January 21, 2009

Muslim Spam

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I am getting harassed on the web from angry Muslims from around the world. I’m getting threats and deleting their daily harsh comments. I don’t expect this to end anytime soon.

Obtomistic on Obama

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It is important in life to keep optimistic and positive so I hope this new beginning for America with Obama turns out good. Certainly America is excited and this is important towards its economic recovery. As far as Israel goes, Jews are used to fighting alone anyways without national support. May Hashem protect the Jewish nation in all corners of the world.

January 16, 2009

I Love Torah Life Coaching & Help Line NEW

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Reb Moshe Life Coach Service

January 15, 2009

Quiet Week

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I am a bit quiet because i just got sick with the flu again. Even though I got to the gym two times a week, run and lift weights, I still get sick because this is Hashem’s way of purifying us. Of course, I am surprised that a healthier lifestyle hasn’t lead me to greater health but Hashem’s ways are not so simple. I must carry on trying to be healthy both spiritually and physically.

January 11, 2009

Welcome Shabbos

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This is our first video in HD. Go to www.torahvideo.com to download and view in HD. Of course, it is in a cave so the lighting removed some quality. I hope you enjoy. If you benefit from it, please send a donation to help us make more videos.

January 9, 2009

New Age of Torah

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It is a new age and crossing point for ilovetorah. I am ready to go through fire to teach Torah to the world and if my students are willing even to just bring a match to the table, Hashem will help us accomplish great things. I have done a new video with the HD camera that just arrived. I don’t really have a computer to edit it on though nor the time because of supporting my family, so the ball is in your court as well as mine to pray for salvation. This video I made special for you to view each erev Shabbos in order to prepare yourself spiritually. I hope together, we can take things to a higher level and grow in our Avodas Hashem.

Good Shabbos

January 8, 2009

Hezballah Attacks North

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I am not suprised about the attack on the north from Hezballah. I had asked my wife to pack an emergency bag last week and I have kept the car with fuel to be ready. After the last war in which my family stayed in Tzfat the entire time while being bombing, I had some regrets. My wife and I are not scared of rockets, in fact, I was at the Ari Mikvah during a baraige of dozens of rockets but I wouldn’t put my family through it again. My children now are much older and I don’t want them to learn at 7,5,3,1 that the world is tuff place. Then again, I am living in the Middle East, they probably understand more about it then I do from their schoolmates.
I do not feel this is the last we will hear from Hezballah and hopefully the army will realize not to withdraw from Gaza after this latest news from the north.
Everyone I have talked to who left their homes last war regretted it because staying away as guests in someone elses home with kids is more difficult then rocket fire. At the same time, for me, being brave as a family through one war is enough. Though the truth is, my wife wants to stay and I am not one for cramming into someone elses house. We will have to find some money for a hotel maybe.
I ask Hashem to look down upon us with forgiveness that we in Israel should not have to suffer.

January 6, 2009

Over 1,000 Video Views a Day, BUT

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Besides all the other site hits, we get over 1,000 video views a day from all video links, my latest stats tell me. The videos are interesting enough that people return to see more of them regularly. My question is, what am I doing wrong that we are not getting enough support to keep everything going? Maybe I should get straight credit card processing instead of paypal. Do people not like the paypal system? It could be that I need to offer gifts along with the donations. Maybe also a yearly raffle? I don’t think in the usa they have sms cell phone donations in most phones. In Israel they do. Please send me some ideas so I can afford not only to run this show but to improve it. B’H we will have the new camera this week but old computers to edit the new HD large file videos with.

The Devine Presence, Shechinah

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Free Videos by Reb Moshe, TorahVideo.com ilovetorah.com

I bumped into this video from last year and thought I would share it again here on the blog. I think the video is a bit lonely on www.torahvideo.com

January 4, 2009

Kids don’t need to Know

Parents many times talk in front of their kids not realizing that they are little sponges soaking everything up. Kids don’t need to know about Wars and Politics. They need to know that life is about love and respect. There is plenty of time to learn that life is not a rose garden.

My Mothers Wedding Invitation

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I am inviting anyone who wants to attend my mothers wedding in Betar Illit, Israel this coming Thursday. Please let me know if you would like to try to attend and I will give you the detail information.
Mazel Tov

Ground Troops in Gaza

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As ground troops go into the unsafe terrain of Gaza. We have to continue to do mitzvos all over the world to protect the soldiers and southern Jews who are fighting terrorism. Feel free to leave your thoughts and blessings here.
Are we overreacting? Well a recent poll this month showed that Fifty-four percent of Gaza residents said they supported rocket fire on Israeli civilians. Right now northern Israel isn’t safe either. There are rockets already pointing at my home town by Hezbollah. Still, I feel much more safer here under the wings of Hashem then US cities which have shootings, murders, and robberies in the dozens daily.

January 1, 2009

Daven Daven Daven

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Please continue to daven hard for the saftey of Jews in Southern Israel and the IDF. Things are very dangerous and our prayers can make a difference. Imagine how one psalm can save one rocket from being launched!
A Secret in Kabbalah to help:
You can meditate on YKVK in white letters with the nekudah of Segel, 3 dots. This brings forth Chesed, kindness and reverses Din, Judgement. The power of this mediation is dependent on the pureness of the meditation and meditator. It has the power to reverse any judgement on a person, just from thinking about this. It can also change the judgement of an entire city or country.