September 29, 2008

Final words

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Think good and it will be good! Only positive thoughts! And it is good to speak very little tonight during the first night. I personally don’t talk the entire first day usually.
Happy New Year!

September 28, 2008

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Rosh Hashanah in Uman with Reb Moshe, Over 25,000 people travel to Ukraine each Jewish New Year to pray at the holy grave of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Join me in my thoughts for the new Year! (filmed 2 years ago, camera is still broken)

Dear friends,

I would like you to know that I am ready to be there for you to pray on your behalf this Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year! Please simply message me what your prayer is along with your full Jewish Hebrew name and mothers name.

I wish you all a sweet new year and remember, all good things start from the beginning so make this new beginning special.

Reb Moshe of Tzfat Israel

Gatherer of Prayers

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Right now a bit like an angel. I have had to drop all other projects and just start collecting the names I will pray for on Rosh Hashanah. Messages are coming in all the time and I must gather them, print them and have them ready to send up! Boy those angels have a busy job! Maybe this is why I am home for Rosh Hashanah, so I can take up the last prayers that come in…
Email me your names if you would like me to add you to my list

September 26, 2008

Sefer Yom Lyom. Music Part 1

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1. Music has the power to heal and the power to destroy
2. When a person plays or sings music, this can fix all his flaws.
3. Every person who purifies himself is able to hear the songs of the malachim, angels.
4. When you sing or play heartfelt songs the malachim join you.
5. Sometimes only music has the power to revive the soul.
6. The highest form of music is one that is no longer audible.
7. At first let the words themselves inspire you , then let the tune itself carry you even higher from level to level
8. People never reach the real potential of a song because they end it too soon.
9. Let a song bring you into a meditative level.
10. A child who can sing beautifully can bring you to places nobody else can.
11. Everyone’s taste in music is different, this shows how powerful it is.

September 25, 2008

Long Trip to the vort

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I just returned from the vort, it is weird at 29.99999 years of age (?stopped counting at 29), to have new step brothers and a step dad. When I met all the guys I told them, don’t worry I am cool, we will be alright. I mean, I already have 30,000 children, talmidim are like children, so what is a few more brothers. It was after-all always my dream as a kid to have more siblings. The vort went very well. My mother is like a new person and it is strange seeing her content again. Just returned from 4:40 hours of around trip driving.

September 24, 2008

Too Much Light

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When a person learns the Written Torah, halachos and Talmud, it brings them a completeness of their soul. If you learn things of a higher spiritual nature, it is like a rush of spirituality and energy filling your soul. This rush of spirituality has to go somewhere. If there is a kli, vessel made from the written Torah, this flow of spirituality is funneled through all the sinews and the kli holds it in. Should the kli have many imperfections, unless the spirituality is funneled very well and taken in slowly, the light will start to overflow around the soul. This lava like spiritual heat warms the body too much causing it to burn itself instead of being properly regulated and sending the light through all the sinews. Instead of this spirituality helping the person, it starts to hurt their soul. The excess heat leads to depression, sin and bittle zeman. Even though the persons intentions were totally pure and they at first had a great aliyah from the lava like spirituality, eventually it burned them. Did the soul still benefit from this aliyah, sure it did. One who is educated and experienced with burns though, knows how to treat themselves and others. They are still able to benefit greatly from the aliyah though they realize it will also take time to heal from it and they should have been more careful to begin with. Those uneducated will simply continue to fall for quite some time since they didn’t immediately treat their burns.

The point is, know and understand where you are holding in life. In Kotzk they didn’t fool themselves and studied at the level they were at. If you are inclined by nature to overstep your bounds, well that is okay also but educate yourself through chassidus how to treat burns quickly. Become a master at running and returning. Most important, learn a lot of Tanach, halacha and Talmud. You will then be able to handle all the spiritual light you desire and will never fall from it.

So many outsiders

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I have been thinking about all those people debating if they should order seats to their local Synagogue and community or prayer elsewhere. So many people tell me that they feel they are outsiders and not really apart of their communities in a strong way. Why are so many people like this who feel they have no Rabbi or true place inside the holy walls of our Synaggoes?

September 23, 2008

Pre Rosh Hashanah Crazyness

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Here we are ready to pray for our hopes and dreams while the entire world appears to be falling apart in front of our eyes. This is all really an allusion, in order to prepare our hearts to break open in sincere prayer this coming holiday. I mean, what is the chances that this month of elul and the week before Rosh Hashanah that we simply lost all our power to continue? If the world has gone mad around us, we are left with only one place to run…

September 21, 2008

Mazel Tov Mommy

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Mazel Tov to my mother who just got engaged to Rabbi Kohler of Betar. This means she will be moving to Israel. If anyone would like to attend the vort, lechaim… It will be 7:00PM this wednesday in Betar.

All because of Us

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Nothing in the world happens unless it in some way comes from Jerusalem. Just like all holy names stem from YKVK, so too all blessing comes from Jerusalem. The only reason there is a financial problem in the world is because we are not giving 10 percent of our income to charity. Today we reason with ourselves, because of the ecconomic problems in the world, we are exempt from giving charity and doing chesed. The opposite is true, we must give all the more!

September 19, 2008

Sefer Yom LeYom Anger

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1. Just like fire destroys all in its path, so does anger.
2. Once you over come anger, you can easily destroy all other traits.
3. A person who is angry, is really angry at Hashem and this is a grave sin similar to worshiping idles.
4. Anger blocks shefa and parnasa.
5. An angry person just hurts themselves and makes his own situation worse.
6. Anger leads to depression.
7. One must never have anger at their children.
8. To get rid of anger, make an (angry jar) and drop in a marble, letting your ears hear the sound of replaced anger and your eyes seeing the anger withdrawing itself from within you.
9. Nobody likes a person who gets angry.
10. Learn to look for the good points of others and in your life and you will become more slow to anger.
11. What is the purpose of being angry when it really doesn’t help you change the situation itself. The only way to improve the situation is too accept it or plan a productive solution.
12. Anger stems from Pride.
13. There is not enough room for Hashem in ones life if they have anger.
14. A person who is angry draws to themselves many illnesses.
15. Someone who is angry at others is really angry with themselves.
16. Speaking slowly and softly helps a person to change their natural tendency to anger.
17. Never call out to anyone, even your children in a loud voice.
18. Anything you say to others while angry, you usually come to regret. So keep silent & with daats release your troubled heart.

Ritual Never to Forget You

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I have my own little ritural I do Friday Night davening in order not to forget you. Instead of taking a seat in Synagoge, I stand up towards the back near the doorway and I pray going in and out of the back of the shul. I do this to remember during prayer all those who live far from synagoges or forget to pray during Shabbos. It is my little way of remembering everyone and I pray for all the people who visit the website. I also have it mind that in the front of the synagoge is a Rabbi who elevates all the congregants prayers up but who will take care of those in the back talking and not praying properly?Those hanging around outside… I feel like this is a little my job.
You all requested some netzach hod yesod private stuff, so there it is… How share with me yours!

Important time period for outreach

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From now until the end of succos is the biggest time period of the year when Jews start to be curious about their Jewishness. I pray to Hashem that somehow I will be able to be available to help them all. Pretty much all of my kiruv work has come to a standstill. There is simply not enough support from viewers and I have to turn away thirsty souls by neglecting their emails. Please do continue to write though, I want to be there for you and I hope somehow I can answer everyone in between my other workings. This is a sad time period for me when I cannot give my full attention, simply because of a lack of a few thousand greens. Very sad. If only people understood the importance of kiruv, they would sell all their belongings to help us, I already pretty much have…
On a positive note though, the new year is coming soon and a new mazal of bracha and hatzlacha! I look forward to serving you all a new!

Sefer Yom Lyom Shabbos

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1. What you put into Shabbos is what you get out of it.
2. It is beneficial to light many candles for Shabbos, especially with oil.
3. Try to cook at least one dish for Shabbos personally or to prepare the food in some way.
4. A person should study a lot of Torah on Shabbos. Sipurey Maisios and spiritual teachings are especially beneficial.
5. Engaging in heartfelt singing on Shabbos can bring a person to tremendous spiritual revelations.
6. Eat the fish meal on Shabbos slowly and with concentration. Use just your fingers.
7. Go out of your way as much as possible to have guests for Shabbos, of course not at the expense of your children.
8. It is good to go to the mikvah shabbos morning as early as possible. Everything can be attained through the Shabbos morning mikvah. Connect yourself to many Tzaddikim while immersing as explained elsewhere.
9. Do not spaire comfort on Shabbos. Leave extra lights on so the house is bright. Keep the thermometer at the most comfortable temperature sparing no cost
10. What you talk about and the way you talk should be different on Shabbos. Do not speak about things you are worried about or business.
11. When making Kiddush, put around your Kiddush cup, 6 small cups filled with wine. The large cup representing the Shabbos and the 6 cups the weekdays which draw from it.
12. Smell many spices before Shabbos and during Shabbos night.
13. Circle the Shabbos table 7 times while reciting Shalom Alechem.
14. Those learning Zohar should do so especially on shabbos night after chatzos.
15. Make sure your hands are perfectly dry before making Hamotzee or touching anything.
16. When reciting Kiddush, have in mind the word Gevi-lon which is the secret of Shefa.
17. The Kiddush cup represents all of the Jewish people, when you hand the cup from your left hand to your right after it is raised by both, you are drawing holiness from the right to the left and bringing blessing to all people. Continue to have Klal Yisrael in mind until the end of Kiddush.
18. Concentrate on your Shabbos table floating in the higher worlds. When you have your siuda for Shabbos, a reflection of your table is above.

Rosh Hashanah here we come

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I am sure everyone is feeling the new year approaching quickly. People have asked me if I am going to Uman this year (I have been 7 times) and I can’t say yes or no. I’m not the type to give up on any idea of kedusha unless it is completely taken away from me the last moment. Three times I have purchased my ticket & visa only a few days before. Those who can’t go to uman who appreicate the idea of going to a big Tzaddik for the holidays usually go to the town of Meron where Rebbe Shimon is burried. This of couse is my second choice (today the cost of beds for the holidays are about $700 for the family). At this time, since I can barely fill up even a quarter tank, I need to stop thinking of my sorrows for Rosh Hashanah plans and instead think of all of you. Therefore, my current plans this moment is to be your sheliach, messenger to Hashem and pray for you this Rosh Hashanah even if it is in the closet room of the Synagoge. (Yes, I have actually done that one Rosh Hashanah) So feel free to email me your name to pray for or state it here. Once I stop worrying about myself and become bittle, the doors of Heaven will be open for me wherever I am.