July 31, 2008

Tzaddikim of the other world

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I was trying to reach a Rebbe to discuss some matters last night. I was told to call back later so I called from the holy Tzaddiks grave, Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais but missed the Rebbe again. I recalled the time when I was in Meron and asking for a Bracha from a Rebbe who was visiting, he said, “Why would you want my bracha when you have Rebbe Shimon right here”? So tonight I was thinking about this a little bit. I came to the conclusion that the Tzaddikim who are in Gan Eden, of course they are higher and they will pray on my behalf for my spritual needs on a much higher level but my physical needs. How can they understand them as well as a Rebbe of today, they are so removed from the physical world and its gashmious. They see the lack of my physical needs as a good thing, not as suffering as I do. So yes, I need them to pray but I also need someone to hear and understand in a physical way my problems. Everyone has their own path in approaching this but I was debating why I should call a Rebbe when I had before me a Tana and this is the answer I came up with. Both serve a different purpose.

Pray for new Equipment

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With all the vast financial needs to continue our Jewish outreach projects, the need of replacement equipment has taken second fiddle. Please pray for us to have new and good equipment to work with. Most caves don’t have good acoustics and there are sounds from nature & cars that interfere. There also appears to be some technical sound problem developing. The video camera is still going out of focus in the middle of takes and this can’t happen especially when I have nobody behind the camera to tell me I went out of focus. I have a 15minute video from yesterday that has 1 minute in focus. I am not sure if I should just toss all the hard work out. The videos are also being edited on a Pentium 4, 2.2 mhz & I am hearing sound problems after transfer. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I will continue using it as there isn’t much choice. Also, this is the least of my problems but after I finish editing these two days worth, I might have to retire the equipment. Asa, did you mail me the videos from Europe yet?

Return trip to Tiberias

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Once when Reb Chaim Vital returned to the Arizal without his desired spiritual results, the Ari told him to go again the next night and do the same thing over. This is the path I followed tonight, I returned to Rebbe Meir Baal Hanais, the Rambam and others. I added on this venture the holy Matriarcs. I also decided to share some of my travels with you and there is about 27minutes of video but I might edit it down to 10. (Camera needs replacement, having sound problems now also)

I see that with normal actions, I cannot break through this barrier which I face so I am trying to break it through prayer and Tzaddikim. So may it be Hashem’s will.

July 30, 2008

Campaign talk

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It isn’t easy for me not to share my opinion on the current campaign for US President. You have come here for Torah and to be uplifted, not to hear me say that picking Obama is like picking a teenager to become President so therefore, I won’t say it. You will just have to guess my thoughts on this issue. I mean what do I know, I haven’t been to America in 6 years. Maybe it is time for a child to take over.

Reminiscing on old times

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Last night I was reminiscing on old times. I went on youtube and searched for my old town Walkersville, Maryland, where I grew up. I was trying to find videos of some of the old streams I would immerse in for the mikvah, ritural purity bath. The places I would go to do hisbodidus, to pray to Hashem and meditate. Places like, Cunningham Falls, Catoctin Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and Thurmont, Maryland (headquarters of the KKK) where places I visited daily with a sefer or towel.

I found some random videos of bridges and streams I would jump under and the cars on the video reminded me how I used to duck when I saw them coming. It was quite a laugh to see these places again. I am a bit disappointed I didn’t find more. Then I remembered that I grew up in redneck-ville as my wife calls it. So I purposely misspelled a few of the places and sure enough a few more videos came up. The old town watershed which was my main mikvah and then I found some of my favorite parks. I have so many memories in these parts and traveling through most of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. In some of these states I visited 95% of the state parks and forests doing photography in my younger years. Then in the end of my traveling days, as I matured, I decided too no longer run away from the beauty near my home but to appreciate where I lived. This is when things starting fitting into place more and more. If there is interest, maybe I can compose a video of some of the old parks that I visited, used as a mikvah and learned at. Understanding ones past can sometimes be key towards understanding the self today. The more we run from it, the more it truly haunts us. It might be far wiser to embrace were we have come from and how we arrived to the place we are today.

Why you have to post on my blog

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Tonight I drove to Tiberias where I went to Rebbe Meir Baal Haness, Rambam, Rabbi Yochanan, Rav Asi, Rav Ami, Rav Horkenas, the Ramchal, Rabbi Akiva and great Rabbis. There graves were uninhabited, that is by other worldly humans. It is here I prayed for the US econnomy and our troubled times. For those that have donated lately or who respond on the blog regularly, I was able to remember all of you. Most by name and some in great detail. This is why, it is important to stay in touch so I don’t forget you on my trips. Of course, you can sponsor a pray just for yourself on our special site for this but even without this, I do try to remember everyone the best I can. It just helps if you post on the blog so that you are in my thoughts often. Oh don’t worry, Kara, I didn’t forget you even though you haven’t posted as of late.
Boruch Hashem it was a great trip and I did two new videos. I am a bit scared to look at them as the video camera still needs to be replaced due to its focus problem. I am starting to think people enjoy the videos more when I have focus problems as I usually make them more interesting in order to cover up the massive camera blurrs. This certainly doesn’t make my job any easier when I already have no time. The last video has 5minutes of the Kotel meshed in over top of the blur so you probably didn’t notice it at all. Trust me, I notice it!
Anyways, it was a great trip even though I need 4 new tires and was sliding around the hillsides.

July 29, 2008

Workout, fitness and Torah My test

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There are many sources in Judaism speaking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As an experiment, I thought I would try to take this to an extreme, at least compared to my regular routines. For 8months, I joined the gym, exercising, swimming and lifting weights. I wanted to know if I grounded myself in this way physically, would it produce more spiritual benefits as well.
While I might have bigger biceps (actualy huge, lol- kidding) and physical strength, I must admit I am somewhat disappointed in other results. Yes it gave me some discipline but not as much as I expected. I even changed much of my eating habits to be more healthy, taking in lower fat and higher protein. But personally, at least so far, I can’t look someone in the face and say, I have grown from this experience. I do feel it was a great to meet new people at the gym and it is nice to step away from responsibility but at the same time, this has also bore me some guilt because of the commitment involved. At the same time, I can’t look my family in the face with a shortened life expected life due to an absence of exercising and a good diet. So, I will continue my testing. Hoping that all pathways that are done for the sake of Heaven, will lead me closer to Hashem.

July 28, 2008

Fathers never tell

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I think us dads know that should we be found it, should our wives know we secretly give sugar treats to the kids, we could be finished. But how else are we supposed to make up for the unfair advantage the women has over the kids. You know, it breaks our hearts every time one of the kids screams in pain and runs to mommy passing over daddy’s outstretched arms. All we want is equal love. A fair chance to be there when they really need us.

Mousy brings Shalom

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Every year we have a little mousy that comes to visit our home. It becomes a family project to catch it with a bucket and let it go. This week we had a new furry creature visiting us. As with all animals in Israel, we never underestimate its intelligence. Yes we managed with difficult to set him free but it was far more then this that we gained. Catching the mouse always brings us all together and that fact that he leaves alive, makes us all feel proud. I still don’t’ know why Rochel pushed me away when I had him, she felt I was being too violent and scaring him. Hmmm, maybe a mouse saved her life in previous incarnations?

July 27, 2008

The Missing Ring

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There was once a young couple who got engaged. As was tradition in the family, the grandmother gave the bride an expensive ring. Soon after their marriage, the bride lost the ring while taking a walk along the beach. The entire family was devastated and she lost their respect. Whenever they saw her, if they didn’t say something derogatory with their lips, their heart spoke instead.
Months later as her husband was cleaning his wardrobe, he found in his old coat the missing ring. Once again, his wife was loved and respected. Everyone was so sorry and the family was once again united. About 15 years later, the bride, mother of many children, decided she would like to exchange the ring for more jewelry as she had enjoyed it enough. She asked her relatives who grandmother who had since passed, bought her jewelry from.
That day she went to the jeweler and showed him the ring. He said that a ring of this quality he would never forget and this particular ring he did not sell before. Taken back, she went home and started going through all the insurance paperwork on the ring. Sure enough, the ring she was wearing now was purchased 4 months after the wedding. She went to her husband in suspicion. He told her that he could no longer withstand her misery and how everyone treated her. He understood that people are not perfect and his family was sweet but had their issues so he took maters into his own hands. “You have no idea how many loans I had to take out when we were first married to pay for this new ring. I just wanted you to be happy and my family to love you again.” Now my friends, we have to remember never to hurt someone and remind them of their faults. If someone makes a mistake or looses something then we mustn’t torcher them about it. Also, if someone is hurting then we have to lower ourselves and protect this person at all costs. He didn’t just give his wife a ring, he gave her life. Lets do something for someone else today, bringing them from darkness into the light.

Perek Shira

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Perek Shira is a prayer which encompasses all the songs of the animals. You might ask, what are the animals singing about and why should we repeat these words? The animals are singing praises of Hashem with absolute sincerity. By repeating these praises of Hashem as a whole, a person is formulating a prayer which is very beautiful. Something which arouses great mercy from Heaven and when we say it, we are gathering all his creatures to join us in song. We are making Hashems name great in the Heavens and the earth. It is no wonder that this prayer is known to bring great salvation and miracles. I was working on a special project about a year ago on this but ran out of time. Perek Shira is a prayer I like to say sometimes on Shabbos afternoon.

Is your soul for sale?

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(Disclaimer: This is a R.M pun, joke)
Some of you are chassidim of Breslov, Chabad, Satmar, Bobov, Alexander and others. I am running now a campain to buy chassidim and their souls. That is right, just name your price and we will take the cheapest 1,000 chassidim from other branches and make them Reb Moshe Chassidim. Yes that is right! Since I am unable to naturally draw in followers through yichus, purity, chiddushay Torah and the like, rich followers have decided to buy me chassidim, followers. To register to be bought, simply state your current chassidus and price.

July 25, 2008

Another Video post

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I just uploaded a second video this week called Tzaddik Yesod. It can be found on www.torahvideo.com
There is another video from amukah about shidduchim and emunah which I hope to edit soon. Still need some prayers my way so I can continue my Jewish outreach. It was a slow week with donations and we worked hard on getting advertisers but again, we go at this all alone. I don’t know why. I am uploading more videos to youtube, under name ilovetorah so maybe visit us there from time to time as well. I wish everyone a great Shabbos and tremmendous light.

July 24, 2008

Separating oneself

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A person has to stand up to protect their soul and not just pretend they are not affected by their surroundings. When I was a kid, other neighborhood children knew that they couldn’t curse in front of me. It was not something I liked and many times they apologised for it or thought twice. This was because I used to walk away or hold my ears and they noticed this. I also asked them not too and I guess they respected this since they knew inside it was better not too. Still, if I knew better, I would have walked away far more times and my own personal speech would have been more pure.
When a person is around things which are bad, the Yetzer Hara, evil inclination tries to tell them they are not affected by the bad, they can simply separate. When a person starts to guard their senses, even pushing away close friends who cause them often to stumble, they are able to grow far more. How many people think that they are not affected by movies and television? Twenty years ago people didn’t curse every other word when they spoke. Today, what is accepted as normal speech and etiquette has changed. It doesn’t mean we have to change with it. Separating ourself is the only way to survive spiritually in a world which simply doesn’t care.

Not seeing or hearing

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There is a level of purity, Yesod which allows a person to not take in that which is impure. The mind simply doesn’t recognize or take in that which doesn’t draw it close to Hashem. For instance, someone could be looking at a scene with multiple items in the background, one of which is a statue. His eyes and mind will simply be drawn to the sky, flowers and other buildings. Another example could be a person having a conversation in the streets of New York, near them are some kids cursing and talking bad, immediately being a pure person, not even thinking about it, he tunes them out. When the Talmud said, “A person who comes to purity himself is helped, it meant it literally”. I have noticed myself that on days that I am uplifted, I could be talking to someone and they could say a word that sounds like something bad and I would not even have the thought that they did this. While on bad days, I would actually hear the word itself even if they didn’t say it, it just has to sound like it.
The strength of purity is so strong that a person could walk down the dirtiest impure street of the world and not be effected at all or notice a thing. All this comes with training and hard work. Joy is really the basis for Yesod. It is also a person not underestimating their senses and mind. When a person begins to respect this tool they have been given and realize its sensitivity, they can start to protect and nurture it.