March 28, 2008

Kiddush Hashem in the Streets of the World

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If you even help another person remember Hashem for a second, be it through wearing a kipah, Tzittis or through simply walking the streets with Yiras Hashem, Fear of Hashem, YOU HAVE MADE A TREMMENDOUS KIDDUSH HASHEM! You have brought the Shechinah not only down upon yourself but on those who see you, even if for them it is only for a moment, you may have changed the entire outcome of their day or even their life. Never underestimate any public display of serving Hashem.

March 26, 2008

The Electric Gartle

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I have invented an electric gartle (worn during prayers around the waist to aid in concentration)that connects to ones spinal cord. It is able to detect the brain waves to cause the gartle to squeeze tighter if there is too much brain movement and confusions.

Warm Weather

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The weather has been extremely warm lately here in Israel.

March 21, 2008

Purim Drunk Blog A1

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this is reb moses, i have begun the drinking process here befroe the suida. The guestas are coming in 25minutest. We must great them besijmcha!
Thank you Hashem for a aonwerful drink to serve you with, bookers.
i am supposedt o be babbysiting so bye tor now, weill give more updates

pdate 2
the guests are late and i am already drunk. nebach!


still waiting for guests, I have sprayed with white wip cream smily faces outside on all the walls and wrote out purim

i was the life of thte place totday hunging everyone. very lebadich purim. i hope everyone ejoys themselves. shabbo is is in 5minutes.
wife says that i almost lit someones streimel on fire. There is some video to be seen soon.

March 19, 2008

Think of Us

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Please think of us this Purim Holiday season for a donation. Donate Today, Save Jewish Lives through Torah!

Reb Moshe on Tovia Singer Show Tonight

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My interview will start 11:25 Aprox.

Purim Videos

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Free Videos by Reb Moshe,
Purim Party Last Year at Reb Moshe’s!

Purim Comedy (Last year)

Purim Party 2 years ago

Mordechai & Esther from the Megilah, Visit their grave!

March 18, 2008

Prayer & Simcha

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I think it is important for the world to realize the real danger in Israel right now. It is becoming more and more clear here the real hate the Arabs have for Jews. The solution is for everyone to be besimcha, happy, especially on Purim. It was simcha in which the holy Prophets used to reach the highest of levels, to break all barriers and klipah, negative forces. Once they were besimcha, the barriers simply disappeared.

March 17, 2008

Purim & Life’s Confusions

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Most of us go through life not really realizing how far we are from truth and how we let confusions guide us instead of true destiny. On the holiday of Purim, we purposely drink and confuse ourselves so we see with an eye of truth that which we might have missed. We are too drink until we don’t know the difference between Mordechai & Haman, good and bad. Yet still, as much as we drink, we should not loose site that their is one Hashem and the halachos we live by. Obviously, if we are not too loose site of this, we probably still know the difference between Mordechai & Haman but true separation of good and bad means to see oneself in a true light. Therefore, this mitzvah is really to help us realize and look at ourselves in a realness (I miss teaching Kodtz:) we otherwise miss through life’s confusions.

One thing that I have noticed during this Yom Tov, is that when you drink for the mitzvah, there is one confusion which totally disappears. After one drink, you start to realize how kind Hashem is. Two drinks, wow, I love Hashem. Three drinks, all I want is to dance before Hashem and shout out His Oneness.

Disclaimer: The object of drinking on Purim isn’t to make a mess! It is too bring yourself to a high consciousness!

March 14, 2008

Taking Sparks from Another, Moshe Rabbainu ZT”L

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Taking Sparks from Another

Chassidus teaches us the importance of binding ourselves to the Tzaddikim. This means to think of them, appreciate them, study their teachings, support them, value them, and place yourself at their feet. Through this, we are able to receive a spark of their holiness into our own souls.

This idea of taking the goodness from another doesn’t just end here. Whenever we look for the good in another, we also take a little of that good into our own midos, characteristics.

Part of growing as a person is learning to appreciate. Today being the Yirtzite of Moshe Rabbenu, I went to Meron as is the normal pilgrimage during this day. We go in order to receive a bit of this spark into our souls. When Rabbi Shimon was alive, he also sought the spark of Moshe Rabbenu, his superior. Though this constant dwelling on the Tzaddik, he was able to receive a strong aspect of Moses soul. Quite remarkable if you think about it.

After my trip to Meron, wanting also to grab more of this holy element. I went to Chanuna Saba who is known to have the soul of Moses as well.

The more we appreciate these holy Tzaddikim and what they brought to the world, the greater the revelation of their soul to us.

Interesting Haircut

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A little Hasgacha Pratis (sign that everything is from Hashem):
This week I received a hair cut by my barber friend. When it was finished, I ran to the mikvah and then to afternoon kollel (somehow I fit this in too). I continued my place in Talmud Tannis and It happened that I was up to the part which talks about the requirement of the Kohein in the Temple to cut his hair frequently. So for the next hour, I was learning about haircuts! Just a little reminder from Hashem that he is watching over me. Thank you Hashem!

Shekel Nearly at 11-Year High Against Dollar

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The reality of this Shekel strengthening at an 11-Year High Against Dollar means for us Americans living in Israel big trouble. In layman’s turns, our bills just jumped about $400-$700 this month after we transfer our money over to pay in Shekels. In Betar, Rabbi’s had to place a price limit as all the landlords raised every ones rent about $200 a month. Betar being the poorest community in Israel, people are already looking to pack up and move. Some how about you American’s get it together, bring some troops home from Iraq, stop putting pressure on Israel, get some real candidates for President and pick out Governors with some credibility. I don’t know, just get something right! Okay, that is all I got for current events.

May Hashem help confort all the boys and families of the Yeshiva of Rav Kook.

Doctors made me boobo

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For those that don’t know, my son had 2 &3 degree burns over a year ago. We all prayed for him and we took him to the best doctors but tonight, with a rare sad face since he is sick with the flu, he said, it hurts and the doctors made me a booboo(the medicines sometimes hurt worse & though necessary, the scaring is more after the doctors surgery to help him move it). Well the reality is, after all the doctors, medicines and prayers, Gedalya is hurting. Boruch Hashem after surgery a few months ago, he can now move his arm fully but his scaring is quite bad and as he mentioned, it hurts. This is something he feels all the time and all the lotions & rub on ideas simply keep it moist but the uncomfortness remains. Since his accident with hot soup, Gedalya has only slept through the night one time. So, on holy Moses’s Yirtzite, zayin adar, I ask as he did in his rare truth of the situation, Masay! When will it end…

March 12, 2008

Banjo Billy & Kanavos Halev Music

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After many successful Music & Storytelling Videos together, Pinchas, Banjo Billy and I considering making a music CD together. We are open to ideas of what type of songs you think would be a hit. Tomorrow is our first meeting to discuss and merge our sound studio equipment & run some sound tests. Our goal is to get this CD to the main distributors and in every Jewish bookstore. Outreach and Torah is also through music. It might be a possiblity to take this on the road together as it has been something we have talked about. My First Album, Kavanos Halev (link) is available for those interested in a unique sound. The second album which has great sound quality upgrades was halted do to the lack of time and money to edit it. I also ran into computer issues as few computers in the world, especially ones that need updating, can meet the demands of what I put them through. Video editing is very demanding.

English in a Hebrew World

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I am sorry I don’t know how to write or talk anymore. You have to understand, my only English is with my wife and kids. Then I speak to Israeli’s who speak English in half sentences or I talk to them in my pretend Hebrew. The other day, it took me 2minutes to remember the words, “tow truck”. I simply forgot the words. Hopefully I will begin writing torah books again and then I will recall English and grammar. I always write choppy on my blog as there isn’t much time and I have so much to do with maintaining the websites. At this pace, in another two years, I will barely be able to say simple sentences. Find me some more American friends in Tzfat!