December 30, 2007

New preview

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We are still designing the new site but stay tuned!


December 28, 2007

Lets all earn some extra money, Recommended by the Reb, lol

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I looked into this a lot and it is an excellent way to make some side money without a lot of work. It is an online shopping affiliate program and it has over 1000 discount stores like bestbuy, Kmart, newegg, bookstores. It is a rebate system and if you sign up and forward it to friends, you can have thousands of people under you and make commision. Please sign up under me and check it out.

December 25, 2007

Take all the reward, just help me save a life

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I am offering to give up any reward that comes from your donation of one month of full advertising of TorahVideo/ilovetorah. This would run about $800 and without a question will save many lives. So for an entire month, any life that is saved through the torah site that came through the advertising you paid for (must be the full $800) goes 100% to your spiritual benefit and oham habah(future reward). I will waver my right to it. If your interested, let me know. Please contact me if your interested.

Of course you can still give a regular donation of even $1 and share in the mitzvah.

i love torah donations

I know it is annoying to see my asking for donations often but for over 5 years of running the site, I never asked anyone for a penny. Then in the last 5 years we started really making more headway and the costs grew. If I told you how much I have out of pocketed to make this site over the years, you wouldn’t believe me!

My Seasonal Message sent to thousands of Jews

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Shalom from Israel friends,

We live in a world where Judaism is a minority and you can’t be a Jew in the USA without Christmas in some way effecting you.

If you go to public school or college, usually it is mandatory to attend Christmas plays and other events. Through family & peer pressure many people even have a tree in their home and celebrate both holidays.

It is not my way to judge anyone but I want us to remember this holiday season that we are Jews and we should be proud of our own culture. If we are not and we see ourselves at a loss for true spiritually this holiday season, then lets take it as a sign to learn more about Jewish customs.

This holiday season is not about blending in with the “Jones”, but rather a time to reflect and see if we are real with ourselves. If you are not proud to be a Jew and when you lit your menorah, candles on chanukah, you felt nothing and it didn’t change you. Then, it is time to spend more time understanding our culture.

I don’t know how to say this and for everyone to accept it well but since my heart is sincere, I hope the words will someone touch all of us.

Don’t light a Christmas tree this year because everyone else is doing it and it looks fun. There are hundreds of daily Jewish traditions you probably never even heard of you could learn about this coming week and practice. Show your family & friends the beauty that comes from Judaism and Jew pride. Give this to the world this holiday season.

You know, we don’t lack in Jewish holidays. Every week we have a holiday called “Shabbos”. When a women lights her shabbos candles and a man makes a blessing over kiddush wine, and families sit down together to enjoy the shabbos and one another. Let me tell you, there is not one Christmas tree, caroling in the world that compares to the holiness and specialness of 1 hour of our Jewish Shabbos. Let us all be proud of this heritage! Let us show this pride to our children and grandchildren. Most important, for ourselves, let us be proud were it truly counts, inside our Jewish hearts.

December 22, 2007

Mo’s Birthday Wishes

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Today I turn 33 years old. When I reflect upon the last year of being 32 I think about one thing. The year I stopped dreaming. A person knows they are still alive with they can still dream and can hope for something great to happen to them. Sure i have a great family and children but the current reality shows much work just to hold our head over the water. So I bless you and me something special.

To never stop dreaming and for those dreams to come true.
To be debt free.
To never have financial problems interfere in your ability to be who you want to be and give to the world like you want and need to give.
To have friends who believe in you and support you in your goals.
To have Hashem before you always
To be healthy
To keep a good schedule
To learn gemarah well
To connect to Tzaddikim
To reach in your pocket and always take out what you need

December 18, 2007

Three weeks for a year

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My mother is coming from the USA to visit me. I haven’t seen her in 3 years. I’m trying to load up on immergency torahvideo equiment like lighting, hard drives and memory. Everything is half the price in the USA so now is about the only time I can purchase what we need. Things on the agenda… are…

1. 1TB hard drive for backup
2. 2 Video Lights
3. dozens of Video recording tapes.
4. Laptop memory
5. Maybe new laptop

Well I am just under direst as time is running out & I have two weeks left to buy anything needed. I have purchased # 2 & 3 so far. I would like to thank the precious family in Cal that just donated $500 towards these efforts and others who are thinking of the important work we are trying to create for the world.

Right now the askreb site is being designed by one of the best designers I have ever seen. Better then the previous sites. Stay tuned.

December 17, 2007

Flying and Landing

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When the Wright Brothers created the first airplane, they didn’t just focus on the idea of being in the air but also they focused on how to land their plane. For flying alone was not the only mystery they would have to solve in order to successfully bring man above the earth but his return was even more important.

The spiritual man must be the same way. He must prepare his aircraft to handle winds, rains, thunderstorms and most importantly, the return to physicality. All the greatest spiritual warriors recommended to their followers to always bring a copilot along with them. You don’t see many serious aircraft’s without copilots but this doesn’t mean one can’t learn to fly alone in a responsible manner.

With everything in life, a person must know the barriers they might face from what is around them as well as their own strengths and limitations. This growth of understanding comes with training, patience, prayer and hope. A balance person who prepares themselves for all things through not fooling themselves of a reality that doesn’t belong to them this moment, is eventually able to achieve far more then they originally expected.

The Tzaddik is not bound by the rules of the man who must fly with a copilot. His copilot is his on understand of who he is this very moment and how far He is from Hashem. His humility protects him from going to uncharted waters and should turbulence take him to the unknown, he has no fear. For Hashem is always with him.

Our Rabbi’s teach us, four entered the Pardes but only one returned unharmed. Ben Azi gazed and died but what did he see? He saw himself instead of seeing that he was nothing. Ben Zoma gazed and became insaine. He lost hope and faith. Without these two things, a person becomes confused. Aher became an apostate. He never really saw himself for who he was. Rabbi Akiva entered and left in peace. This is because when he looked, he didn’t see himself. Like the Wright Brothers, he saw what could be one day change the world. A man, a dream and hard work. He saw that he was totally nothing compared to Hashem and that in Hashem was true salvation. A man like this, does not return from the Pardes harmed. In fact, he returns with all its jewels. He can fly alone because with him, is the entire world.

December 12, 2007

Is Chanukah Really over

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Well, as soon as nightfall came, I starting crying and I didn’t know why. Then it occured to me that my soul knows that Chanukah has just ended and a great light is now diminished. But now is the time to remind ourselves what we gain as a person through this past holiday. Everyone and I mean everyone has attained something from Chanukah that they didn’t have before. We have to remember this and us this new light we have been given in some spiritual area to light up the rest of the year.

December 6, 2007

Writing Tefillin

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I am writing some tefillin in honor of Chanukah. I really like writing and if it wasn’t for all the time I spend in kiruv, I would probably write all day. In the middle of the night I had noticed I made a raish a drop small so the halacha teaches to show it to a child. I waited for him to wake up and then I asked him which letter he thought it was. When he said it was a raish and didn’t call it a vav, I started hugging him and squeezing him. I wonder what I would have done if he called it a mistaken Vav and I had to erase.

Children with their simple pureness are asked this question purposely because they won’t contemplate the answer but will just come out with what they think. I want to write a divar torah on this but my eyes are closing. Asa… can you finish?

December 5, 2007

Chanukah Night 1

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Dear friends,
This chanukah I am very excited. I just filmed this years night 1 candle lighting. I hope to put up many nights lighting. I hope you enjoy. Visit to view. I think I look like I need to loose some weight though, hmmm…

December 4, 2007

Great Light comes from Humility

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One should ask oneself regularly, “Who is the lowest Jew in the world”? In fact, their entire mind should be filled with this question. For one minute, two minutes or longer until in ones heart it is the reality.

Ones heart then responds, ,”I am the lowest Jew in the world.” If one does not reach a level of total subjection to Hashem and Simcha through this, they have only fooled themselves.
At first this concept seems extreme. One thinks, “The lowest Jew means someone who is a sinner and we shouldn’t such a degrading concept but in reality, the person who thinks in such away is truly raising themselves up. You see, someone who is nothing returns their being to their Creator in pureness like a newborn child. Totally free of sin, all one can think of is that there is, ‘One Hashem’. This is the goal of life. To know this in total pureness. You can only do this through bittle and asking yourself this question.

This is the key to Yom Tov, Jewish Holidays and even the Shabbos. It is the secret of all light & happiness. Through this one has shalom bayis.

Chanukah Lighting & Site

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I wish you all a Happy Chanukah and that you should experience great light in your life to know Hashem! See the all new torahvideo from the Golan Heights on
For more on chanukah, visit..

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