October 26, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom, Advice

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Dedicated to those still coming back to the blog daily who haven’t given up on me as a teacher. Thanks…
1. A person should give advice only with kind words and selfless intentions.
2. It is easier for a person to take advice in a scenic calm setting. Especially near water.
3. A humble persons advice is taken seriously.
4. Giving advice at the wrong time to someone can lead them to commit more sins.
5. Most people give advice out of pride for themselves.
6. Don’t give advice to someone while in the company of their friends.
7. During the evening, a person is more receptive of advice.
8. If your not holding at the level of the advice your giving, don’t give it.
9. The higher a persons purity, the more understanding them have about life.
10. Better to be silent then to question the advice of a Tzaddik.
11. Even if the advice given to you is wrong, if it comes from a Tzaddik, it can become correct and carry with it tremendous blessing.
12. Don’t take advice from just anyone.
13. When you need advice, open up the e Sefer Ayin Yaakov to any page at random.
14. If you go to the grave of a Tzaddik to pray, you will always know what to do after.
15. Should you know that someone won’t accept your advice, leave them alone.
16. The best advice is given by example.
17. Sometimes the mos t important thing is not ti give advice at all but to just listen.
18. If you see may people are already advising someone, unless they are totally wrong in their advice, better to just show your friend support instead of annoying him.
19. Don’t give advice to someone wiser then you.

New Torah New Yetzer

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We received the Torah anew this simchas Torah and during last Shabbos during the reading of Berashis. At the same time though, we also were bestowed a new Yetzer Hara, evil inclination to keep us away from Torah study. Since we are really just starting here and in the first round of fighting, it will take us time to understand the new yetzers tactics. Therefore, we must be patient with ourselves. If we had a slow start, well that is okay. The main thing is what we do now. Do we believe in the Torah enough, Yes! So we just have to make sure to make set times each day for its study no matter what obstacles we face. Only through set times in the learning of Torah does a person stand a chance in this world, otherwise, they will be totally consumed by it.

Tzfat Candle Factory

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This Shabbos the entire city was filled with smoke as the famous Tzfat Candle Factory burt to the ground. Nobody knew were the smoke was coming from and everyone ran up the mountain wondering if it was our Synagoge or a persons home burning. Tomarrow I will have to look at my friend who created half the candles and try to confort him. Even now, on the other side of the mountain, one still smells the burning ashes.

On a positive note, Pinchas Banjo Billy had a shalom Zachor and I was able to pass myself through the smoke to attend it.

October 23, 2008

The Future of ilovetorah

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Even though I have left off with posting lately, I do envision the future of the site to be bright. Hashem will restore my ability to teach Torah and open my day so I may have the time to do so… It is just an unfortunately situation at the present, since the video camera broke and I have been forced to focus on means of supporting my family. Certainly when the economy improves, I will have better means to continue and fans will be able to support the site like they once did. For now, forgive me please and I will try to start putting up new material as soon as Hashem reopens this door. I do miss hearing from the friends I have made here but I do appreciate your understanding.

October 19, 2008

When I Shake my Lulav

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When I touch my lulav, I feel transformed totally into a different person. It is like the Lulav can take me places spiritually straight up like its angel appears. So holy, so special is it. Soon, this mitzvah will be finished and my lulav will retire back into its plastic container never to be touched until Pesach when it is returned to dust. So why is my lulav so special?

October 17, 2008

Still Love You

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I haven’t really posted lately anything new lately. I apologize… I’m always davening for everyone and I hope that Hashem will allow me to once again, soon, give in the way I was created to do. Right now, I remind myself, “Reb Moshe is the lowest Jew in the world.” Through this (trying to be humble & draw shefa b ruchnious and gashmious) and hard work, I hope to return to you shortly with 120% of my giving capabilities. I guess in short, the US economy problems has hit me even here for quite some time and now to the point that I have little time to give. I write this with a tear…

October 13, 2008

Succah Suida Chol Hamoed

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October 10, 2008

Succah In Israel

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Yom Kippur

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I had everyone in my tefilos this Yom Kippur. Wish you all to be inscribed in the book of life and wealth.

October 6, 2008

Monthly I Love Torah Pledges

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In order to give properly to the website, I need to ask if people can pledge a monthly charity amount to ilovetorah for this new year. It can be through paypal ( www.ilovetorah.com/donations ) or a mailed check. Please email your monthly pledge towads spreading Torah!

I had to edit this since sometimes I feel so much pain by turning Jews away when they cry to me for help, (due to a lack of time & money), that it breaks me. I promised myself I would not be like other Rabbis who are never available to their people and now I am the same.

Yom Kippur Blues

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Help us continue our Jewish Outreach Works! Even with a small donation…
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The Dangerous Undertow of life

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This Rosh Hashanah I was blessed with two Israeli surfers and lifeguards. One had stated he saved over 100 victims in the water and I saw this surprise orchim as an opportunity to learn something for the new year. Here is what I learned…

When a person is swimming in the ocean, they naturally tend to go where there are less waves near the shores. What they don’t realize is that this lack of wave moment is due to a possible undertow which pushes the water backwards. In just a few seconds in shallow water, one can be pushed way out of shore. Panicking they start to swim against the current which tires them quickly and then in a panic, they run of out air. If they just understood that just 10meters to their side the current would push them to shore and they could swim calmly, they would arrive back safely. Instead, they drown in their own troubles for absolutely no reason.
This same mentality is how many of us try to rescue ourselves from trouble. Instead of calmly finding a solution in a different way, we swim against the current and drown in our sorrow.
Now the surfer also has issues he must contend with. He has to understand his strength and abilities and pick a board that is appropriate to his style. Then while surfing through the waters, he must maintain a balance and an understanding of the flowing waves. A good surfer doesn’t fight the waves but gracefully flows with them knowing when to turn. In life, we must have an understanding of our own personal nature. What is balance to a surfer depends on his height, weight and board. We too must know ourselves well enough to take the waves of life and flow with them. Instead of fearing the oncoming waves, we must be prepared for them and then we might even enjoy them. This was my divar Torah to them on Yom Tov and I am sharing it with you. I have taken their phone numbers and have been invited to go surfing with them. Since I am a horrible swimmer and have never surfed, I have a professional lifeguard and surfer to make sure I return safely back to you all. Leshana Tova and have a great year of surfing!
I don’t have much time this year to post so I will try to post more quality postings and it will be a bit less frequent. If donations come in more often, that will immediately change but right now i have to swim 10 meters out so I don’t sink with the site that is not getting enough support from viewers.

October 5, 2008

Have a good week

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Enjoy the first week of the year! Spend it well… All the Best!

October 3, 2008

Sefer Yom Leyom Speech

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1. People underestimate the power of speech
2. Speech has the power to give life or the power to destroy
3. The Shechinah is drawn to someone who speaks in a soft tone and is drawn away from a loud strong voice.
4. Talk what you need to and not more.
5. A wise person can connect any conversation to Torah thoughts. So much so that he elevates the world.
6. Talking to much can make you more confused. While talking a little can unconfuse you.
7. If a person thought they were being recorded, they would watch what they say carefully. The angels are always surrounding us and recording our words in order to later testify for and against us.
8. Be in the habit of not talking about others even in cases where it is not loshon hara & then you will never come to err.
9. Better is the person that listens then he who is always talking.
10. Talking positive turns even bad into good.
11. Talking slang & without thinking is as bad for a person as eating rotten foods.
12. A person can be speaking while really being in a world much higher then revealed through his words.
13. If only we knew how much our words have damaged others by speaking lightly without thinking.
14. It can never be good to tease a person with words even if they are accepting that it is in jest.
15. A person can succeed in all relationships if they master the art of speaking.
16. Speaking to a young child with love and sweetness is one of the most important things in the world.
17. Everything about a person is revealed by their tone of voice & the way they gather together what they want to say.
18. When you fix the way you talk to others, you are also purifying your heart.