of the Meron free gemach kitchen, I suddenly realized what I must do. I offered to help serve the soup and then I saw that I could humble myself more by putting out more plastic cutlery. Then I also remembered how important it is to server Tzaddikim, the Sages. Many of the greatest masters in Kabbalah would make sure to server other Tzaddikim in order to reach a higher level of bittle, self-nullification. So now I know what I must do in order to break this recent barrier of barrenness. I MUST FIND A DAY OR TWO TO BE AT THE TOTAL SERVICE OF A HOLY MAN. I’ve done this a few times when holy Rebbes that I am close with visit Israel. Now, I must seek out this privilege once again. So if your a holy Tzaddik, contact me today! I am ready to go!

Asa Yitzchok Visit

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One of our long time blog visitors paid a visit today to Tzfat. When he knocked on my door, I said, “Who is it”. Then I called through the door, “your supposed to say, I am dust and ashes” (like I told in one of my more popular videos). We had a nice meeting and he gave me over videos he took of the kevarim in Poland.

Happy Rosh Chodesh

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May we see many miracles that are positive for the Jewish people. May we each truly feel the going out of Egypt, the going out of the difficult times in our life and a true redemption both in Ruchnius and Gashmious.

March 24, 2009

Running into ilovetorah Fans

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It seems when Hashem draws me away from my website kiruv work, he compensates by having me bump into them in the streets of the world. Maybe as a reminder or some other reason. Tonight it was nice to run into two such people in my small tzfat town.

March 15, 2009

Pray for me

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Please pray for me that I should be in a position to be teacher of Torah full time. I cannot express to you in words the obstacles I face preventing me from learning and teaching. The satan has gps on my every move and thought. We must defeat him and put him to the dust. Hashem gives strength to His people. If every ilovetorah viewer just gave .40 cents a month, I would be able to teach Torah full time.

March 10, 2009

Reflections of this Purim

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I did take some video this year of our purim party. It was a bit different as I drank a lot but I was very collective and didn’t turn over like in other years. Maybe I will drink something stronger next year. I did try to focus my mind on the repentance aspect of this yom tov. I do feel like something was missing through… Maybe 32 people isn’t enough? Or maybe Reb Chaim of Yeruslayim is correct, the true key to this yom tov is to really pray and pray like on Yom Kippur. The drinking and partying is only a small aspect.

March 9, 2009

Purim Party Videos

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To enjoy the last few years of my purim parties. Please visit, (category Jewish Holidays)

Purim & Repentance

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Today is not just a day to drink and be merry. It is a day to make a real change in ourselves. A day of Yom HaKiPURIM, one of the greatest days of forgiveness for the entire year. We must therefore, try with all our strength to put our sins behind us and make a new beginning.

Ninjitzu & Torah Experience

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Today I had a visit from an Ilovetorah fan who is also a black belt in 3 arts. He took me out to the fields and taught me some ninjitzu while I explained to him how to understand it through chassidus. It was a learning experience for us both. He is an expert in this with 20 years of experience and today he learned a new angle in how to think about this passion of his. I’m also feeling an opening of light from a new experience and something different.

March 8, 2009

Happy Purim

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This year we have about 30 people including children and one special guest, Jack Daniels will be attending. Looking forward to a great festive meal and we will try to get some of it on film

March 3, 2009

Ezekiels Vision of the Chariot

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March 1, 2009

Never Skip a Beat

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My learning style has always been never to skip over pages. I always pick up a book from start to finish, even if it is something from the parsha. I got caught up in the kitzer shulchan oruch series on the chapter on Tzitzis. I have to decide now if I should just ahead or pull through slowly.

Newest Video: Meditations of Ezekiel

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The latest video is entitled, Meditations of Ezekiel. I am teaching some deep ideas into meditation and the video lasts 45minutes. In this video I try to take you personally into my own meditation explaining the entire process first hand.
My new videos are saving on the old pc and have about 23 hours left to finish. I am hoping the computer doesn’t freeze in the process. I am going to have it available on DVD to mail to anyone in exchange for any donation (I don’t charge for torah) and I might have a low quality copy online if I can pull that off. I’m not complaining about computer power now, just trying to accept the reality and work the best I can with it.