February 16, 2009

Who are you having for Purim?

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If everyone we invited accepts, we will have about 30 people for purim suida this year. Should you be a bocher, we might be able to slip you in. My purim parties have become a bit famous around the American locals. So what do I drink this year that I can find in Israel that can equate to the expensive Bookers Burben that was gifted to me last year?

February 12, 2009

New Bnei Noach Blog Post

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I just posted some new thoughts for Bnei Noach on the Sons of Noach ilovetorah Blog. http://noah.ilovetorah.com/blog/

My Facebook

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Boruch Hashem. I have expanded my kiruv work to facebook. I’m announcing it here just to let people know. I do not believe this is a very modest place for religious Jews so I am just saying that I am there if someone feels they need to add me. I have also created an ilovetorah group as well. My myspace page has been flourishing now for years with great success.

February 10, 2009

Best Times for Kevarim Shopping

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The best times according to the Arizal to pray at holy kevarim is during the day before Rosh Chodesh (new jewish month) and the 15th of the month. This is because on the 15th is Rosh Chodesh for those in the Garden of Eden as is known in Kabbalah. On the day of Rosh Chodesh here in earth, the Tzaddikim are known not to have as great a presence by their grave. Yesterday, I gave myself an extra push because of this to pray in Meron. After the 15th we don’t stare at the moon but before this we can glance at it. How wondrous are the ways of Hashem and the Torah.

February 9, 2009

Hard Drive Fun

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Boruch Hashem, my hard drive just crashed. This is my 4th drive to break over the years. Tonight I will have to jumble the fixing of these drives, reloading windows if I am lucky to even get that far in the repairs. There is no data loss so I am quite happy.
My replacements
80gig drive makes whistle noises
120 one that just broke
500 gig drive full
2nd 500 gig drive full
750gig drive makes clicking noise but tests seem to say it is ok. Doesn’t run inside the PC as the motherboard is too hold for sata.
250gig drive full
2nd 250 gig drive full
40 gig drive full & slow speed
400 gig in California to arrive in a few weeks
120gig drive on server in chicago (upgrading to 2 160gig)
So I have to decide between the 80gig whistler since it is easy to move the data or to move a 250 around. I would prefer to buy a new drive and call it a night but drives aren’t so cheap here.
GRAND TOTAL TO RUN ILOVETORAH 3210 oh plus laptop drive
3270 Tregabites
(I only own a CD drive as i have 3 broken dvd burners)

Happy T’BShevat

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I would like to wish everyone a happy T’BShevat, the new year for trees and plants. It is tradition to eat new fruits tonight and tomorrow and say the blessing Shechinyanu.

February 6, 2009

Productive Week

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It has been a very productive week for me both physically and spiritually. I bench pressed 215 at the gym and I feel healthy again after a difficult early winter. I managed to do some web design work and setup some other business activities. Spiritually, I got out to meron at night, prayed my psalms each day for 40minutes. I now ask myself, why I don’t really feel anything spiritually and the only conclusion I have come too is that I haven’t done a Torah video in a week. For me this gives life and a sense of realness. I could sit all day in meron or at the Kotel but if I am not giving to others, I am empty.
I am a bit hesitant cause of the usb (comp) problems to do a new film but if everyone can pray for a usb tikkun, I would give it a go!

Video Requests

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I am taking video requests. I would like to hear more ideas of what everyone would like to view.

February 4, 2009

Dedicated Server Upgrade Needed

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There are about 350 videos on ilovetorah and we have maxed out our current server. I am forced to do an upgrade to a larger dedicated server. I’m going to have to do this upgrade in the next week. It should speed up the website significantly. This move is quite overdue and with the new HD videos, it is impossible not to upgrade now. Quite honestly, it is a miracle the entire website didn’t crash long ago. We are at 88% server max. People ask me why I don’t host the videos on google and youtube. I do put them up there but I can’t promote Torah and tell people to go to websites that are not modest. If they are already there anyway, at least I have some torah for them to view but I can’t actually send people to places that are unholy and will lead them to waist Torah time.

February 3, 2009

New Video Release: Shalom Bayis (Peace in the Home)

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Please visit www.torahvideo.com

February 2, 2009

Observance of Numbers

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When a person starts to pay attention more to numbers and time, they start to see how even this can connect them to Hashem. I just finished moving the video file, Speech and the Shechinah and I noticed that the file size is 613(mg).228kb. These are both very holy numbers and even the computer itself shows the holiness of a Torah Video.
My friend turned off my treadmill while I was working out. I tried to explain to him that I needed one more minute to complete my gematria (numerical value) of time, 26. To appease me, he then explained to me how I could see holiness in 25minutes instead. We have to constantly be thinking and connecting our surroundings to Hashem.

Interview of a Soldier

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I am considering doing an interview of a Religious Kollel man who was deep in Gaza during the war. I am trying to decide if this would be of interest and help viewers in their avodas Hashem.

New Video Filmed

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Tonight after learning in Meron and then quite literally, kicking my feet all the way home, I managed after turning around a few times in frustration (computer problems to face editing thereafter) to land myself at a new Kever, Benjamin HaTzadik from the Talmud. I spoke up how to have Shalom Bayis. Probably I should talk about more topics like this but since I am a spiritual guy in “la la land”, I need a reminder. If you have any other video requests, you can let me know.

Thank you All

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I want to thank all those that have donated and prayed for us the past few years. I ask often but I am also trying to accomplish a lot myself so everything goes a long way for our success. We have collected over $30,000 for the poor in Tzfat over the last few years. People have also helped the website through its hard times and in the end we always manage due to your help. So I just want to say thank you. I have always thought of the work here that it should be a legacy for future generations. It is all due to your help and encouragement.
I have listed the names of people have have donated the last few years on the donation page. I Love Torah Donations

Now we didn’t raise enough for a “working” computer but you know, eventually we will get one.