November 12, 2008

I call upon all Families

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I call upon all families during these difficult times to be more patient with one another. Be slow to anger, patient, warm, comforting and supportive. The Talmud explains that many families fall apart during times of financial stress. Let us not let this difficult time period take the best of us but rather channel this energy into coming closer together! Let us open our ears to our friends trouble and show them support. Together, with achdus we can all overcome this time period of economic grief. Don’t hold onto your savings while seeing another suffer and loose their home. Now is the time to show yourself how much you care for others. When you do a chesed, kindness for another, Hashem will in return bring you kindess. You can never loose from doing a good act, especially in giving charity.

(I just returned from the Arizal’s Grave, davened for many of you by name.)

November 9, 2008

Zohar Explains American Economic Crissis

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Free Videos by Reb Moshe,
I can’t listen, the camera is broke but I wanted to do one last one

Saw this in the zohar this shabbos after my morning mikvah (Parshas Mishpatim 124a)
In the times of the Temple, it was tradition for Jews to travel 3 times a year to Jerusalem to celebrate the major holidays. One year during this time, they noticed many idolaters mingled with them. That year there was no blesssing in the world. So they brought this up with Rav Cham’nua the Elder for advice. He asked, “Did you see anything different”. They replied, we noticed on our return journey that the rivers were dried up, and there were dark clouds so that many pilgrims couldn’t see their way.
Rab Cham’nuna trembled and told them as followers: There is no doubt that among you were some who were uncircumcised and idolaters who were mingling themselves in your company. For at the time blessings come into the world only through circumcised Israelites. Hashem looks down and sees this holiness of his people (separated) and sends down the blessing. The next year they were more careful and when they noticed the idolaters, they separated from them. That year was one of rich blessings in the world and everyone gave much praise.
So why has America of all places been targeted by the economic problems? It is because of all Jewish areas in the world, America Jews the most have intermingled with idolaters and idealistic ways. Even if you go to Iran and see the Jews there, (there is actually a community there) they keep separated from the goyim. For a long time Americans have bought large houses, fancy cars, big screen TVs, fancy cloths and intermingled with other nations. Thereby, whenever it has been time for blessing to come into the world, it flowed from Jerusalem and went to all corners of the world. When Hashem could not find his holy covenant protected and separated in America, the blessing stopped flowing there. This is exactly what happened with the Jews in Jerusalem during their pilgrimage. They didn’t think twice about who they were intermingling with so there was no bracha, blessing. All blessing in each place of the world depends upon the Jews there and their actions. As soon as Jews start to separate themselves and this truly means, living different and holier, the economic problem will change immediately. This change starts with one person and then that one person effects the next. Now why has the economic problem also hit us Americans living in Israel. Well in truth, we still have trouble separating ourselves from the ways of the idolaters. When we do so, we too can be included in the blessings of Eretz Yisrael. Now of course this problem is also global but it has mainly hit those areas that have intermingled the most. Just like in the times of the Temple, blessing changed right away the next year when they made changes, so too, the problems in America will soon begin to change as Jews are reflecting more and more about what is important. May Hashem look down and see the suffering of his people and say, ENOUGH!

November 7, 2008

Ruff Times Ahead

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There will be ruff times ahead for all of us but it will be those who do hisbodidus, talking to Hashem daily who will get through it all without confusion. Make a commmitment right now to talk to Hashem in private daily at a specific time.

November 6, 2008

My Meditation Methods

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When I meditate on Kabbalistic ideas, my main method is to start slowly and speed up faster and faster. This puts me in a trans like state and when I reach it, I either continue to go faster or I stop and then let my mind go afloat at this high point. When I think of a thought, I am there completely and with practice I can do this with my eyes open or even while having a conversation. The speed of thought that one can reach through this type of trance is so fast that the entire method of thought taught in the previous post can take but seconds. I specifically like meditations which are not like this but can be used in a repetitive form. For instance, the climbing of Sefiros is something endless. The climbing of worlds, endless. As you climb, you think quicker and quicker. With practice, as I said before, you are really in two places at once. In fact, I actually prefer this. To me it is quite lonely to meditate in total stillness. Using the atmosphere around you can sometimes motivate you all the more. Really though, the mind is able to process a complicated algorithm or Yichud with tremendous speed once it is practiced enough. Opening and closing ones senses also can be used as a tool of meditation. People have asked, since I am a person with a lot of energy, how can I be skilled in meditation. The answer is that I have learned to use this to my advantage. Channeling it within the meditation itself. I used to break my nature and sit for hours meditating but saw this was unnecessary. It is not how long you meditate for but how much you are able to include in the time and way that you think. I have surprised myself with these latest posts, I usually keep these details private. This is enough for today, adios amigos

8 Year Wedding Anniversary

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Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. This means two things. 1. I am getting old 2. I am married a long time
Mazel tov

Mikvah Kabbalistic Kavanos before Sunrise

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I want to encourage those who are awake at night to go to the mikvah after Chatzos before sunrise. To me there appears to be a significant difference in holiness attained in the mikvah at this time. This is because there is a much higher possible attachment to Hashem during this late night watch. Especially on Shabbos, it appears to me that the morning mikvah before sunrise is much higher.

This is my own personal daily mikvah Kavanos
Starts with the holy tikun Baal Shem Tov. If you don’t understand it on your own, probably best not to do
Dunk one time
Mikvah is gematria Kana 151, which is the name Aleph-Heh-Yud-Kay expanded with Hay, Aleph, Lamid,Peh-Hay-Hay,Yud-vav-dalid-hay-hay
Second Time
Aleph-Gimel-Lamid-Aleph from the posuk, Ata Gebor Leohlom Adna
Third Time
Aleph-Lamid-Dalid which the Dalid is equal to the Aleph and Gimel added together. This word means to give birth and become new. This name is one of the 72 Holy Names
Forth Time
Mix the Name Aleph-Lamid-Dalid with EKYH Aleph-Lamid-Peh, Aleph, Hey-Hey,Lamid,Yud-Hey-Dalid,Dalid,Hey-Hey
Meditate on your prayers that you think under the water that they are inside this name
Fith Time
Meditate then you are elevating your prayers to Binah and then they will be accepted with Pure love and Mercy

Tikkun Completed
6 Dunk (I modifed from a teaching from the Ari)
Connect yourself to Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai in the Sefirah of Hod of Hod, have in mind that you are elevating his neshamah with yours to Binah and slowly climb this though process, Netzach, Tiferet, Gevurah, Chesed, Binah
7 Dunk,
Same as 6 using Netzach with the neshamah of Rebbe Nachman Ben Simcha/faiga
You can choise another Tzaddik whom you have an idea what Sefriah they connected too mainly. For instance, Yosef was Yesod. Avraham Chesed.
Alternatively and more simply, think the name of any Tzaddik living or dead and then immerse with the intention to connect your neshamah to them.

November 5, 2008

I still have a sence of humor

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I called up one of the many gabi’s I know and told him as follows. When I get to the next world, they are going to ask me, “Moshe, why were you a sinner”. I will respond, “Because I tried and couldn’t get connected to the Rebbe on the phone. I wanted to get help. They will ask me back, “Did you try hard enough. Maybe you should have called the gabi and pushed more.” I could hear the gabi breathing heavy in the background knowing that I was hinting to blame him. Then I said, “Maybe it was my fault that I didn’t jump on a plane to see him.” The gabi signed a breath of relief. Then I gave over my message to forward and I concluded to the gabi as follows. Look it has been a long time, I need you to try harder for me as well.

November 4, 2008

I am Holy

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Our holy souls have been bound to our physical body in order to fulfil the commandments. This doesn’t make it easy for something so pure to be in unusual territory. A world full of sin and the cravings of the body. I constantly tell myself, “You are holy and pure”. Trying to remind myself of the holiness of my soul. All Jewish souls have total purity and when we connect to this purity, it is impossible to sin and not be attached to Hashem. Therefore, we have to remind ourselves of this attachment, strengthening it by speaking about it. So I tell myself, “Moshe, you are pure and holy”. In hopes to strengthen this attachment.

November 3, 2008

10 Steps to Ruach HaKodesh, Holy Enlightenment

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The Ten steps to Ruach HaKodesh, Devine Inspiration are mentioned in the Talmud. They are, Study, Carefulness, Diligence, Cleanliness, Abstention, Purity, Piety, Humility, Fear of Sin, and Holiness. It is interesting that the Ramchal also uses these 10 in his teachings of character correction. It is known in Kabbalah that these steps correspond to the 10 Sefiros, ladders to spiritual revelations. The Baal Shem Tov said that most of his Ruach HaKodesh was attained through mikvah immersion. It could be that the mikvah accelerates the cleaning process of the above ten concepts. According to the Nikolsburg Rebbe, Ruach HaKodesh is attained through avas Yisrael, love of Israel. In truth, love of Israel includes all ten and you can’t have real love of Israel without them. I believe also that Ruach HaKodesh can be attained through tears alone. Tears open up a person heart like nothing else. Not tears of stress, anger and sadness. Rather, holy tears of a soul yearning for Hashem. Also, the first of the 10, the study of Torah if done Lishmah (for the sake of Heaven) includes all the other 9. You might ask, what is the tachlis, purpose of Ruach HaKodesh… Ruach HaKodesh is a direct attachment to the Shechinah, Devine Presence. Which means a constant flow of holiness going back and forth from your soul, the Shechinah to the Highest levels. Through this, one attains a certain sensitivity to the world and the tikkun (rectification of it). So in many ways, attaining Ruach HaKodesh is the goal of each persons soul. Complete attachment to its source while in a physical body doing mitzvos. Now Reb Chaim Luzato understood how to hide this concept in the fixing of ones charactor traits. Should you include in it, proper Torah study lishmah, the mikvah and tears… It is something quite attainable for all man.

Why Obama I am asked?

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Someone came to me today and asked me, I just don’t get it, why would American Jews vote for this guy. Don’t they see it is a mistake? I tried to explain to him that Americans are bombarded with News 24 hours a day and they suffer from anxiety disorders (depression). They can’t see what we see as their vision is blurred from being scared of the future. They really think this guy will help them and fix their econnomy. There unable to see the damage he will do to Israel, the Jews and the economy. I then continued… I believe in my fellow Americans and I know they will make the right choice in the end and vote for McCain. Not because he will be a great President, he won’t be. But at least he won’t finish American/Israel and set us back 50 years. Then again, it doesn’t matter who anyone votes for because my vote is with Hashem and Moshiach will come this year either way.

Where is Reb Moshe?

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It has been quite a difficult task these past few months to put ilovetorah aside. It is like those rare teachers who have totally enthrawled their very being into something for more then a decade, only to retire and wonder what they will do with themselves. In my case, it was simply a mater of a desperate circumstance. I could no longer poor our my every penny and energy when everything else started to fall around me. So to help myself cope with such a drastic change in my life, I tried to forget about the site. Then just the other day, I walked into an American Yeshiva here in Tzfat and was bombarded with, “wow, it is Reb Moshe the Video Torah guy”. Being that I keep a low profile here in my own city, I wasn’t expecting this. It bothered me for a few days. I guess running away and hiding for a while wasn’t going to work. So here I am again. Hashem has put a lot on my shoulders. I am expecting the man to come tomorrow to power off our electricity and pray daily that I don’t loose my home. But somehow, there is still hope. I am working on many new business projects and I believe very strongly that mazel is something that goes up and down. The time will come imminently that I will return to doing what I love and what helps people. I am in this position due to my maximizing all my resources for years to spreading Torah. Also because of my sins. Hopefully, Hashem will look down upon me with continued Mercy and send my the business and joy I need to return to Him, my fellow people and all good things.
I was thinking to myself tonight, what would people think if I posted on here if anyone has a used pair of shoes they don’t need as my sneakers ripped. Then I realized that I can’t do such a thing. How awful it is when the world economy is in dire straits and a leader (of some sorts) has no power to bring forth words of encouragement and hope. People look to Reb Moshe and I Love Torah for words of hope. The funny thing is, now so do I. Just the other day, I was viewing some of the videos looking for some inspiration from this Reb Moshe guy even I seem to miss today. So Reb Moshe, wherever you are, the physical Reb Moshe needs you. Klal Yisrael needs you to give them hope. Hashem, I pray to you to bring us back this Reb Moshe guy to the ways of Teaching Torah. Allow him to keep his home and fight for all of us. Reb Moshe… Reb Moshe…
Are you there?
Did you forget us?