May 30, 2007

Large Scale Project

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2385233087.jpgI need some help with this idea I have had for almost a year now. I want to make a DVD of the best Torah Videos and distribute it all across America. Maybe printing 100,000 of them and try to reach homes without Internet. Also to distribute them to synagogues and handing them out for free as advertising and to spread Torah.

I need volunteers that know how to pull off such a large project which could cost tens of thousands but maybe this could be raised by sponsors and advertising. This is not my expertise so unless someone comes forward, it will remain a dream and nothing more but the potential is limitless.

May 28, 2007

7 New Videos in 2 days!

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Yesterday I did 3 Videos and today I did 4. That is 7 new videos for you in two days total= 210+. Today I visited Tiberia to the grave of Rochel, the wife of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Nachman Horendenker, Rabbi Abuchazera and the Kinnnert. Please support us so I can continue to do many new videos that will be a collection to the Jewish archives for many generations. At this point, we do not even have enough donations to support this months server costs and the fees will simply bounce unless you can come through as donors…

Simcha & The Yetzer hara

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We learn from chazal different ways to combat the fight against the yetzer hara. For men to keep their hair and nails short. To be careful with negal Vaser, the washing of the hands. That we should insite the yetzer hatov against the yetzer hara and much more. But all this great advice only works under one condition. That condition is that a person is making a strong effort to be happy. If someone is not happy, this great advice is like trying to heal a wound thats bandage is stuck and won’t come off.

May 24, 2007

How they chose their Rebbe

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dworkin.jpgChassidic Dynasties have followed the general tradition to appoint leaders who are either brothers, sons or sons in laws to take over after their Rebbe’s passing. It wasn’t always like this. The Baal Shem Tov simply chose the Maggid to take over leadership based on his humility and ability to lead.

Today, if someone wanted to become a Rebbe, they would have to be somehow related or otherwise they would simply start their own movement. A Rebbe doesn’t appoint himself as leader but it is the chassidim that point and say, this is the man we want to lead us. Usually, before his passing the Tzaddik would pick which son would be best to replace him but usually it was pretty obvious which he would chose. The next Rebbe is usually groomed as a little boy to take on this roll. On rare casses, there is a split between who the Rebbe has groomed and whom the Chassidim feel they want to be their next leader and this turns into conflict.

So what if things were different today and a Rebbe was chosen not based on his Yichus but simply his piety? Would there be more conflicts as too who would take over or would more chassidim strive for higher purity and piety hoping one day to be a Rebbe? A chassid today wouldn’t even think of such a thing as being a Rebbe cause it is simply impossible. He would have to marry into the royal family or shock the world by opening his own doors as a new type of leader.

One thing is for sure, a blood decendent always wants to bring pleasure to the soul of his father or brother. Therefore, he is probably the best to keep on the tradition of a particular chassidic movement.

There were a few great Masters who’s chassidus did not continue on after them but they left holy writings behind. Breslov is quite unique as the Rebbe while alive only had a couple hundred followers while today there are close to a hundred thousand. The Rebbe had stated while he was teaching his works that he was writing them for future generations so nobody has ever thought of replacing him as a new Rebbe.

I believe the Lubavitch Rebbe did not plan on his movement going on without him. All thought, even those not Chabad that he would hasten the Redemption momentarily but it didn’t happen. It is my opinion that Lubavitch hasn’t really moved since his departure but is still stuck in the year of his passing. Chabads greatness was always its unity. When it unifies again, it will once again be great. Even if it did not pick a new Rebbe, it needs a vaad, group of leaders with one focus to hold it strong. Without this, its light cannot be replenished. I truly miss the old chabad that once shown its light throughout the world.

May 22, 2007

Thank you Kara!

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I want to give a special thanks to a fan that has been coming to the site for over a decade, supporting it both financially and emotionally. Thank you again Kara!

I also worry about many new fans that come and then disappear when they are struggling in avodas Hashem. Please friends, hang in there and you can always email me to pray for you during these hard times but please, please don’t be a stranger.

May 21, 2007

We were on that Mountain!

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ilovetorahpic.jpgIt is important to remind everyone that the Shavuos holiday is not something of the past, nor is it far from our neshamos, souls. Chazal teach us that our neshamos were there on that mountain during the giving of the Torah. Therefore, we are simply rejuvenating our memories when we think about Shavuos. In fact, the entire Torah was even taught to all of us before birth according to the Medresh. Since this is the case, let the Torah and the holiday of Shavuos be something near to you…

Tomorrow, I want you to close your eyes and picture Moshe, Moses giving you the Torah. I want you to see Lightning and to feel the thunder as the Torah was given. I want you to see the luchos, ten commandments as black fire on white fire. There is no limit to the faith and acceptance of the Torah you can precieve on this day. Many Rabbis went through weeks of preparation just to experience on Shavuos a true light like it was the day we were given the Torah but even this is not necessary. So close are we too this revelation, since as stated, “we were there”, that every Jew can re-experience the giving of the Torah on this day with even minimal effort.

May 17, 2007

Donations Please

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sign-up-now.jpgThank you everyone who has donated in the past. It would take too long to list everyone. Aproximately 90% of the websites bills I take out of my own pocket. Now with thousands of dollars of medical bills and family expensives living in Israel this really puts a lot of pressure on me. I know everyone assumes I blog about everything but I only tell you 5% of what is happening in my personal life which is probably enough for everyone to handle. I hope to drop that down to 1% next year but for now; I need those who could afford to help to see that it is serious that you do so. This is in the top 10 of kiruv outreach programs in the world.

Today, I almost lost a harddrive do too a virus that my scanner didn’t pick up. I have been crying out about my need for a new backup drive for a while. In Israel, a 500gig external drive costs hundreds and as stated, I already owe thousands to hospitals from my wife and childs medical bills. Instead of paying their bills, I will have to buy a harddrive myself! I also need $1000 to advertise this month as it has been months since we advertised the sites.

Alone, I can save thousands of worlds and people, together, with your help…

May 16, 2007

Creating TorahVideo

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To create the new torah video site took a team of 8 Designers. The company was chosen from over 200 portfolios to carry out my ideas. Separately, I had to hire over 20 programmers to setup the videos to play within this design and to implement the scripts donated by Keith Watt, a fan of ilovetorah. So, 20 programmers quit or were fired finding the job too complex. It took a brilliant programmer two weeks of all nighters to then make the Torah Videos themselves shine within the beautiful design.  Also, a nice man who prefers to be unknown donated hundreds towards torahvideo. Unfortunately, there is no money to advertise the new stuff.

May 14, 2007

Hugging & loving the Stranger

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I was telling my wife the other day how I need to be more like Reb Shlomo, being more warm and hug people in the streets. She responded, “That was in the 60’s-70’s when you could do that sort a thing”. Thinking about it, she is right a bit. I find that when I am too nice to people, they think that something is off with me and if I were to hug some stranger in the street, I might meet their right hook instead of their neshamah.

cha.gifSo, if I can’t hug them or be too outgoing, I think I will simply smile and in my own thoughts, lift them up. You know, you don’t always have to talk with someone and give them chizuk to help them. Just by judging them favorably in your own thoughts you elevate them. I saw a young man today that is a bit off on his approach to Judaism. So, I looked up to heaven and made a prayer for him. This too is similar to a hug but instead of physically, it is a spiritual one.

May 13, 2007

Sick in bed

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Please give a few prayers for me to get well. Since I had the flu for 3 weeks, my immune system is a bit low so I now caught another bug.

May 9, 2007

Rock Collection

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Today I was at the Kinneret with the children. They were playing in the water and showing me the rocks and seashells. I kept pondering their bueauty and found this one rock which was so smooth and full of texture. This led me to begin thinking about how I had a rock collection as a child. I think I might still have them somewhere in a box.

You see, if only the people of the world would collect rocks, there would be peace. If you look at a bunch of rocks, you will see that all are different and beautiful in their own way. Some are white, black, some different shades of gray and even some are colorful. The same thing with people.

The beauty of the world was created to remind us these little things. To appreciate that which we see and come in contact with. At the same time, we must wonder, “Who Created These”, and therebye return to Hashem every moment.

New Segulos & Kamaya Site

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I am introducing a new site as an extention to ilovetorah. It is called Segulos & Kamayas. Temporarly, the link is avaiable only here on the blog.

On the site I explain more about the rare Kabbalah craft of giving segulos & kamayas.

May 8, 2007

Todays Day

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Today I drove to the mayan, outdoor mikvah with the kids. There were lots of people so I then drove to Saf Sufa outdoor mikvah. Cooooooooooldddddddd! Then the kids and I poored water on the car for fun with a bottle and negal vasa cup. Ya know, buying a black car in Israel isn’t such a good idea. Lots of sand and dust in this climate. There is a reason why most cars are white.

After this, we drove to Meron and were suprised that it was packed with people. The Sanz Rebbe was there so we got to answer amen to his Kaddish and say the Tikkun Klali. Following this, we got in the auto and drove to Amukah since a nice young lady paid us to go their to pray for her. (Yes, we offer this service for a small fee if your interested) I had in mind my good old friend Jim, Helena and lots of other people.

I am still sick and pushing along here bit by bit. I have been crying out in tehillim all day for help from Hashem.

Ended the day with a shwarma for the wife and I.

The Problems with Soferous Today

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mezuzaq.gifI  want to get back into soferous but orders don’t come in so frequently. People are also always looking to buy a cheap set of tefillin which I try to avoid selling as I don’t trust work done at these prices. I wish people understood that cheap tefillin is sold today in the free world that are barely even kosher. Someone who takes their writing seriously would never sell their work for under $10 an hour. Cheap tefillin means parshios that are sold for less because the writer is simply not up to standards spiritually and in his craft. Also, I can buy batim for as cheap as $15 and many of you purchase these from religious people. Do you know what happens when the scribe that closes these batim puts in the parshious? They tear the weak housing and it puts a little whole inside which makes the tefilin not Kosher. Why are these things sold by people who have certificates from stam? Soferim are simply not taught any better by their teachers. Soferous is a tradition handed down from one scribe to the next through Yiras Shamayim, G-D fearing teachers. Today, most teachers will teach anyone who enters the door soferous, without really knowing them. People are tested by stam and pass because they are good at studying but many never even review the laws regularly. The greatness of a sofer is his knowing when to ask a shila and realize his own faults. It is his understanding of the true holiness and importance of his work. For some, the writing is all about the look and their is no heart inside. For others, it has lost its true meaning and is simply a way to support their family. I think many soferim are simply in denial of the responsibility that lies on their shoulders. Also, it is the bargeners who have brought prices so low that even those skilled workers rush their writing in order just to keep up with the market that doesn’t want to pay them the true worth of their trade. Dealers are crewl to soferim in order to make a good enough profit for themselves and for some reason, people would rather buy from a dealer then directly from the scribe. Many dealers know almost nothing about writing and when I questioned one about a mistake, I was simply told, “I had it checked so its not on my head and I trust my checker.” Most Mezuzos and Tefillin are either Posul, not kosher or simply written with little heart.

I was always questioned by other scribes as to why I am so machpid on nice gasos batim. They say, tell the person to put their money in the parshious, not the batim. Well, I think that is like someone putting in a sweet new V8 into a old colt that is rusting out. It is the body that has to sustain the power of the beautiful engine and help it to shine.

Please note that all prices on my soferous site are no longer valid. I have raised my standards to try to only buy from scribes I know personally and Batim manufactures that are checked over.

I am currently still ill with flu like symptoms. I go out each day for about two hours with the family and about an hour to tend different things. Then I return home and try to care for the site. I spend some time answering emails, talking to myspace friends about Judaism and then go to sleep.

Today I visited Meron. It is said that 3 days before the Tzaddik’s Yirtzite his soul is near the gravesite in a very intense way. Also, 3 days after. So I enjoyed a few uplifting moments in Meron.

May 6, 2007

Happy Lag B’Omer

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Happy Lag B’Omer my dearest friends. One needs simcha, joy in order to have a clear mind. Let the joy of this day clean out all the confusions and bring you light.

Lag B’Omer in Meron Video