February 28, 2008

Moshe don’t do it!

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My wife pushes me not to talk politics on the blog. Truthfully, I am not one to discuss it much but today it brings me great simcha to even think about the different political events in the world. So, I just wanted to make a small suggestion. Britain’s Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban with troops in Afghanistan now for a while. They even put him on the front lines. Lets do the same with President Bush. He should serve in Iraq. Maybe even wear a wig. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Israel could live in Sedorot for a few months. Now as far as Hillary and Obama, I simply cannot go there except on Purim!

Updates coming fast!

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Get ready before Shabbos for many new ilovetorah updates. Always expanding our horizons! Many new suprises in the next 24 hours!

February 27, 2008

Sderot- a city living in fear

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It is morally incorrect to not defend ones fellow people when they are being attacked. When Jewish lives are in danger, a person must put forth a defence. The weakness shown by no reaction in Gaza, is a show to all the Arab world of our vulnerability. Part of believe in Hashem is to have faith in making a decision that may not be so easy. In this case, the decision really should be an easy one. Having experienced simular suffering as these people in Sderot during the Lebanon War, my heart goes out to them.

It was not the fear of rocket fire that made it difficult for me to live in Tzfat during the Lebanon War, but rather, the inconveniences. The interference of living a normal daily lifestyle. May Hashem help us to have leadership that has faith in Him.

15 Seconds to live

February 26, 2008

Reb Moshe for hire!

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-If you need to exercise, don’t bother. I will excercise for you for only $18 an hour
-Don’t really have time to talk to Hashem? I will do this for you for just $50 an hour.
-Need fuel in your auto? No problem! I will drive your car to the station for just $10
-Have something you need to shop for? I will shop for you online for just $15 an hour. Will get you the lowest price!
-Something wrong with your computer? I will take it over live through msn’s auto remote assistance for just $30 an hour
-Have a book you want to read. I will read it to you. No reason to strain your yes. Just $15 an hour
-Slow connection speed to the web? I will dictate Reb Moshe’s blog to you daily via phone. This is a free service!

Kids for Rent

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My kids are full of energy and joy. They have so much to give to the world with their strong personalities. If anyone would like to rent them for an hour, please let me know. They can dance, sing, take walks and even teach you Hebrew.

February 25, 2008

This week at the Rebs

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Everyone is recovering from typical winter bugs. Rochel has gone to Jerusalem with the baby to find out why she has allergies. The Reb has begun working on the new ilovetorah sons of noah website. He has taken the laptop into the living room where he watches his children play. He tried to explain to them about tivas achila, having an evil desire for food which one may not really need at the time. This was due to their desire to eat cheese when the Reb had a flishich, meat meal coming. Meanwhile, Sirs Edward and Steven ilovetorah fans from Louisiana are stopping by later today to pick up tefillin and mezuzos that they ordered. I warned them to bring protective gear since I will be babysitting during their arrival. Temperatures were a bit warmer today in Tzfat so the Reb was able to get some fresh air. The Reb is very tired but trying to ignore this so he doesn’t become lazy.

Good news that we are going to accept paypal again for donations. The Reb is thinking to bless more people with wealth so they have what to donate. People believe that the Reb should move on to greener pastures but the Reb believes that if you build a fortress, eventually all the nobles and peasants will come. The Reb has great patience when it comes to this thing alone. This morning, the Reb glued the window of his Rover so there would be no more water leaks. Then he added break fluid and check the oil. The oil was at the minimum level and appeared like freshly brewed tea. This made the Reb glad as they he would not need to buy a new can of oil and this means that the Reb’s car has no oil leakage. The Reb is very tired and can only speak in the 3rd person.

February 20, 2008

Torah Lesson, Snowing at the Kotel LIVE

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February 18, 2008

Out of Steam?

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I have filmed only one Torah Video this month and it is yet to be edited. It is not that I don’t want to teach Torah anymore but I simply don’t have the funds to warrant the time. This breaks my heart daily and to me it is a great suffering. Maybe it will become similar to the books I have written. Just another thing left aside waiting for a miracle. But I am not out of steam. I’m simply awaiting for salvation and trying what I can to bring forth the needed redemption. Please have ilovetorah in your prayers.

February 15, 2008

Tremer in Tzfat

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We just had two small tremers today in Tzfat. We get a few a year. Kinda neat when you are laying in bed and you feel like you are going to crash through the floor. The Rabbi of Tzfat has promised we would not have an earthquake again here. The earthquake was a 5.0 in Southern Labanon.

Little Rebbe Teach Me

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I am trying to convince my 4 year old who is fluent in Hebrew and English to teach me to speak good ivrit. Ive even offered to pay him but he just laughs at me. I’m now trying to bribe him with sun glasses.

If ya wanna help out

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If you want to help out with my Jewish Website Work. Please ONLY use my google merchant account for now on.

February 12, 2008

My Wifes Dream

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My wife had a dream the other night that we were meeting with the Nikolsburg Rebbe and he was answering my questions on any Torah topic for 1 hour. Then towards the end, He asked me, “I will bless you with one wish. Tell me what you would like.” My wife was then asked to leave the room… She asked why.

The Rebbe explained that she may not be able to handle the wish I asked for. She left and then I told the Rebbe that I would like two things. Plenty of Challah and Milk for my family for our entire life. When my wife returned, she was dismayed. Here I could have asked for anything and I asked just for Challah and Milk. And why these things she woke up wondering. I am not asking anyone to interpret this but I am curious your thoughts.

February 11, 2008

Ohr Pnei Moshe, Master of Soferous

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Photo of Rabbenu Tam Tefillin I am writing Now.

Reb Avraham Moshe was a great Tzaddik who wrote the sefer Ohr Pnei Moshe. He made a promise that the tefillin he wrote would remain kosher forever. His writings became treasures to those who possessed them and they were handed down through generations. There value to some are priceless and when one hears or sees such an gem, they rejoice. Reb Moshe is to me an inspiration in soferous. Most soferim have never heard of him and don’t know of his greatness. If they did, it would change their perspective of writing holy items. Beyond the halacha of soferous which is a vast amount of laws, stems the spiritual side of soferous, being a scribe. Even beyond the Kabbalistic teachings of soferous from the Arizal, stems Reb Moshe’s Chassidic style of writing. It is no wonder that the greatest of Rebbes would send one of their chassidim to travel hundreds of miles just to pick up a precious pair of Reb Moshe’s writings. After-all, it was known that when he wrote them, he saw the letters as flashing of fire just like they were when the Torah was given on Har Sinai.

One story goes as follows:
Reb Dovid of Lelov was told by the Seer of Lublin to travel to Pshivorsk and get a pair of tefillin from Reb Moshe. When he arrived, he saw him writing tefillin with great devotion. When Reb Dovid greeted him, Reb Moshe just kept on writing as if he wasn’t even there. Finally he put down the pen and said, “Shalom Alechem. Where are you from?” Reb Dovid said, “I am from Lelov”. “And your name?”, asked Reb Moshe. “Dovid”. “I see, you must be Reb Dovid that Elijah the Prophet told me about. He told me to write two pairs of tefillin for you.” He then went to his cabinet and pulled out two pairs and handed them to the startled, Reb Dovid. On the bag was Reb Dovids name and there was both Rashi and Rabbenu Tam pairs of Tefillin finished and shinning with a topping of olive oil.

These two pairs of tefililn were not the only ones written by Reb Moshe but they certainly have quite a history to prove the greatness of Reb Moshes tefillin. Once when a fire broke out in the town of Zarick, Reb Dovids grandson, grabbed his grandfathers tefillin and ran with the townsfolk to the nearby cemitary which was clear from the fire. When the fire finally caught up there, the townsfolk scattered once again. Accidentally, Dovid Yitzchok left the tefillin behind. Unable to return till after the fire, Dovid Yitzchok was downtrodden, expecting the worse. To his dismay, the tefillin were unharmed.

This same pair of tefillin went through War World II. It was once again lost in the rubble after the Natzis Lemach Shimo destroyed and trashed homes. Still, someone found them and returned them to their owner. The secret of these holy tefillin must be the holy fire and purity they were written with. Reb Avraham Moshe of Pshivorsk is no wonder my inspiration in continuing soferous. He is also the reason why I primarily enjoy writing tefillin. It is known that the intentions the scribe has while writing has a daily effect on the wearer of the tefillin. So much so, that they can inspire him daily. Though I bare his name, I am no Reb Avraham Moshe ben Yitzchak HaLevi but I continuously remind myself of his greatness and from this, I write my tefillin.

Getting Stronger, Getting Wiser?

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The last three months have been an interesting test for me. I took upon myself a more healthier lifestyle. I began working out at the men’s gym exercising (including swimming) and lifting weights. I”m also eating a high protein, low fat and sugar diet. A bit unusual of a move for a Reb, don’t you think?

In the old Chassidic times, it was normal to break the body a little in order to get control over it. I believe that in our times, when depression is rampant, people are unhealthy and don’t exercise often, this is exactly the move to make in order to be strong physically and spiritually. In a way, for me, this has been an experiment to see if I could grow more from paying attention to physicality. Something a naturally spiritual natured individual doesn’t enjoy doing so much.

At this point, I can say that my body is more healthier but I can’t really say that the time spent exercising has really developed me into a better, stable person. Then again, it has only been three months and I think it is too soon to pass judgement. I hope and pray that I am on the right direction and that I will inspire others to take care of their body more instead of faltering to its weakness.

Like all things in my life, I try to give 100% wherever possible. It is unique to see my religious friend and I lifting weights so seriously. Payis hanging down, kippahs with lifting belts and gloves, we take no shortcuts. I’m actually a bit obsessed with the bench press, who would have known?

When I push that 10th rep of 60kg, I am thinking about how I want to serve Hashem without weakness. To break the yetzer hara and not let anything get in my way. I am thinking of fear, faith and avodah. Maybe this is a new way of chassidus:)

February 6, 2008

Happy Rosh Chodesh Adar!

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Adar is a month of Joy for the Jewish people. It is important to begin the new month as free of sin as possible. Let us all make an extra effort to start this new month as a new person with joy and fear of Hashem.

I just finished writing parshios for hand tefillin. I just now started a mezuzah. There are no new videos because I can’t even afford fuel to drive anywhere. This is okay though, all is from Hashem.