December 31, 2008

Banner Ads

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If you see anything not appropriate in the google adds, please tell me so i can block those advertising sites. Donations are scarce lately, so I am trying to pick up what I can to pay towards the server.

December 29, 2008

Serious Time

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I don’t think anyone should underestimate the ramifications of what is happening now in Israel. It is extremely dangerous everywhere. At any point there could be another front from Hezbollah and violence in cities. Let us not loose site of our role as Jews to pray for the safety of all israel.

December 28, 2008

Gaza Wake Up Call

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I am not sure why it took so long to wake up and defend Jews from the rockets. I think that if they acted quicker to begin with, they would not have now had to go in so strong, making the army look like the bad ones. If Jews are being hurt, Hashem wants you to defend His children right away. The cat and mouse game just doesn’t work. Nor does a massive assault years too late. Let us all pray for the safety of Jews all over Israel. May Hashem protect us!

December 26, 2008

shabbos chanukah

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shabbos chanukah is filled with an amazing amount of Kedusha, this is one day where we can elevate ourselves spiritually to unbelievable heights! Don’t let this day pass without digging deep within yourself to find Hashem on an all new higher madrega!

good shabbos

December 25, 2008

Family Tree Time

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A few years ago I started searching online for relatives and I found a bit of information. Even last year I had done a search to figure out our genealogy but didn’t get to far. Today things are different and that is why I am sharing this with you. There is an enormous amount of material out there that is recently scanned out of archives from all over the world. I must warn you though, it is quite addicting and endless to go through. I sound this page to be a nice place to create ones tree,
Maybe i will share it with you and we can see if even you and i are somehow related?

December 24, 2008

Very Cold

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It is windy, raining and very cold in Tzfat right now. We have our heaters on full and are trying to keep warm. I believe we are the coldest city in the Galliel. I stopped checking weather reports as they always give you northern cities that are in valleys or beachfront. For instance, the weather in Tiberias and haifa is nothing like tzfat. It is a good 10 degrees warmer. We also have a very strong wind since we are the highest mountain, with Meron in the Galliel.

December 23, 2008

Great Talmuds & Their Rebbes

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Download to view full screen, download for IPOD

December 22, 2008

My First Book

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As many of you know, I have written many sefarim, books which are available from online. It is interesting to note that I actually wrote a photography book when I was 18 and then stopped about 3/4 of the way. I don’t think i will ever show this to anyone. Then when I was about 14 years old, I wrote a book about a boy who played basketball on a team. I guess, we all have to start somewhere!

Why Winter Illness

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My family has been taking turns getting the flu here and I am wondering why Hashem chose this time specifically that people generally get ill. Maybe your words will bring us comfort and refua, healing.

New Video Miracle?

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There is a miracle of Chanukah and the old camera managed to capture a 16minute new video for chanukah. I hope to put it up in a few hours. Since the baba sali trip, it appears when I prayed for a new camera and good sound. It even temporarily fixed the old camera!

December 21, 2008

Holy Candlelight

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The candlelight that we see tonight has the power to restore out souls completely. Those wise, will not only glace at them for the required time but extensively throughout the night. Within these lights are great tikkunim to fix all the damage of the heart, eyes and limbs. The lights themselves can heal all illness and bring total redemption. They separate darkness from light. Confusion from understanding and peace. This is not a miracle that just lasts for 8 days but its greatness is everlasting. That of the World to Come.


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December 18, 2008

Out of Darkness

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All of us must experience some form of darkness in our life before Chanukah. This is because Chanukah brings a tremendous elevation of soul.

December 17, 2008

Where is the Shechinah, Devine Presence? Home or Traveling

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The Talmud teaches us that the Shechinah is brought to a persons home through the Shalom (peace) of husband and wife. In the Zohar, it explains that it is important before the husband goes on a journey that their is peace. It was the holy Rebbes who would travel purposely in order to attach themselves to the Shechinah which is known to be wondering in exile. So if the Shechinah is in a persons peaceful home and in the Bais Medresh, houses of study, then why did they feel they needed to travel?

If a person wants to see an entire art mural, he has to stand back in order to see it. It can only be viewed at a distance, so, perhaps, one needs to step away in order to realize that the Shechinah was really there already in completeness in their regular habitations. Maybe this is a small answer but still it doesn’t feel deep enough.

Since we know that the Shechinah is always traveling in the exile. Always in suffering, feeling the needs of her children, maybe the only way to catch her is to go with her. In a certain way, having to travel away from ones family and be on the road is somewhat of a punishment. I mean, you can have the greatest accomadations in the world but there is simply, no place like home. But then again, when a person is ill or confined to their home too much, they start to go mad. How can this be though, if the Shechinah resides there as the Talmud explains? Then again, we are told in sefer Hamidos to be extra careful in the mikvah and your purity while on the road as it is easier to fall into temptations. So no matter if your at home or on the road, klinging to the Shechinah isn’t as easy as it sounds. Then again, if one simply learns Torah, even alone, the Shechinah attaches itself to them immediately.

Now the Rebbes obviously understood something very high here. Taking upon oneself some extra exile must be crucial in order to have the most real and truest connection to the Shechinah. When you are on the road, you are nobody. As soon as the Chassidim were found out, they moved on. The entire purpose of traveling was to be unknown and to become humble in the lowest sense. The respect of others isn’t something a traveler thinks about?

But these were holy Tzaddikim, you are telling me that they couldn’t figure this out without taking to the road in order to find the Shechinah? Maybe you can say that living a Torah life at home was too easy for them so, therefore, by traveling they grow in madrega from the extra effort needed in avodah (service). What about the halacha in that we learn that a person should always pray in the EXACT location every time as this saves them from pride and sin?

Rochel our holy mother understood the idea of wondering. She requested to be buried along the side of the road. Often she is compared to the Shechinah because of her strong connection too it.

So really, this brings us back to our original thoughts. There is something very holy, and very special about traveling. There are spiritual accomplishments that can only be found on the road, away from the normal and in the hardships of the road, its confusions. The sparks and Shechinah are out there on the roads awaiting the holy person to pass them by.

But still, as much as I feel like traveling helps me bind myself anew to the Shechinah. I also feel that the peacefulness of home, after even a small journey, helps me to then finish my spiritual connections. For me, being away too long is confusing. Being in my town without traveling also seems too force me to loose something. It becomes like a jail cell and suffocates me. But I also feel a prisoner to the unknown when I am stuck traveling far away. Maybe in this lies the entire explanation.

When your at home, you know your next moves and you can keep your regular schedule. While on the road, everything can change at a given moment and you have to have complete Emunah (faith). Maybe it isn’t the traveling and the exile that really binds us to the Shechinah but the emunah that you must have at every second while being in the unknown. At home, you can simply hide behind your mezuzah and go about an entire day not thinking about true faith. There is simply no escaping it when your away.

December 16, 2008

I help him

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The talmud says, A person who comes to purify himself, I will help him. In Shar Hagilgulim, we learn about the idea of a souls pregnancy, how by doing mitzvos, holy souls attach themselves to us. They do this in order for us to carry out even more mitzvos on higher levels. The Ari also explains though, if a person sins, these pregnaited souls depart from him as they can’t remain as they are very holy. So what does the Talmud mean by saying that a person is helped and purified? It means like the Ari teaches, whatever it takes to draw you close to Hashem. If you make the right moves towards purity, you will have all the help you need in your five levels of personal souls to accomplish this. Through the idea of Pregnancy of neshamos, you will be given all the strength.