November 30, 2007

Next weeks launches

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Shalom folks,

The other day I had a special guest join me in the Golan Heights for a video by Giboen Waterfalls. The video is 20minutes long and is in the editing stage. Since then, I have been busy working for some gelt so there isn’t much that was new this last week. I have just transferred over a video of my photography from previous years and I will share that in the coming week along with the askreb site we hope. We also have the holy chanukah coming and I know everyone is excited. I hope to do some new videos of the lighting and we have some nice ones from previous years in archives if you look.

I wish you all a gooden Shabbos
Reb moshe
p.s. please forgive me, the askreb site is finished but I am a perfectionist so I don’t want to show yet till I add some charactor animation and other design goodies. If someone has time to edit some responses there, let me know.
p.p.s. By the way, the weather here this week was so nicccccccccccccccce!

November 28, 2007

Visited the Golan today

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While Olmert is talking about hurting the Jewish people, I took a drive to the Golan Heights today in order to help protect it. I did a new video which you can see on

It was nice to return to my old self and teach torah again.

November 26, 2007

Tzfat Chesed Fund

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The Tzfat Chesed fund, Chesed Shlomo donated 10 bags of clothing today to the poor. It is underestimated the need for basic clothing and food for the poor living in Tzfat.
Tzfat Fund, Chesed Shlomo

November 25, 2007

The Man of Faith

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He who makes the sun rise and set; He who makes the wind blow; He who causes rain to fall; He who gives life and death; He who provides for the needs of every Animal and Vegitation on earth, Can provide for your physical and spiritual needs anywhere and in any place. Just as we cannot hide from Him, so too the man of faith is always seen and Hashem will provide for all his needs. Whether he owes $10 or 100,000 dollars, it is nothing. Hashem will and can provide for all. Through faith alone, one can be blessed with all.

Guess a number between 1-10

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Who can guess the number I am holding up right now?

Father don’t cry

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Who can guess how many times I can listen to this song over and over again during one day?

November 22, 2007

Scared of a doggy

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Scared of a little doggy, call Reb Moshe. This was the theme of todays most halarious event living in Israel. I was unable to pass with my car because there was a german shepard trying to lick a few holy yiddalas and everyone was scared. While others were picking up stones for protection or running for cover, I simply got out of my car and in my broken hebrew, walked up the dog and told him to follow me. He was happy to receive a little respect.

It is interested to note that science teaches us that animals smell your fear. If you don’t fear them, they leave you alone. The Torah teaches us to fear only Hashem and no other being. It appears Hashem gave animals this sense in order to show us to only fear Hashem.

November 21, 2007

Raining in the houses

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The rain is so much and full that everyone has a mop and is running around like mad to save their apartments. I for one have a mircle that my computers didn’t fry. The old city of Tzfat doesn’t have modern conviences when it comes to flood and drain.

November 20, 2007

Raining in the holy land

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Here in tzfat it has been pouring buckets for almost 24 hours. Meanwhile, I have been on the computer 15 hours a day preparing the release of the new ask reb site. I managed to get out a few minutes this morning after davening and did two videos but Hosea the Phrophet. One will be airing today on My mother is planning a visit to israel in one month. This means the rare opportunity to stock up on needed equipment for computers and the videos. Unfortunately, will donations down, I might sadly miss this change.

November 16, 2007

Soferous & Klaf, buying Parchment

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I just finished a mezuzah which means I now need new klaf to continue writing. There are two stores in Tzfat that sell klaf but a true artist buys his klaf direct from the company in full sheets from piles of parchment. This means a drive to Jerusalem. Parchment can cost the script as much as $5 just for 1 piece and he must purchase a sheet of 20. Also, if he isn’t connected, he generally doesn’t get the companies best pieces. It isn’t easy being a sofer.

November 15, 2007 Update

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These are the catagories of the new site. It is hours of work imputing all the questions I have been asked. I have to find them all from thousands of emails. If you have any new ones you want included, you can email them to me,

I am taking the time out of my business and work to do this so pray for me.

Concepts and Ideas
Concepts in Chassidus :: Good & Evil :: Modesty :: Spirituality Hashem & Man
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Advice :: General Study :: Jewish laws :: Kabbalah :: Mitzvos

Who else to blame but the Rabbi?

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Over the years, I have noticed with my own relationships to many Rabbis and from the relationship I have with my students, the tendency to blame the Rabbi. A lot of thoughts run through a persons mind when they are confused. Some being, the Rabbi doesn’t make time for me, he doesn’t care, doesn’t appreciate enough the time or money I have given, why hasn’t he helped me more, how come he doesn’t come to my house, he doesn’t talk to me long, and he doesn’t return all my calls. Then the final though is, it is all his fault that I sin cause if he would have been there… etc..

I think people need to cut these important people some slack. They are totally overloaded and barely have time for their family or themselves. Also, they probably think about you a lot more often then you realize!

November 12, 2007

Rebbe Nachman’s Grave in Immediate Danger of Takeover

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the most “Jewish” site in eastern Europe – the gravesite of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov – is in danger of being auctioned off to foreign ownership. This, following the rejection by the Ukrainian Supreme Court of an appeal by a Breslov Hassidic group, and the in statement of a ruling obligating the latter to pay $3 million – or risk losing the holy site. Arutzsheva

The truth behind this situation is that Breslov never even signed the contract with the builder. As people know, Ukraine is known to be a country of much fraud and bribes so that is what took place here. A building company forged the signature of Rabbi Noson Maimon & Rav Michel and then took them to court. In the process they have bribed many Ukrainain officials.

Why does Breslov not simply just move the grave? Because the Rebbe asked to be buried at this spot in order to elevate the many Jews that were martyred and then put in a mass grave at this very spot. To move him properly, you would have to move all the maters as well and nobody who wants to move him, thinks about the others there. So, it is important the grave stays in Ukraine.

No Beggars Allowed at Western Wall

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Attorney General Menachem Mazuz has ordered the enforcement of a new law barring solicitation of worshippers at the Western Wall.

This is a very sad ruling for the Jewish people. Giving charity while praying is a Jewish tradition from ancient times to allow ones prayer to be accepted in the Heavens. Who are we to stop the poor from asking for help. Already the Jewish nation doesn’t follow enough the laws of giving 10% to charity from their income. Now we should remove another opportunity to do this mitzvah. Instead, these people who made this ruling should be speaking out about the importance of charity. The poor in Israel has increased drastically over the last few years. For many, collecting at the Wall could be the difference between their children eating or not one day.

November 9, 2007

Who is the lowest Jew in the world?

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Who is the lowest Jew in the world?