August 31, 2007

The Weirdos coming

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Someone wrote me if I worry about Madadra (code name for famous pop singer) and friends coming to Tzfat for Rosh Hashanah. Well, it doesn’t really deserve my second thought, first or last. It is like a bunch of children who play with fire, eventually, they learn their lesson and do something else. The Arizal is certainly not looking forward but why would he waist a second thought on it either.

It is totally disrespectful that they come and the way they do it. I think if they wanted too, they could do it far more respectfully if it meant so much to visit him. The Kabbalah is not open to those who play with it, only to those who meaningfully desire closeness to Hashem.

As far as how it will effect us. Well, last year I found myself waiting at the ari mikvah for a 450 pound linebacker who wasn’t Jewish. I couldn’t make my way to the Ari cause of the crowd. This year, I am sure it will be far worse but like I said, the children will be children. If I had any say in the Tzfat municipally, I would certainly not allow it unless it was done in a more humbling way.

August 30, 2007

Little tiptoes

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I heard some little tiptoes and then suddenly a door open. Being 3 in the morning, I figured, either it was a hungry intruder or a little kid grabbing something to eat. As I got closer to the kitchen, I heard the breaking of a plastic seal. I knew this couldn’t be a healthy snack he was after. As I entered the room, I saw a little creature, that being my 4 year old snatching a pudding from the fridge. At first, my reaction was too grab it away, which I did but then I gave it another thought. Any child who went to so much trouble to snatch himself a little nighttime snack, must be quite eager for these few minutes of satisfaction of the pallet. I gave him back the pudding and patted his head. He walked away in the darkness…

Was it really the pudding he was after or was the little chitter chatter of footsteps there to draw my attention. Pudding will only give him a few minutes of comfort but the fact that I let him have it, will be a lasting comfort for hours, maybe days.

I pray to Hashem, our Father in Heaven that when He sees His children reach for a pudding or something materialistic, He realizes that we are only really reaching to Him. In this, even the materialism of the world, He should not abandon us but comfort us and provide us with our physical needs. In those physical needs, may we find Him and His salvation. May Hashem remove the difficulties of parnasa from His people.

Politics & Judaism

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When one thinks of politics, they think of Government and Politicians. They don’t think of Rabbi’s and board members. In the old days, when someone took a test for smecha to become a Rabbi, they were literally geneouses. Today, some Rabbi’s walk around with certificates given by another Rabbi that eats non kosher food. So where did it all go wrong and who is really to blame. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, there must be someone to blame.

Well, corruption and problems don’t just start in the head office. I mean, people actually voted for a guy who would risk Israeli lives in order to advance politically. So if we want unpolitical Rabbinical leaders, we have to know what it means to be lishmah, to live for the sake of Heaven. When we ourselves become wholehearted beings, that is when we begin to see emes, truth.

Tonight in my hisbodidus, jewish meditation to Hashem, I prayed to be a Reb who would not sucom to political enticements. I prayed to be real. What worries me is when business starts to crawl its way into teaching Torah and chesed. Isn’t this how the entire problem began? Unfortunately, people do not support well their Synagogue, Rabbi’s and chesed organizations. I wonder how many people have been rescued by hatzalah, never to have thanked them or given them a donation. So we wonder why there is politics in Jewish communities, maybe it is not even the fault of those involved. In this cut throat world of Jewish Chesed organizations, striving to meet their minimum budgets, maybe it really is, anything goes…

But then again, if there didn’t have to be a board of directors, those being the large donors since nobody else pays the bills or shares any responsibility, a true heartfelt lead coalition could once again be the foundation of all our worthy organizations.

All I know is, Id like to run from this confusion but I face it in every day life. The small people really have no say. Those with connections, always find away around the law. People with money are able to hide behind it. Truly, a life without Hashem and emunah, faith will lead us running in all directions. We have to know, if someone hurts us, they are just a vehicle from Hashem to guide us. As much as there is politics, there isn’t. Hashem said, “I don’t want your many sacrifices but your broken heart”.

In a world of so many sharks, you just have to be a smart fish.


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Tomarrow is quite unique in that the time of sunrise, that is naitz in Jerusalem is 613am. As you know, there are 613 mitzvos in the Torah. The Baal Shem Tov teaches us, prayer at sunrise is comparable to the difference between east and west. The Zohar teaches us that the Shechinah is elevated at this time due to the mitzvos and Torah study performed. In further sefarim, our Rabbi’s tell us that prayer at naitz protects a person from all harm.

August 29, 2007

Surgery Update, Gedalya Aharon Zvi Ben Rochel Faiga

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The baby is recovering now from the surgery. They had to do more then originally expected. Opening the skin down his chest besides just on his arm. It is quite painfull as a father to know ones 2 year old has scaring and will need physical theripy to recover. My wife walks him around the mall next to the hospital and outside in the Tel Aviv heat.

I tried to distract myself and other kids by visiting Tiberias. We went on a boat ride and ate ice cream together.

August 28, 2007

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The all new frumdate has had an exciting lauch with many new signups. I pray Hashem should help us be successful and make many more marriages. I also pray that it should work out in a way that would not interfere in my having time to teach and spread torah which is quite a handful and my true destiny.

August 27, 2007

Give me Food!

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As you all know, today, my son had surgery from his 3rd degree burns 8 months ago. This means that I am all alone with my other 2 boys. So today, I let them watch some videos of their mommy who is away and then I took them to the little Tzfat zoo which mostly conisists of chickens and birds. Somehow, myself and the chickens survived the ordeal. By the way, Gedalya is slowly becoming more alert as the medisons wear off.

So know it is evening and the kids are sleeping after 2 hours of the bedtime mania. I don’t even know where to begin now with my time. The first one woke up a quarter to 6 yesterday. Well, I think I can make it through this but there is no chocolate in the house! Someone bring me some chocolate!

August 24, 2007

Surgery Moved up

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Our baby that was burnt will be having Surgery this monday. Gedalya Aharon Zvi ben Rochel Faiga

If all goes well and he recovers nicely, I hope to be in Uman.

Boruch Hashem, this week I have been so busy selling adds on the websites, putting up the new frumdate, making videos and learning in Kollel.

August 23, 2007

The Tales in Meron & Strange Happenings

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Everyone always hears about the great stories of Log BeOmer and events in Meron where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is burried but what about the strange stories you never hear about. Out of all the places in the world, Meron is up there for its unusual style and people. It is not a large moshav, even the grocery store could fit in my living room but the people… from all walks of life that walk through this town daily is quite amazing. Even on the coldest of winter days, you can strole into meron for some piece and quite 3am when suddenly a busload of the strangest people ever will be dropped off. I have literally been there when there were 5 of us and suddenly 400.

Well here is a special story for you… My friend Shmueli is the mashgiach of the Kosher kitchen there which means, I get a back pass into the the cave under the building. This is where Rabbi Shimon is really buried, not on top but going there is also good. So, Shmueli offered me in the beginning of the week to light the olive oil candles in the cave so I went with him and lit one. He began to get the idea that maybe we could close it up so I can do some videos down there in private for you all to enjoy. The next day, when we returned to Meron, the Arab worker with his eyes still in shock, told us the following story.

Every so often he is told to wash the floors in the room of the cave. As he went to open the door where we had just been the privious night lighting candles, a large snake jumped out at him. He ran for dear life and has sworn never to go in the cave ever again. This is not the first of such a story that took place at the grave of a holy Tzaddik.

Is it the snake whos job it is to protect the place from unholiness or was it there trying to draw something holy into itself blocking it from those seeking enlightment. Today in Tzfat, everyone tells over the story of the Arizal’s Synagoge that for many years, anyone who entered would be bitten by a snake and then died. It wasn’t till Baba Sali came and walked in bravely to take the Torah from the Ark that all were no longer afraid to enter.

As I was leaving Meron today, having done a video on Rav Yossi who is buried there, I was approached by a man who pleaded with me to lock the door after I depart. He said, the cows keep entering the cave of Rav Yossi and going inside. I was not suprised as the day before I had tried to approach his cave but the mountainside was covered with a flock of cows.

These various events that happen near the holy Rabbi’s graves, always keep me wondering. What will be next. It is quite apparent that after hundreds of years, it is a bit of a miricle these places are left intact. Even those graves burned by hostile nations somehow still servive.

August 22, 2007

Going to the Tzaddik

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For some this concept is quite out there but for those who have been touched by a holy Rabbi, there is no thinking twice. Today, the most extreme travelors chasing after the dream of being close to the, ‘Rebbe’, has to be Breslover Chassidim.

In two weeks, flights will begin from every contenent in the world ariving in Ukraine for the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Last year, 25,000 people made this pilgramige but it is the Breslover Chassidim that have sorta stole the light of this idea of going to ones Rebbe for the holiday.

This Yom Tov, it won’t be just Breslover Chassidim taking to the skies. For sure Breslovers will set an all time high record for flights to a Rebbe for a Yom Tov but Satmer, Beltzer, Bobov, Square, Pupa, and all the other Rebbe’s will find their Synagogoes packed with Jews from all over. This is because, since the time of the Baal Shem Tov, it became a regular practice to visit ones Rebbe for the holidays. After-all, it is he who guides the person in all spiritual matters and affairs. To be somewhere else, is, simply impossible.

As many of you know, my son will be in the hospital during Rosh Hashanah so I accepted this as coming from Hashem but today, I reminded myself of “Going to the Tzaddik”, and I cannot seem to imagine my world without this. Unfortunately, to pull it off this year would mean to bring all my other kids with me accross the world. Not only does this cost thousands but it isn’t easy. Still, my heart as a chassid wants to bring through this barrier so I will begin praying for my miricle.

For all those new to orthodoxy or chassidus, I ask you to think over this concept of being with your Rebbe for the holiday. Even the thought of it alone brings you purity of thought.

p.s. There are a ton of videos on Elul and Rosh Hashanah in Torahvideo Archives. Have a look:)

August 20, 2007


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Today we release my secret of all secrets, the ALL NEW

This site took 6months to prepare and it combines all the latest in technology to turn shidduchim online into an artform.

What we are up too!

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This week we will launch a new surprise to the jewish world. Stay tuned…

I did 3 videos yesterday which means hours of editing time. So far one video was edited and put up.

After a talk with our hosting company, we have outgrown the virtual private server and now need to upgrade to a full dedicated. I am going to stall on this because I have no idea how we will pay for the 100gig server package we have now which is cheaper.

Unless Hashem helps us with another opening, My wife will be with the baby for surgery in the hospital over Rosh Hashanah, which means, I will be babysitting alone here in tzfat the other children, instead of Uman. If anyone would like to put on a display table there from ilovetorah, please let me know just in case I can’t make it due to the above.

I am currently going to kollel part-time in the afternoons followed by traveling to do a video. Then I spend the next 10 hours or so on the sites.

At this time, I have no volunteering help at all outside Pinchas, Banjo Billy.

If you are coming to Israel, please let me know just in case I need a package from the States.

August 17, 2007

The Reb & His Talmedim

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handwave.gifThe strength of a teacher is his students. When they ask questions and interact with him, the teacher elevates himself in order to guide the student. They force him to become deeper then himself as he must be sure of his answer, rechecking himself and his sources. When he spends personal time with them, he digs deeply into himself in order to encorage and bring them to higher levels. All along, really, it is the student that is truly giving his teacher the push he needs in order to grow and accomplish.

If you go to a Tish, you see the Rebbe only singing a little bit while the chassidim are singing a lot more. Who is really helping who? Then again, this situation also applies in the other direction as well.

I have been very troubled lately in thinking away to bring us all together more. To do something that has never been done before between a Reb and his students in order to break down the wall of distance. Most of you, unfortunately, I will never meet but you are my dear friend and student. I am also your student, as I explained above.

So my thoughts are, to maybe give everyone a profile page on ilovetorah and allow everyone to contact each other. If you like this idea and have any extra thoughts on it, please let me know. It will costs some money but I am lonely without you my friends and I want you all to be real to one another. What do you think?

August 16, 2007

All New Ayin Yaakov Series

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p1010002.JPGFor a while, I have wanted to finish up the Kevarim so I could start doing videos which are more like my natural way of teaching and learning Torah. So, today, I have begun a new series from Ayin Yaakov. The first video will be up shortly. Of course, the tourist are gone from the area so I can finally thinking more clearly again. I am learning part-time in Kollel, doing this (16 hours a day) and preparing some websites for small income.

August 15, 2007

Hey ya all

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Just wanted to just say hey to all of you out there. HEY!