September 30, 2007

What was I going to blog?

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I had something in mind to blog, so, I logged into the program. But now I can’t remember what I was going to say…

Traveling on Succos

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Succos is about thinking about the exile and going out of Egypt. Turning it into a traveling vacation for the entire family, sorta takes away from its purpose. If I have a choice of staying home these days, it is worth it, just to eat one more meal in the succah. Also, when you go out, you risk eating in another succah that may not be properly kosher. A lot of people are not careful with the laws of building a succah.

ilovetorah donations down 80%

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I am mainly looking for monthly commitments as I need to upgrade to a better dedicated server and pay more monthly. This will run me close to a thousand dollars more a year but if I don’t do it, we only have 1 day backups which is dangerous if the sites go down. As you know, I also need to upgrade the video camera, sound mic, computers and my personality. This takes support from fans.

New Donation Page

You don’t have to donate. It is totally voluntary

Even donating $1 makes you a part of everything we do here! Grab yourself a portion today!

Kotzk and Pshicha

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Once again, after reading stories about the holy Rabbi’s of Pshicha and Kotzk, I have been moved to intertwine their methods into my life and ilovetorah fans. In Pshicha which sorta came first, Rav Simcha Bunim once said, “It is not my job to be like Abraham, it is only my job to be like Simcha Bunim. In Pshicha, they didn’t copy one another but rather a person understood that they have to go their own way in serving Hashem.

In Kotzk, they took it a step further. They simply asked, are you for real? Is there anyone real here? A chassid would search their entire life for realness in others and themselves. They would settle for nothing less. It wasn’t about how scholarly a person was. Rather, it was much deeper then then this.

Rebbe Nachman’s Yirtite

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Today commemorates the yirtite of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. It is tradition to make a festive meal in honor of a Tzaddik during their yirtite as you would a loved one. I went special to Meron and learned Lekutey Maharan.

September 26, 2007

Take me out of Egypt!

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Take me out of Egypt! That is what this holiday is all about. But how come we don’t celebrate Succos before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Because, the holiday is so pure and holy that we needed these previous ones in order to cleanse ourselves. If a person knew the true greatness of being in the succah, they would have someone handcuff them to the succah walls. Every day we invite the avos, our forefathers to join us within. This is not merely a false prayer. When we recite this, we are inviting the holiness of these Righteous Tzaddikim within our new dwelling. No other time of the year do we say such a prayer except in the succah. Therefore, you can only imagine how spiritual the inside of ones succah dwelling truly is…

September 25, 2007

Succah Video Coming soon!

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The (blurry) succah video is saving now and will be online tomarrow showing my building the succah and the Lulav and Esrog.

September 23, 2007

New Beginnings are Difficult

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Everyone stepped away from Yom Kippur feeling good but not really watching the creature attacking them from behind. You see, all day Yom Kippur, he couldn’t touch us but now the Satan, evil inclination had a day off to think of a new plan for the upcoming year.

Therefore, if your new beginning has already been difficult, don’t dispair. Hashem knows you are now on the right track and you have to be comfident as well…

Hatzlacha, good luck!

September 21, 2007


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My Yom Kippur Video has already been seen by thousands. The nicest comment was from a teenager that said that every year he hates this holiday since he can’t watch TV or play games. This year will be the first year he understands and he is now happy to keep the day holy.

These thousands of people have all watched a video that the camera was OUT OF FOCUS 50% of the time and sound quality that picked up wind from trees 50feet away. I MUST REPLACE THIS EQUIPMENT! I can’t bare working so hard to make quality videos, traveling Israel if the equiptment doesn’t even work. I am also editing sound with $10 speakers (others broke) while using $500 software, this doesn’t make sence anymore.

Baby Update

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The baby is a great great kid. He is 2.5 years old and no matter what happens, he finds a way not only to make us happy but total strangers. There is still much healing that has to take place with new skin growing in or otherwise, he is headed for another surgery this coming week or next. So please have him in mind in your prayers.

Yom Kippur Video

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Thanks to Reb Jimmy from Cleveland who said, “Where is the Video for Yom Kippur”, I rushed out to the Golan today to not disapoint.

September 20, 2007

A Special Kid Moment…

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I was walking past my sleeping child this evening and suddenly heard him laugh.
Suprised as his eyes were closed as he was fast asleep, I decided to join him to see what would happen.
So I laughed too.
His laughter became loader and before I knew it, we were laughing together and he was still sleeping.
I laughed at an even higher interval and so did he, this continued while his eyes slowly opened and we exchanged grins.

September 18, 2007

Buy Some Popcorn! It is Video Time!

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I just returned from doing an hour long video at Gibon Waterfalls in the Golan Heights. It was here that I told the life story of the Yid Hakodesh from Pshicha. This might be our longest video lasting almost an hour. The falls were literally breathtaking and very inspirational.

Video Quality update!
Recently, I have increased the editing quality of the videos. Of course, nobody has said anything but hopefully people quietly enjoy the difference. Since I am on a limited to 0 budget, I have done something tricky. I just purchased a wireless mic, transmitter and receiver out of china for really cheap. I’m thinking to buy a second one and whichever somehow by miracle doesn’t have noise I will use. Then, tossing their mic in the trash can, I will purchase a used shure to bring you extremely high quality audio. As far as the video camera focus problem, no clue how to fix this and nor does Panasonic. I am simply due for another camera or a great miracle. Meanwhile, I am focusing the camera through prayers and by moving myself as it goes out of focus closer or further away.

September 17, 2007

Most Important Chassidic Reading

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If you want to understand airplances, you start by reading about the Wright brothers. Should you want to learn about American History, you learn about Columbus and good old Abramham Lincoln. If you want to understand Litvish philosophy, you read about the Goan, Reb Moshe, Rav Aharon and Rav Shach. Now if you want to understand chassidus, put down your Rebbe’s sefarim, writings! Take out a Tzaavas Harivash. When you properly understand this Sefer from the Baal Shem Tov, you see that all Chassidic Masters are simply writing a commentary on this one sefer. This is the bread and butter of Chassidic thought as the Zohar is to Kabbalah.

After Rebbe Shimon wrote the Zohar, most Kabbalah written was simply a commentary thereon. The Tzaavas Harivash is one of the most underestimated, untraveled masterpieces of chassidic literature. It is the basis.

On free audio section, I have gone through this entire sefer on audio tapes. It is about six-eight hours of listening time.

War with Syria

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I feel we will have a war with Syria this year but it will not be a big deal to defeat them. In fact, it will be too easy and instead of using too little power as with Hisballah, Israel will use too much power against Syria. As we know, the real wars today are fought within the media, not actually with weaponds. Taking too much of Syria out through the massive display of power, will cause more hatred to the jewish people around the world, setting the stage for the real war of Moshiach which involves many nations against Jews.