September 18, 2008

Domain Renewal Time

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I just spent this week over $160 on server and half of my domain renewals. An expensive hobby this kiruv thing without much support! I should have gone into bikur cholim!

September 17, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom being written everywhere

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Unlike all my other books which were written in Kollel, my porch overlooking the Arizal or my study, this latest one is being writing all over Tzfat and Meron by Kivray Tzaddikim. Of course, also on my porch. I usually am writing something around the time of Shekia each night. It is just extra special to me that this book is being written in holy surroundings which are constantly changing. I’m trying very hard to make it original thoughts as much as I can. This is the first time I am writing something live like this, putting up each chapter as it is finished. I am working on a new page as requested instead of placing the information on the blog.

Sefer Yom LeYom Humility/Pride

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1. When a person is humble they can draw from chesed and gevurah, the right and the left side simultaneously.
2. With humility comes divine inspiration.
3. Humility leads one to wisdom.
4. A person who reaches humidity during prayer, it is a sign their prayer is accepted.
5. The goal of all wisdom is to realize you are nothing and the purpose of this is that humility leads to more pure wisdom and understanding.
6. The only way to truly be connected to Hashem is to think of yourself as nothing.
7. Ask yourself, who is the lowest Jew in the world?
8. The Shechinah seeks out those who are humble and attaches to them.
9. People with pride draw to themselves friends just like them. Men full of falseness.
10. A prideful person is never truly happy.
11. Pride pushes Hashem away.
12. People seek to learn from someone who has humility.
13. It is healthy to meditate on humility during prayer.
14. If there is one thing you should take pride in, it is that you are a Jew.
15. Singing with pure intentions can lead to humility. While for honor, it can lead one away from Hashem and take those listening away from Him as well.
16. A humble person doesn’t share everything he knows.
17. One should be especially humble with their spouse.
18. You can see from the way a person eats if they are humble.

September 14, 2008

Eating leads to holiness

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Rebbe Nachman says that if he had a choice of all the sinful desires in the world overcoming or the desire of the opposite sex, he would choose to overcome this alone. This means that too him, the desire for sweet foods is secondary. Now instead of coming across different then the holy Rebbe, I have chosen to understand this in the following way.
Recently, I have taken upon myself a healthy diet with no sweets or snacks ever. I’m also going to the gym 3x a week to workout. I have also taken upon myself to eat out less and maintain high standards of Kosherous. Realizing that sometimes I might forget my after brachos, I am paying closer attention to this not to become laps. I see without a doubt a higher level of thinking and purity from these actions. This in turn is helping overcome all the other faults in my nature. Of course, I am led to believe strongly in the teachings of Rav Aharon Rott that proper food kavanah is how you draw strength spiritually or visa verse. Everything depends on this. So, how can this fit in with the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. Well, obviously when he spoke about eating sweets and the desire for food, only the rich in his time period had the sweets that we have today. I mean the general diet of most folks today is more delicious they the Kings had back then. Our diet consists of daily sugar, sodas, snacks, chocolate and tasty breaded meats. It is rare you find anything without sugar and if you do, it has artificial sweeteners. So I think that when the Rebbe meant that you should rather eat sweets then sin with the bris, well he still meant that the person would eat leshaim shamayim and properly. Because if not, the satan would simply draw even more energy from the bad eating habits and have double the power for his next attack. He just meant, if you can solve your issues with chocolate instead of sin, well go ahead and eat your chocolate. But non-the-less, it goes without saying that you are making a holy bracha on that chocolate that lifts it out of klipah nogah, into the greatest holiness. Therefore, we must take upon ourselves healthier eating styles with holiness. We must break our bodies not by fasting as well the custom of old but by being physically healthy and in shape. The klipah will draw from any weakness of our body that is due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you recall a few months ago, I had mentioned that I would keep everyone informed on my progress and thoughts on working out. I had said that I was expecting better results spiritually from my weekly workouts. So finally I can now say that I do feel a difference. Working out has helped me to get rid of tivas achilah, the craving of unnecessary foods which can be considered sinful. It has brought me to think clearer and more positive. All because of my desire to get rid of bad fats and gain more healthy muscle so I can have more physical strength to not be lazy in my life. It did take 8 months at the gym but the results are now starting to show. While I won’t be flexing my new muscles on the next TorahVideo to show you, I hope you will hear a more clearer speaker and teacher because I am also sleeping better. Releasing stress at the gym is a form of hisbodidus and meditation. When lifting the weights, I am lifting my burdens and pushing through them. I am breaking the hold of the “I can’ts” and turning them into the “I can”.

Holy Tzfat Music?

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It isn’t the first time I have heard the Christian holiday songs in Israel but why are my religious neighbors playing this music? Some have it on their keyboards while others have this carols on their cell phones. The simply don’t know that the music is from not only non-Jewish resources. Not to mention it is completely impure for their ears. While I don’t go knocking on their doors to tell them different as soon the song will be over, I do shrink my face when I hear it. I mean come on! You really never heard of this song… Wow

No Videos Anymore, Why?

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I just want to be clear that there are no more videos until someone donates us a new camcorder. I am sorry everyone.

Sefer Yom Leyom, Daily Practices: Happiness

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Written by Rav Korspedia grave?
1. Happiness should not be dependant on others.
2. A person accomplishes more when they are happy.
3. It is difficult to be happy when your feeling fatigued.
4. When you think too much because you have too much free time, your confusions turn into depression.
5. A person is happy when they can give to others.

6. It is difficult to be happy when you owe others.

7. You have 613 reasons to be happy.

8. Putting things off that have to get done turn them into unhappy, stressful thoughts.

9. A person who is satisfied with what they have and who doesn’t think about their lacking, is always happy.

10. When a person is acting like themselves and not trying to look good in others eyes, they are happy.

11. Holy music and singing a turn makes a happy heart.

12. It is good to express your unhappiness to a close friend or Rabbi.

13. Unhappiness can come and go but joy should be forever

Written at Rav Tafron’s Grave

14. Recital of tehillim pushes away sadness.?
15. Beautiful scenery eases the mind from sadness and anxiety.
16. Eating fruits help a person to be joyous.?
17. There is always a reason to be happy, just latch onto it.?
18. Being sad is like allowing the satan keys to the inner doors of your life, What would you allow this?
NEXT CHAPTER.. Holy Names… I decided not to post on the blog

September 11, 2008

What belongs in a blog

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As I have begun writing my new book here on the blog, I have started to wonder what is the real place of a blog. In truth, I have never really read other peoples blogs to see what they do with them. In fact, when blogs first came out, I laughed at them as a easy mans way of making a website because they don’t know how. I never really wanted to make a blog because I thought it would take away my time from writing Torah. So lately, I have combined the two. I do fear though that it might push away some to see Divar Torah’s when the true place of a blog is to be somewhat of a personal journal of your life. I have seen the blog as being both hurtful and helpful in the development of ilovetorah. On the one hand it is a way of bringing many of us together & people return quite often for updates but on the other hand, I think if i used much of the time that I spent blogging continuing to write Torah like I did in the past, there would be a lot more to offer in this aspect. The blog has also become a quick link in peoples favorites and many don’t visit the main site often as was the original goal. This could be because my updates end up being on the blog instead of Torah added to the site itself. I think the blog has also brought many new teachers online and decreased my once stand alone Kingdom of kiruv online. The more the Merrie as they say but I certainly must ask the question, do you want this to be the place for new Torah as well or more of a journal. In truth, I have always held back much of my personal life so we haven’t really ever had a full blown journal. Maybe it would be best to just increase all aspects here, yet again, the goal of the blog wasn’t to be every ones direct favorites like but to increase attendance to the main site.

September 10, 2008

How I became a teacher

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I became a teacher of Torah when I was a young man of 21 years of age. My father had a stroke and was no longer able to speak or move. Knowing how he loved Torah and was a learned man, I took upon myself to prepare two times a week a 1 hour shir for him. Since he knew so much, I pushed myself to learn things much higher then my level and I prepared them for this one hour session. When I was finished each time, there was usually sweat dripping down my face, I felt I also had to deliver the shir with enough strength that it would last him as he sat there helpless. From that point on, I never stopped preparing shirim and after he left this world, I created the site in his memory about a year later. Rav Shlomo Zavel Ben Yaakov.

September 9, 2008

Elul Seriousness

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It is very important that we realize the greatness of this holy month. We should spend more time in the Synagogue praying and studying Torah. Someone I barely know stopped me on the way to the Ari Mikvah today, he told me how happy he is too see me more in Yeahiva this month. I told him, it is Elul and even though I have much going on, I must make more time to study Torah. Now is the time!

September 7, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom, Wake Up

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1. Arise with postive thoughts and your day with he smooth.
2. Have in your thoughts the name AloKa.
3. Keep a wash basin next to yoru bed and you will sleep better and not have insomnia or bad dreams.
4. Say Mode Ani with joy
5. The less you talk before prayer, the less confused you will be during prayer and the more acceptable it will be.
6. Do not invloved yourself in too many activies before prayer. Best to pray immediately after the Mikvah.
7. Do not forget to say Birchas HaTorah if you involve yourself in Torah activities before prayer.
8. Always glance at the moring sky. It represents and draws down kindess and healing.
9. a wise person awakes before dawn and studies Torahy, then prays at sunrise.
10. How you start your day will decide how it finishes.
11. A high protien meal in the morning wakes a person up.
12. How can you not be happy when you have anotehr day to serve Hashem?
13. How you greet your family in tthe morning ensures a day of Peace.
14. Just like the entire world stood from the practice of the Mamodos, offerings, so too does it stand because of the recital of the karbonos, offerings before prayer. They are important to recite with sweetness and love. Therebye, they remove judgement from Israel.
15. Meditate on the name Kuf -Hay during the prayer of lefichach and shema before pesukay dezimra and your prayer will go through all the gates. (Might be moved to future shachris chapter)
16. When you wake up, go to before checking your email NOOOOOOOOOO GO TO THE MIKVAH AND PRAY!

New sefer going well

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I think the new sefer is going well, what do you think? Just like I thought though, as soon as I became too serious posting mostly Torah on the blog, everyone would run to yeshivaworld!

Sefer Yom LYom, Friendships

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1. Always greet a person first shalom
2. A friend is someone who should be supportive and encouraging
3. Friendships grow with openness and trust
4. A friendship lasts when there is also an understanding of space
5. Friendships that grow too quickly usually don’t last
6. Sometimes a potential friend is right before us but we are too afraid to make the first connection
7. People that are happy attract more friends, even if it is not a true happiness
8. Tell over Torah to your friend that is at his level & that goes along with his character and yo will draw him closer, otherwise you push him away
9. A true friend takes time to listen and not just try to give advice. Listening should be the main thing
10. Don’t ask for too many favors of your friend or you will eventually push them away
11. If you can’t be yourself with them, this person is not a true friend
12. Always ask your friends how they are doing so that they can respond Boruch Hashem, Blessed be His Name in reply
13. A friend is someone there during the bad times, not just the good times.
14. A friend sees mostly the good in you. That is why they remain with you. Remember that during the times they might have accidentally hurt your feelings.
15. If your relationship with this person doesn’t draw you or them closer to Hashem, don’t pursue it often
16. A persons greatest friend should be Hashem. He will never disappoint you & His love is unending
17. If you are draw to something which isn’t so good, keep your friends out of it. Meaning, do not allow them to stubble with you just so you don’t go about your mess alone. You can talk to them to ask for help but you should never put them in a position to join you in frivolous things that lead to sin
18. If your not a friend to yourself, how can you be to others?

Kvittel to Uman

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Reb Bergman has given me permission to post this on ilovetorah.
(A kvittel is a prayer-request; one asks a tzaddik to pray on his/her behalf.)

If you are interested in sending one to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, write too
Please put the word “kvittel” in the subject line.

The form of a kvittel is: [petitioner’s Hebrew name] ben/bat
[petitioner’s MOTHER’s Hebrew name]. Example: Shmuel ben Chanah; Dina bat Leah. If the Hebrew/Jewish name is not known, use the name(s) you know. (ben= son of; bat= daughter of)

Prayers can also be offered on behalf of a geographic or religious community.

Please e-mail your kvittel NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. Include the text of the kvittel within the body of the e-mail. (Attachments will be ignored.)

Yeshiva Dream still Alive

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I believe that our hopes and dreams are still alive until we ourselves give up on them. Five years ago I made my first attempt at purchasing a home in the middle of the old city Tzfat that the bottom level would be large enough for a shul and yeshiva. My wife really didn’t like the house and its location so we passed on it. I then began to negotiate with a builder to make a yeshiva in his new building for a good price but then he slipped out that he wanted it part his. I then saw plans for a massive 6 story Yeshiva that would cost about 2million. Having good investments in place to make my dream possible, I thought it wasn’t impossible one day soon. A year later, I tried to purchase a building separate from my home for a yeshiva. In the end, it didn’t seem like the right location and I didn’t want a dungeon to be our place of study. A yeshiva should have good light and air. I then started praying for this one building which is across from me and since then, nobody has ever occupied it. It is the perfect place but since then, all my investments have left me and I had stopped dreaming and planning my yeshiva for 2 years now.

Today was the first time I was reminded that my hopes really are still alive even though I never speak about them. With a bit of push from above, I met one of the running mates for Mayer of Tzfat today. I asked him if he would help me get a building from the city as a gift. It is not unheard of but very difficult to secure. He told me to file with the government as my first step, then draw up unique plans and secure some donors. Then meet with him at a later date. I didn’t walk out with such a great impression he would help me as I would probably need a lot of financial backing to be taken seriously but to leave there knowing I was still dreaming? This means I am still alive!