August 13, 2007

Tzfat, the Tourist Town

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It has already been 3 weeks of sharing the roads, parking spaces and even ones home but it isn’t enough! Tonight starts the famous Klezmer Festival in the old city Tzfat. Some of us simply run away during this time period to friends in Jerusalem but for our local Synagoge, Kollel study for men as just begun.

For me, Bain HaZemanim has always been a time to stay in doors, away from all the wild vacationers. As soon as they leave, I begin to think about some trips I can take with the video camera. As you can see, I have cut back on making new videos due to a lack of funds but I have put new effort into site design and growth. There are many special things to come in the next couple of weeks.

August 8, 2007

Ask the Reb Coming soon!

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After about 30-100,000 questions asked to me over the years, we are now creating a Ask the Reb Database which will save spritual advice that has been given over the last year in viewing catagories. Names will be removed and details edited to keep privacy. It will be created in a form that could later be turned into a book. Viewers will also be able to comment on the answers. I am open to any sujestions and ideas.

August 3, 2007

The Myspace Shabbos Challenge

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On myspace I have about 10,000 Jewish holy friends. One of the largest Jewish groups on myspace and I get thousands of messages there from around the world regularly. This week we made a shabbos candle lighting and kiddush challenge.

Please join my myspace contest!!! We are asking ladies who have never lighted candles for Shabbos to light two candles this week. To join, simply sign the myspace guest book and say, “I am lighting shabbos candles this week the first time” LETS SEE HOW MANY people WILL TRY! Of course, we light candles before sundown Friday night:)

If you have realplayer, you can see how to light here.
Otherwise, go to my website, go to video catagory, jewish holidays, shabbos lighting. The film is 4minutes.

I have 9738 Friends and I can’t seem to make it to 10,000. Please tell your jewish friends to add me so I can break 10,000 Jewish Friends!!!!!

On another note, this shabbos in tzfat, israel, we are having 2 couples and one single fellow. Together they represent the countires of Russia, USA, Canada, Australia & England. I think it is kinda awesome. My friend will be bring a bottle of “bookers”, sealed in a wood box, the finest Wiskey and together we will celebrate the holy Shabbos.

The Rabbi’s teach us that Shabbos is the center of the week, not really the 7th and last day as we know it. You see, all blessing and sustanance a person receives draws from how much effort they put into making Shabbos special. Now making Shabbos special could mean something different to every person. For some it could the long service in the synagoge, for others a dinine meal with good food, others nice shabbos singing or lighting 2 candles and for some, just getting together with friends and being happy.

No matter which way Shabbos speaks to you, it is important that this day stands out to you, as the center of your world. It has to be respected in some way and even celebrated in a simple way to the best of your ability. Doing this is a life changing experience. It isn’t about how religious you are, it is simply about making Shabbos the center and then drawing goodness and blessing from this holy spiritual aspect. When you do this, you will see physical healing, you will find more inner peace, better relationships and even your bashert. Please enjoy many teachings in Kabblah and spiritually on my website.


I got a message that the men feel excluded from the shabbos challenge so we are asking men to sign up for Kiddush during Shabbos. It is in the prayer book and if you can’t find it, we will make it really easy for you. HAVE A DRINK OF BEER AND SAY BEFORE, “I AM DRINKING THIS FOR SHABBOS.” The point of this is not to get drunk so max 24 beers please! I will have you all in mind while I am drinking the $80 bottle of bookers my friend is bringing.

Remember, just to know Shabbos and do even the slightest thing in her honor, brings blessing the entire week. MONEY! BASHERT! JOY! PEACE!

P.S. If you don’t know how to drink properly, please visit FIND REB MOSHE’S PURIM PARTY, ON WWW.TORAHVIDEO.COM


August 2, 2007

My son

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See Click Kever here

My son has visited many keverim with me over the year though I don’t take him on most trips. We also live right up the hill from the tzfat grave yard. Today on his own, he built an entire grave monument with a done and seating out of the toy called clicks. He did this totally on his own. I can’t really tell you my expression from awakening to see his built grave yard. Maybe it is time to take him other places.

On another note, the website server bill was due today and bounced. They should give me one or two days before turning everything off…