June 30, 2008

Good News

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A few people donated today to ilovetorah so I was able to do one new video & I have hired one of my designers to finish something nice I was working on months ago. Keep up the donations! Bring us back to life!

June 25, 2008

Salvation of Shabbos

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Hashem hid away the secrets of Gan Eden, the next world in Shabbos. When Shabbos is kept, the secrets and the revelation of Hashem begins to unravel. For the soul, a pure entity that is connected to the highest light, this is not just a satisfaction but a necessity for its very survival in a physical domain. The neshmah is crying out daily for some connection to the Shabbos. So each morning we say in our prayers, this is day ___ of the Shabbos in order to remind ourselves that Shabbos is coming and that respite is on its way. This is because surviving healthy in a spiritual way in a physical world is impossible without the light of Shabbos. Can you imagine though the comfort of the soul should a person remind themselves throughout the day about shabbos during the week. And then if they were to take it a step further and do something each day for shabbos, oh how beautiful would the soul be in bliss. The hidden light of Gan-Eden opens itself to this person through the light of Shabbos, even now during the mudain weekdays.
You know, every person wants to be comfortable in this world. They want a nice bed to sleep on, comfortable chair, decent food to eat and a nice roof over their heads. The souls needs are even more simple. All the neshama wants is the Shabbos…

June 22, 2008

Subscription Donation

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Please let us know we can count on you regularly so we can reopen the website. ilovetorah donations

At this time, there is only 1 monthly subscriber so the website is open yet no new material can be made. Even through this trying time, we have not made access to ilovetorah and torahvideo only subscription based. This is because I believe Torah should always be free. Unfortunately, this philosophy has endangered our ability to continue. Hashem help us! Please be the agent of Hashem! Hashem wants more people to have a chaleg, a share in the ilovetorah project. Kiruv is about everyone pitching in to do kindness & spread Torah.

June 12, 2008

Podcast 4 Special Jewish Musical Guests

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Click graphic to download mp3 or right click to download and save.

June 3, 2008

Shelah’s Prayer for our Children

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All parents want the best for their children – that they should be good and upright, that they have everything they need for a fruitful, joyous life. The Shelah HaKadosh writes that the best time to pray for these blessings is the day before Rosh Chodesh Sivan, for that is the month when God gave us the Torah, and when the Jewish people began to be called His Children. On that day, he writes, fathers and mothers should give charity to the poor and repent. People travel all over Israel to recite the Shelahs prayer at his grave. Those two far away, recite it at home.


June 1, 2008

Slowly saying goodbye…

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After all the years of devotion, compared to my normal efforts to continue my outreach work, at this point, I consider ilovetorah closed. There is no regular donations coming in so I am facing the facts that I can’t continue my work anymore. Some of you kept surprising me with donations even though I knew you didn’t really have the money to afford it. I appreciate this and you are responsible for saving many lives with me. Unfortunately, it was never really enough, the only reason the site has made it this long is because I took out loans to upkeep it and continue it. Now I have to pay these debts back and countless hours of time. I gave my last shirt to bring you this Torah online and frankly, there is nothing left in my closet. I don’t know if people noticed, but, I have been slowly saying goodbye… What is so sad is that the podcast alone could support all the work but it is not my place or my skill to market myself or my own work. I do ask of you when reading this not to delete our link in your favorites or find a new haven for internet Torah but to still remember us until our final days. Your attendance, keeps us breathing our last breaths. It still gives us hope. Even if I didn’t create any new material, there is enough on www.torahvideo.com and www.ilovetorah.com to last you a decade. Should we take the sites down, a few videos will be left behind on youtube or google for an occasional reminder that someone tried their best to spread Torah. Thank you all for coming all these years.