May 27, 2008

Podcast 3 of Music & Torah

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May 23, 2008

Chalaka, Upshearing of Gedalya

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After Chalaka, Upshearing done, Traditional Jewish Haircut at age 3. Mazel Tov Gedalya!

May 22, 2008

Log B’Omer Special Podcast of Music & Torah

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My Log B’Omer in Meron Previous Years

My friends, I just returned from Meron with my family where we cut my 3rd sons hair tonight. A Hundred Thousand people were there tonight as we lit fires and all danced together.

May 20, 2008

Chok Yisrael, Daily Recommended **** 5 Stars

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Chok Yisrael is a book on the weekly Torah portion. It is broken up into the 7 days of the week and each day one studies something from Chumah, Mishna, Talmud, Kabbalah, Halacha, Mussar and more. I don’t know if there is a more rounded book to study in all the world. Baba Sali & other Sefardic Rabbis emphisised this book more then any others. As an Askenazi Reb, I hereby do so as well. If my Reb means anymore then the 3 letters of the english alphabet, R-E-B. Otherwise, known as Romeo, Echo, Bravo in Official U.S. Military Alphabet. Or in morse code as _._ . _… Or as the Royal Navey used to say, Robert, Edward, Butter. But as my three year old would probably say it, Rebgicha. I hereby, recommend this as daily study, especially for those who do not have time cause of work & family to have a full Torah study program.

My Kiruv days are dwindling

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Someone asked me if I would be settling setting up RSS for the new podcasts, well as easy as that is, I barely have time to make the podcast itself to worry about spreading it (my wife is shocked that I started yet another project on no funding), so I put Hashem in charge of Marketing it. If Hashem wants RSS setup, I leave it to Him. My job is just to do the best I can so I will try to make a weekly podcast and whoever hears it, hears it. One day I hope we will have more donations so I can feel like I am not working into the wind but this is how I work for now. Things are basically status Que until we develop funding but I will make sure to give weekly updates of Torah, podcast & video when I can here. Already since I am $20 short of finishing ilovetorah homepage, I had to put up pop-ups so people could find B’H for status Que! I am also turning people away who need guidance as I simply don’t have enough time. Woo is to my soul for the pain of doing this to another and not helping my brethren. If only bread & water would suffice but there is electric bills, schools and other expenses. Unfortunately, the days of ilovetorah are coming to an end. I would call out in pain to my brothers but those days are finished since, with world recensions, everyone is afraid of giving charity, especially the rich. The more money a person has, the more they are worried & keep it near to themselves. If only everyone understood that the key to financial freedom and the best debt agency is to go against logic and give even more charity. As it says in Gemarah Tanis, Tithe and you shall be blessed. Hashem says, “Test me, give charity and see if I do not repay you doublefold”.
For years I gave more time & money then I had to ilovetorah and the world has benefited. Because of my many sins though, my portion of return has been held in Hashems trust account. Unlike having CDs & bonds, I do not know when I shall receive payment or can cash out this trust. It could be only in the next world, or maybe there was someone more deserving of it. Maybe my many sins have outweighed it? Or maybe as with many trust funds, I must grow up first to be mature enough to cash it in. I would trade it all away now just too be able to look at my children’s faces and know that I do not fail them or have to see them suffer in any way do too a lack of money. Just so that my wife wouldn’t have to turn on a faucet and have it leak on her. To have a few extra minutes to help a crying soul out who comes to me instead of weighing who is more important to help. I cannot bare this pain. This pain is unbearable to me. To not have time to teach Torah… I cannot write anymore as the pain is too great & I have only expressed one tear of my thousands. I wish you all peace and blessing. Remember two things. 1. You can always give charity & will always get it back (this includes time)
2. Never give up & if you have to go down with your fort, do so with pride & joy because everything is Gam Z Letova, for the best.

May 18, 2008

Rav Abuchatzera,a Yirtzite

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Tonight is the Yirtzite of Baba Salis father, Rav Abuchatzera. A few friends and I drove to Naharia to see Babi Salis sons for his blessing. Today there are 3 great sons of Baba Sali who was known as a Kabbalistic master, this was one of them. As always with visiting Tzaddikim, you have to wait on lines many times outside just for a breif 2 minute blessing. I did try to film the event for you but was told to put away the camera. May the Tzaddiks blessing come true so I may continue my kiruv work.

May 16, 2008

First Podcast Music & Torah Download

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May 15, 2008

Cyclone Deaths

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Red Cross estimated Wednesday that the cyclone death toll in Myanmar could be as high as 128,000. My friends, I am sure you all have good hearts and feel for the pain of these people. Let us pray for them.
The president of the country doesn’t want to let in the relief efforts as he believes his army is strong enough to handle the disaster. We too look at life this same way. We figure that we can pull ourselves out of our problems, granted it might take a bit of time. Sometimes, the greater man is the one who can humble himself to realize, even though I have a great army, I’m strong in my faith and mitzvos, I need outside help. He must humble himself and go to the Hashem, the Tzaddik, psychologists, parents or spouse and ask for help. A great warrior is one who knows his limitations and knows when to ask for help. Let us pray for this president that he allows in more aid quickly so people do not suffer the painful death of starvation.

May 13, 2008

Rabbenu Tam Tefillin

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Free Videos by Reb Moshe,

Holy Tefillin of Rabbenu Tam Reb Moshe teaches & shows you how to put tefilin on. He also encorages everyone to consider wearing this holy type of Tefillin. Check out ilovetorah sofer stam

May 12, 2008

Eating Milk & Meet Together, what happens?

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Every Jew knows the commandment not to eat milk and meet together but what actually happens to one who does? The Zohar in Kabbalah warns, “their soul will appear for 40days to the vision of the accusing angels… with myriads of impure powers surrounding him. He also causes judgment to be awakened in all the world. As stated before, keeping kosher and this means even those already keeping kosher, is something one must always improve on. Seeking out better heksharim, kosher symbols to eat from and separating ones kitchen properly.
People have come to me asking why they don’t feel the spirituality of their souls and the Shabbos. I have responded to many that eating non-kosher food, weakens the souls ability to take in spirituality. There is a reason why Hashem commanded us to eat only kosher. He understood the makeup of our souls and its needs. Try to keep a little more kosher today!

May 11, 2008

Music & Torah Podcast

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I will be putting out this week a podcast full of kosher sefirah singing and Torah. If anyone wants to sponsor it, please let me know.

Shabbos Elevation

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On all other days of the week, one must climb the latter in order to go up spiritually but on the Shabbos, one just walks into the light and doesn’t look back. All the souls in Gehenah, Hell are brought out of this place of discomfort each Shabbos. We are not permitted to repent during Shabbos. Simply, as stated, we are just walking into light and being raised up. So, when it comes to the 3 meals of perfect faith, Friday night, Saterday and Shalosh Siudos, we uniting all the worlds. The Friday night meal rectifies the name of Adna. Saterday, the name YKVK and the last meal, EKYE. But this recfification and tikkun is not the same as the tikkun of these worlds during the 6days of the week. This is because on the Shabbos. The worlds have shalaim, peace. A union between the Shechinah and the Holy One Blessed be He has taken place. Simular to the union of the time of Moshiach. Total peace and bliss. Therefore, all have to change garments and remove the garments of the 6 days of the week and put on Shabbos garments. Then they just walk into the light and bliss of Shabbos. This removal of weekday garments is only difficult because we make it that way. In reality, it is quite simple. It is just like walking from one room to the next. The mikvah taking at midday Friday afternoon is supposed to remove the weekly garments from us and this is why we really should dress immediately in Shabbos cloths. “And you will call Shabbos ONeG, delight”. For the essence of ONeg is the verse, “a Nahar, river, went out from Eden to water the Gan, garden.”(Shaarey Ohrah) The word Gan in hebrew shares the root for the word ONeg. Therefore, one is blessed through ONeg Shabbos from the highest spirituality from Eden. How fortunate will you be in keeping Shabbos, for you will be a host to the ten Spheres. (Sharay Ohrah) I understood this Torah when I shook a Rabbis hand this Shabbos. I am happy to share it with you. Good Shabbos.

May 8, 2008

Oneg Shabbos & holy Fish

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On all other days of the week, except Shabbos, food contains klipah can also weaken a person. So if a person indulges not for the sake of simply sustaining their body, this klipah, impurity also effects them. But on the Shabbos, the food has no klipah but only its physical & spiritual values. Through eating itself on the Shabbos, one can attain the highest spiritual levels. With one bite of food, one can travel from the spiritual world of Asiya all the way to Atzulot. It is good for every member of the house to prepare one dish. It is not halacha but one really must make sure to eat a little desert on Shabbos if it brings them enjoyment. Overeating on Shabbos is certainly not good but one should certainly feast. When I think of the Shabbos meal, I think of fish. Not simply because I enjoy it but because eating the fish is the highest part of the meal. The fish brings us out of this world and into the world of Yetzirah. The world of Yetzirah is the world of the angels. Angels sing praises to Hashem daily. Before, during and after the fish, we are compelled to sing zemiros simular to those spiritual beings in Yetzirah. Every single household where there is a shabbos suida, meal is given a special fish that has been hand chosen from Hashem. There is no home absent from this holy gift from Hashem. Within this fish are sparks of light and a soul from a person that has pasted away in recent times. The fish therefore is the Tikkun, rectification of the entire meal. The holy sages went to great lengths to make sure they had the best fish for shabbos. It is known the Salmon is one of the holiest fishes to have on shabbos.

Daily practices 1, Should it be the topic of my next sefer?

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1. It is good for everyone to take upon themselves to study a book on Emunah, faith each day.
2. Also, a person should say daily, Shivisi Hashem Lenegdi Samid. I have placed Hashem before me.
3. It is also good to close ones eyes once in a while and to think of fear of Hashem. Our eyes cause our brain to compute a lot of information, if we close them, we are able to connect to spirituality easier.
4. When conversing with others, we can also think about Hashem. If we hear mundane matters, we should think how they are really connected to Hashem and Torah. This was the ways of Tzaddikim, the holy Sages.
5. It is good to leave small coins next to the charity box so you can put them in constantly and think about Hashem.
6. Kissing the mezuzah is often overlooked as is walking backwards out from the Synagogue. Some people even walk up to the bimah to kiss the Ahron before leaving. Even if we don’t feel anything from this, we are training ourselves in fear & love of Hashem.
7. It is good to wear our Tzizzis out so that we are reminded, even subcounciously about the mitzvos.
8. One should glance at the sky every so often as is known but also they should take it its beauty. The glancing at the sky is to bring us fear of Hashem while contemplating its beauty can also give us love of Hashem.
9. You cannot compare the holiness one keeps upon themselves by washing their hands outside the bathroom verses within. In Israel, all sinks are purposely made outside the bathroom.
10. As much as we should be bittle & think of ourselves as nothing, being totally humble. We must never forget and loose site of our holiness. Every Jewish soul is constantly connected to a stream of holiness.
11. Kashurut, eating kosher food enables ones soul to shine & not be blocked by confusions. The level of eating kosher food should always be improved upon & not static. There are very few people who really keep all the laws perfectly. A wise person is very careful when eating out. It really isn’t okay to simply trust anyone in kashrut. You would be surprised at the many mistakes being made by people who in other mitzvos are very careful. Know the heksharim of the places you go too, even if it is a neighbor who knows more then you in Torah.
12. Smiling is one of the biggest forms of Ahavas Yisrael.
13. Positive energy is contagious, if you have be blessed with this aspect, you must share it. Even if you are not a positive person, with practice, you can be. A positive person can change his mazel for good.

May 6, 2008

New Accountant

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Someone just wrote me that I have an outstanding bill that needs to be paid. I responded, “Simply just forward the bill to Hashem for me:) He will be taking over as my accountant. No worries my friends! It is a brand new month with new mazel! May it simply go smoother then ever before. Emunah, faith in Hashem shall deliver us in our times of need.