January 30, 2008

Tzfat in Snow

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B’H we finally are enjoying so snow here in Tzfat. I don’t see an inch yet though, not even half. Israel news say it is already a blizzard. The kids were off from school today once one flake came down. I will try to get out tomarrow to take some video but usually by 9am most of the snow is all gone.

I have never seen in all my life people so happy as they are today from flakes of snow. It is maybe a glimpse for them into the great lite of the coming of Moshiach.

We live on 4,500 feet elevation so without any snow trucks or salt, it could get slippery but we almost never see an inch of snow and it is rare the temperature drops much below 30degrees. I can’t tell you why but usually if it snows, Tzfat doesn’t get hit but only the mountainsides around. So this almost half an inch is a lot for us.


I now see 3inches of snow. This is the most snow I have seen in Israel in 5 years living here.


We have 1 foot of snow! It will probably melt but if it froze, Tzfat would be closed for a two weeks

January 28, 2008

Mana & Faith

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Hashem sent down mana from Heaven, food of the angels in the time of the receiving of the Torah. Those who were worthy found this mana right at their doorsteps. What made these special people not only worthy of sustenance but special delivered to their doorstep?

The simple answer is faith but the Zohar teaches us that it is a lot more involved then this. Part of their faith was being involved in Torah study or more so in their case, thoughts of Hashem above, which is what the Torah brings us too.

All the manas blessings came from the Shabbos. It also came directly to the door of those who prayed daily for Hashem to provide for them. You see, Hashem feeds all flesh but as the Zohar teaches, the righteous understand that even if you know you have for the next day, you still pray for sustenance. In the desert, the sages told them not to keep the mana for the next day but to eat their fill, pray for the next days bread and have faith in this prayer.

We learn from the story of the mana that faith, even in its simplest form includes many aspects. Torah study, prayer, shabbos, faith and emptying ones pockets.

January 27, 2008

The Israeli Perspective of Americans

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I have lived here in Israel for 5 years now and people still see me as a spoiled American. It is a title you simply can’t get rid of very quickly. Maybe it is because they are correct. Most Americans I know living in Israel, still try to live a bit more of an elite lifestyle. Usually though, after a few years in Israel, reality sets in and the American usually becomes poorer then their Israeli friends because they don’t know how to live such a simple life.

Then there is their general opinion of Americans abroad. They think, “These people are totally rich and spoiled through and through. Living in their large houses and fancy cars without violence around them. Who are these people to give their opinion on the future of Israel and the people here? What do they know? They have never lived a difficult day in their life”. This is the general opinion of Americans here.

If you understood how really, simply life is in Israel, you would understand that their opinion is not so far fetched. For instance, the Israeli bathroom stall is so small that when you go in, you almost fall head first into the water when closing the door. Most people don’t have light fixtures as, why bother when you can just screw a bulb into a plain socket. I have never seen wall to wall carpeting here. In fact, I can’t think of anyone but my family that even owns a rug. The average car engine is 1.6 liter and there are few suv’s. So I think we can pretty much say, “Israelis are not after living in comfort or style”.

When it comes to Rebbes and Rabbis, if you mention famous American Rosh HaYeshivas to an Israeli Kollel, Yeshiva man, he will have heard of few of them. This is a country that just had the Gadal Hador, Rav Shach in their midst’s. The greatest minds in the world are here living in Israel. Why would we seek the opinion of those outside the holy land? I am not saying this is true but rather showing you the mindset of most Israelis. It is quite understandable considering the total dedication and daily self-sacrifice it takes to live here. The Rabbi’s living in Israel are also very strict in their opinions of halacha.

So finally, when it comes to the future of land for peace and other issues, the first thought of the Israeli is, let us figure it out. We are the ones living here and struggling while you live in your fancy houses.

Unfortunately, Americans are fighting back. People are giving less and less charity to the holy land. Yeshivas and institutions have been closing down for years. Recently in newspapers, you see articles of fellow Jews being upset at the vast number of Israeli’s collecting charity in their neighborhoods. Many Americans don’t want to support Israel anymore.

The fact is that the Israeli’s don’t realize that Americans struggle also in their own way. Americans on the other hand do not realize the true appreciation they should have for Israelis and the importance of supporting them with oversees Jobs and charity. Every Synagogue in the USA has a responsibility to have a charity fund that they send to Israeli institutions and poor. More and more families are struggling for basic necessities people in other countries take for granted. Sitting in my room with stone walls and a one room heater, I gota take the Israeli side. You just arent spoiled living in Israel with anything but Kedusha, holiness. It is simply a harder life and a more fruitful one. This is why the Zohar says, “A person living in Israel is reincarnated 40 years before those abroad.” Because they are volentarily taking on suffering on behalf of the Jewish people.

(This is not a discusion on zionism. In no way do I consider any of the above a zionistic approach. I do not believe everyone should live in Israel. I am simply staiting the facts of life in the holy land)

Tzfat Poor Donations

January 25, 2008

I Love Torah Tours of Northern Israel

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I Love Torah Tours of Northern Israel3204588781.jpg

January 23, 2008

Do you want to see snow in Israel

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It is known that in Israel, it doesn’t snow very much. I noticed today a few tinny spots on mountainsides that had a bit of snow about 10miles away. My question for you Americans who see snow all winter. Is it meaningful to you for me to do a torah video out in the snow in Israel or are you not excited about snow in Israel? Over here, we got crazy over a half an inch of snow.

January 22, 2008

Happy Tu B’Shvat

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Tu B’Shvat is the Jewish new year for trees. It is customary to eat fruits of the land, including especially the Seven Species “by which the Land of Israel is praised” – wheat, barley, grapes/wine, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates.

January 20, 2008

Behold, Esther Rivka

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The babies name is
Esther Rivka


January 18, 2008

To Girly, I know

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Look, I just had a girl so I have changed the background for today to ALL PINK. I am sorry guys but I have to get used to the girl thing. I have already called her, He, and Him too many times!

Just So Wrong

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You guys always see the completed project but here is a sample of one designer that just didn’t get it. This is just so not Jewish!


Kiddush at Shul

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So, as tradition mandates, I am having a kiddush and naming the baby at the Torah this Shabbos. Though the sites prove the opposite, I don’t like public attention. My friends have pushed me to make it in the large Synagogue instead of my idea of praying at sunrise in Meron on Thursday morning, putting out some cake, taking a bite and drive home. So now I will have to put on a pretty smile and share my joy. The thing is, my pretty little daughter isn’t here, she is went with my wife to recover for a week from the labor. So, as much as I am happy, I miss my little popcorn. My temporary nickname till the official naming. So… who shall mend the broken heart of a lonely daddy who misses his first daughter?

January 16, 2008

Server Bill for I Love Torah this month LATE!

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2) Your card may be maxed out.

3) Your card may be canceled.

As the funds could not be secured, your account
is currently overdue. And if a new card is not
supplied, or a check sent, then we will have to
disable access to your account.

January 14, 2008

Mazel Tov

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What am I up too Lately? Soferous!

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Well, I have about 10 videos waiting to be edited but I am currently writing Tefillin. If anyone is looking for a pair, let me know. They are written specially according to the Arizal Kabbalistic Methods. Soferous Scribe Site

It is very difficult to be a scribe in the North of Israel as there are few poskim and all Batim & parchment manufactures are in Bnei Brak or Jerusalem. While means storing up on supplies and waiting for time to drive down and get them.

When I am writing, I try to put my head totally in the thoughts of the letters so I am not on the computer as much. I am always there though to answer any of your questions.

I Love Torah Tours Coming Soon!

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I will be opening up a new site and business called I Love Torah Tours of Northern Israel. It is not my dream to be a tour guide by any means. In fact, I am by nature a bit reserved but the Lelover Rebbe suggested it would go along well with what I am already doing. Just another way to pay for the Site costs which are no longer being supported by enough DONATIONS.

January 11, 2008

My Mom in Israel

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My mother just arrived in Israel and I will be enjoying her company for Shabbos. Please pray for her lost suitcase which has important items for the site. I hope they find it!