April 29, 2008

Last Remains of Pesach

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The last remains of unleavend bread, called Matzah are being digested by my belly this evening as Passover has recently passed. Will I remember the daily requirement to think about the exodus? Did I really go out of Mitzrayim?

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Filmed last year, Speaking about the Omer & After-Passover Thoughts

Noam Elimelech, Important Chassidic Work

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About a year ago, the author and I spoke about his translation of the holy chassidic work, Noam Elemelech into english. I was given a secret copy of it and was very happy with what I had time to see. This is one of the most important chassidic Rebbes and sefarim. I encourage all to grab a copy in hebrew but if they need translation, I believe it is now ready in print.

April 28, 2008

Kids and Internet

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If you have kids and you allow them to use the Internet. Please always be within 1 minute reach of them and monitor all their activity. The dangers of teens and children on Internet are usually overlooked by most parents. Even parents who think they are smarter then their kids, don’t realize how much the kids understand about computers and how fast it takes to be in the wrong place or talk to the wrong people. Most kids are perfectly aware of where not to go as they learn about it from friends or during the moments parents are preoccupied in other rooms. Kids are a lot smarter then we give them credit for and if they can’t be protected in their own home, where can they be?

I had a dream

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last night i dreamed about a snake
we were all sitting on a couch and there was a snake
so everyone was still then the snake continued at me
and jumped at me and was stuck in my teeth but didn’t bite me then i woke up and someone moved so the snake would chase them instead but i woke up just as this was taking place.

there are 32 paths of wisdom known through Torah there are 32 teeth in ones mouth(sefer yetzirah)
the snake is the satan
even with my wisdom, i need another to move and keep the snake off of me
and make that sacrifcise
to help me
I need to find someone wise who can chase the snake
help me get rid of my bad qualities
which means to find a Tzaddik who can do this for me
it was stuck in my teeth meaning that it is in the middle of my path of wisdom and must be chased away
but it didn’t bite me was just stuck there. I was at a total standstill and so was the snake. The next move was to be made through an intermediary. Sometimes only a friend can help us as if i try to move myself, i would get bitten. I couldn’t call out to Hashem because I couldn’t move my lips. I was stuck. As my friend Moran said, “maybe it means that even with our wisdom we can’t forget we always need to practice so we can protect ourselves from the satan – modesty ?????? before you come to a point where you can’t even speak anymore.”

How well do you know your Reb?

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1. Rebs fav color
2. Rebs fav food
3. Rebs fav animal or creepy crawler
4. Rebs fav instrument
5. Rebs fav sefer, book
6. Rebs fav sport
7. Rebs fav stuffed animal name as a boy
8. Rebs fav drink
9. If Reb had free time, would he hang out with friends or go out himself
10. Favorite season

The Reb Asks Back

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For a while now, I have been answering life’s questions on www.askreb.com but I thought now it is time that I ask the world my questions. So, here we go!

1. As you know, Israel is a dusty yet clean climate due to the use of stone buildings and dirt side roads. This causes my black car and most other
Israel cars to get dirty. How often should I wash my car? How important do you feel this is? Is it fine for a person to drive around in a dust covered car that is flify? To properly be clean, one would need to wash it 2x a week.
2. Should I pay 500sheckles which is a lot of money here to use a Jew on fixing something that otherwise would just cost 350sheckles from an Arab? If yes, where do i get the additional 150 shekels?
3. During the Omer, should I listen to Acapella music which is mutar or listen to nothing at all since acapella music is a bit boring?
4. Should I drink sink water or bottled water?
5. Should I power off computers when not in use to save electricity or does it really use nothing?
6. Why do only energizer expensive batteries work properly in the baby swing and my rechargeables and cheap batteries not?
7. Will I have better mazal publishing my books if I try again?
8. Should I continue trying to purchase a part for our Maytag dryer here in israel or give up and just take a chance on someone bringing it from the States?
9. Should I go to the Ari mikvah where it is too cold to think under the water holy thoughts but it is a much higher level or the warm indoor mikvah where I can contemplate higher thoughts? (I usually make this a daily decition)
10. Should I continue to express my humor publicly or lay it to rest?
11. For my Sata 2 backup hard drive, do i really need to get a sata drive or can i get the new usb quick connection plug they are selling out of china for $10?
12. Should I give the children prizes when each baby tooth falls out?
13. If you see a parent not disciplining their children for fighting with siblings, should you get involved? (this happened this last shabbos)
14. Should I put on the AC or open the windows up?
15. Am I too silent about problems in Klal Yisrael that we overlook?

16. How is 16 a special number?
17. Same question as 16
18. To Life, Just a bit of humor to start every ones new work week
19. If money really grew on trees, what kinda trees would it grow on?
20. Why am I playing 20 questions?

April 25, 2008

Just a little more Matzah

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I know your bellies are a bit bouncy right now from all the matzah but dig down a little deeper as Passover is almost over. Matzah has spiritual healing powers similar to mana which was given to us in Egypt. When you eat it, you are cleaning your body and soul of impurities from this world. So, whats a belly ache for another 2 days when it can make your entire life easier from the wonderful spiritual revelations it opens ones heart to comprehend.

April 24, 2008

Rosh Hanikra Trip

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I took the family to Rosh Hanikra which is along the Northern Sea board overlooking Lebanon. The water was quite fresh and the views were breathtaking. I did do a short Torah video there which I will share with you. It is my wish that everyone has a great Chol Hamoed with Kosher fun!

April 23, 2008

Rabbi Noson Maimon

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rebnasanavatar.jpgI have known Rabbi Noson Maimon for over 12 years. Many years back I enjoyed being one of his students in his Kollel in Mea Sharim. I believe that he is the biggest figure in Breslov Chassidus today yet his world goes unnoticed. His shirim are also of an extremely high level, yet very understandable. I have always considered him one of my teachers. I consider him the main talmuid of Rabbi Michel Dorfman Z’T’L. Someone who I highly respected. Here is some hakaros hatov, Thank you Rebbe Noson for your hard work.

(Rabbi Nasan Maimon is Executive Director and lecturer for the Breslov World Center. He received his Smicha from, and teaches in the Yeshiva Chassidai Breslov in Jerusalem. For over the last 10 years Rabbi Maimon has been delivering classes and lectures in Talmud and Chassidus throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. Hundreds of these lectures have been taped and are regularly distributed to subscribers throughout the world. He was a leading student, and is son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, zt”l.

In 1981 when Rabbi Nachman’s gravesite in the Ukraine was threatened with destruction, Rabbi Maimon was selected as the United States spokesman and representative of the world Breslov movement to avert this threat. After high- level meetings at the United States State Department, Rabbi Maimon traveled to the USSR to meet with Kremlin officials where he succeeded in conveying to the Soviet authorities the great significance of this shrine. They subsequently granted special protected status to Rabbi Nachman’s gravesite. )Taken from breslovworldcenter.com

April 22, 2008

Good Moed

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I wish everyone a good moed. Today we met up with another family at the Haifa Zoo for our Chol Hamoed family trip. It is wonderful to feel the simcha, joy in the air this Jewish holiday season. May we all experience our own personal geula and the coming of Moshaich.

April 17, 2008

The Holy Seder, Passover Inspirational Thoughts

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Brand new video taken tonight! I wish you all a Happy and Kosher Pesach!

April 15, 2008

Chometz Video & Thoughts

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Free Videos by Reb Moshe, TorahVideo.comilovetorah.com

April 10, 2008

New I Love Torah Preview

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ilove2.JPGNew I Love Torah Design, COMING NEXT WEEK

Did anyone like the

Twenty Minutes of Fatherhood

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My fellow men, we must force ourselves to give attention to our children for 20minutes a day! This doesn’t mean time with them while working or on the computer. It means getting on the floor, playing and speaking to our kids. They need this in order to grow up healthy! Not only that, they deserve it! Not to mention, 20minutes for the wife too! Talking about whatever she wants too & not about soferous, your new websites and your car!

April 9, 2008

I Didn’t Know it was so hard

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Tonight, I am feeling bad as I didn’t know things were so hard for people living in the USA. Here I have been in Israel for almost 5 years, I have even forgotten what a wooden or regular brick home looked like. I mean, I haven’t even seen a porsche in 5 years;) It has been brought to my niece attention the amount of people foreclosing on their homes, relatives in Iraq, health care, wild interest rates and other troubles. Of course I knew that problems existed but I really didn’t comprehend the full effects they have on my fellow Jewish friends. After analyzing this and launching the askreb site, I feel that it is not enough. Too many Jews need a Reb figure in their life and it isn’t enough the casual emails back and forth. I need to be there in their suffering. They need to know that I carry their burden on my shoulders. My holy friends need to know that I cry for them every night. I am speaking of those people who don’t have a Rebbe a block from their house. Who will be there for them? Who will wipe away their tears? Who will mend their broken spirits?