December 16, 2008

Sefer Gilgulim, Reincarnation

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There is a section in Sefer Gilgulim by the Ari that is very important to learn in order for a person to understand their tikkun. The Ari personally gives over advice to Rabbi Chaim Vital on how he should avoid certain situations due to his stumbling on them repetitively throughout many incarnations. He offers advice and rectifications on how his student can fix these things.
What is remarkable reading this is that you begin to see how wrong it is to judge someone or yourself for mistakes. How your entire life has been arranged just so that can fix a few faults. We must face the same test over and over until we find away to overcome it. But what we view as a horrible test is really not such. If you understood it at its source, you would see that the rectification might have stemmed from a minor sin of our grandparents, but for us it is a huge mountain to overcome. Really though, the tikkun is very easy and simple. At least if your teacher is someone like the Ari who can tell you want situations to avoid and how to fix yourself. Many people ask me how they can find out their past and what they have to do to fix themselves. But in truth, most people already know…

We avoid attacking them head on because we are scared to face ourselves and our problems. Maybe this is why fasting helped so many repent, in a way, you are too tired to run away from yourself. So you have to deal straight on. If the Kotzker was here reading this, you know what he would say? Don’t go to sleep tonight until you fix yourself. Don’t deal with it tomorrow. The time is now. How can you close your eyes and fall asleep knowing you are not as white as a snowflake? Why would you do such a thing when repentance is really right there in front of you. Simple and easy.

There is an old saying that a person should sleep away their problems. It is true though. When we close our eyes and say Shema, everything is handed over to Hashem. We also connect directly to our neshamah in ways we can’t possibly while awake. We are truly sleeping away all the guilt, pain, and the stress of this world. Now if we do a quick reflection of our life beforehand and return our soul as a little white snowflake, then when we arise again, we are a totally new soul. New enough to realize that our tikkun isn’t so complicated and as difficult as we make it.

I would like to do a video, if it is Hashem will on this section of Sefer Gilgulim in the coming months. Today marks the memory of the Alter Rebbe going out of prison to freedom. One snowflake which multiplied into thousands.

December 15, 2008

ilovetorah old computers

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Trying to get back in the swing of things. I am trying to do backup and copies of torahvideos so I can do some editing and 1.5 trigabite of data on an old computer will take me DAYS to move around. We need a new computer! Also to be able to switch to HD videos. May Hashem help us!

December 14, 2008

Out of Order

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I am a bit out of order the last week since I have the flu. I’m kinda in la la land, so I feel since I basically, sleep, eat liquids and think repetitive thoughts all day.

December 10, 2008

Where can Insiration be Found

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I have been thinking the last few days how I can make the torah videos more inspirational and better. By taking these few months break, I am able to look back at them with a more clear mind. I’m able to see faults I would otherwise not notice and I am also able to see potential. I want to make all the videos in HD, I think Eretz Yisrael is very beautiful and I want to show in high definition detail its beauty. I’m also thinking to film in wide screen on a slower format. Lots more fades from different scenic views. Changing entire location within each film. Outlining the content before the films. Bringing along someone to take the video. Thinking of learning the guitar to do some strumming. A little more action shots. More quick changes. Pictures taken at scenes. I want to be more inspirational. Give more inspiration. Have videos avaiable in DVD for HD viewing. Better text on videos, longer editing time so that each video is completely a film in and of itself that can be watched many times over. Honestly, I don’t know how we all make it. I feel like the music, videos and reading content today is lacking in inspiration. People need to be able to server Hashem in their own way, feel more free to search themselves. I find nothing out there inspires me and I wonder if others feel the same. Shabbos to me is where I get all my strength but what about the weekdays? They should also be inspirational. Why can’t Jewish music today give us what we need? Why do we feel so removed from these Tishes that we see videos of online? We need more inspiration!
I feel like over the years I help set the standard for some of the Torah content on the web. I was the first to do Torah Videos, then the first to do them in holy places here but now they must reach out in a more spiritual way. They have to be in HD. Anyway, this is my flow of thoughts for today. I am an unrealistic dreamer. The amount of time needed to do this impossible financially for me. But at least I have something more to pray for.

December 9, 2008

New Camera Donation

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Boruch Hashem, someone has taken upon themselves the mitzvah of donating money for a new video camera. It has brought us new life and excitement! We will return soon with better quality videos, sound and image. My research has found, all the new cameras require duo core, heavy memory computers so I am not exactly sure how I will be able to pull off editing without a significant computer upgrade. So now I ask everyone to pray for a new computer! I didn’t know this but the camcorder industry is a bit a mess right now. To use the new cameras you need to buy the latest PC. Camera technology is actually ahead of the computer industry.

I would like to publicly thank the annonomous person who stepped forward and took upon themselves this great mitzvah. It will surely save many precious Jewish lives!

December 5, 2008

Feeling apart of Eretz Yisrael

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As much as things have been difficult for my family the last few years, I told my wife that I feel we recently had a breakthrough. In the past, it could be that we were still open in the back of our minds to going back to America should we find ourselves at a breaking point. Now standing at these cross-hairs, we feel as if we are apart of Eretz Yisrael and can’t think of ourselves anywhere else. We would do whatever we could to remain here should it be Hashem’s will.

December 3, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom, Spiritual Visions

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1. Spiritual awareness is something that grows as a person increases in holiness, purity and experience in traveling the spiritual realms.
2. When a person has learned well the spiritual experiences of Sages like Ezikiel, his visions become more real and accurate.
3. One can see the most spiritually right after the mikvah.
4. A person can see more clearly spiritually when in the presence of Tzaddikim.
5. First you have to rid yourself of ego through singing, joy in Hashem, your thoughts and only then are the Heavens open for you.
6. You cannot force spiritually, you have to invite it slowly and then raise yourself up, step by step.
7. Constant repetition and consistency is imperative in attaining spiritual visions.
8. Remove all doubt and connect to the holiness of your soul and see visions revealed from the soul itself.
9. When you are connected to the Shechinah, you are constantly seeing visions even though you may not be aware of it in your subconscious.
10. A person who sees things after selfish intentions, sees them with mistakes.
11. If it isn’t lishmah (for the sake of Heaven), don’t enter the higher realms in your thoughts as thereafter, you will find yourself in difficulties.

Baba Sali Trip to Netivot

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Today I just got in the car quite literally and drove down to the negev (desert area way south) to Netivot. I did so in order to pray by the holy Tzaddik who was known in our generation as a great master of Kabbalah and miricles. Along the way we passed Sedorot (where the ketusha Rockets Land) and a few of the Moshavim that are being evacuated. My friend told over sipurim Baba Sali which made the trip go smoothly. Suprisingly, we were able to see the Gaza Strip as well from the road. It is very unusual for someone to drive in the winter season from Tzfat to Netivot. There, we recited Tehilim, Shir HaShirim and I wrote some new chiddishim in my sefer, book. I did take out the broken camcorder for about 2minutes so there is some footage, how good, I don’t know… Of course, I prayed for a miricle for American Jews and the world. I also could feel the Rebbes Blessing that one day I will be financially secure enough to be able to return to kiruv outreach.

Free Videos by Reb Moshe,

December 2, 2008

Lots of small steps

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In our generation, since we are much more weaker, we might want to aim differently. Instead of constantly failing to make those neccisary large steps in teshuvah. When you see your are constantly failing, set your goals lower and do teshuva in smaller increments. Many small goals will eventually lead to a complete teshuva.

Kevarim Trip Alone

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Today I took a trip to some Kevarim that I did videos by in the past. It was there that I made a promise that if the Tzaddik prayed for me and I was answered, I would return again to do videos in his Zechus, Merit. I’m still waiting for someone to step forward and claim the mitzvah of purchasing torahvideo a new video camera. But I also need a big miricle to continue my kiruv work. We are still without funds to start this important work back up again.
I can’t wait to once again do the mitzvah of kiruv. I am sure Hashem will save us soon! It is certainly not the same for me to visit these holy sites and not share it with you.

December 1, 2008

Praying for Others

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It is an important midah, charactor trait to pray for others in need. A reason to pray for others is that a person who is suffering is like someone in jail. He cannot free himself. He needs someone from the outside to throw him a rope. In fact, according to the Talmud Berakchos 12b, if you are able to pray for someone and you don’t do so, it is considered a sin. In Talmud Bava Kama 92a, it says that if you pray for someone else with the same difficulty, you will be answered first. Rabbi Moshe of Traini explains this as follows: When a person prays for himself, it is obious that he is motivated by thoughts of his own gain therefore, his prayer is not perfectly sincere. But when one prays for others, his intent is not to gain benefit, but to demostrait clearly that none can fulfill the desire of each individual other than Hashem. It is for this reason that Hashem first fills the needs of the one who prays, and only then fills those of the one for whom he prays.