March 14, 2007

Today’s Videos

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When I arose this morning and checked my email, I received a new strength to continue videos. Thank you all so much for your nice comments and feedback. Today I got in the car to go to Chabakuk Hanavi but then changed my mind along the road and I headed out towards Tibera. I continued the shir in Kitzer near the Kinneret and then went for some pizza. At the pizza store, I got into a deep discussion with the cook and he gave me really great directions to the Graves of the Matriarchs, holy Mothers. So for the ilovetorah ladies, there will be an inspirational video for you to enjoy very soon.

Why is this man not Free?

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2239.jpgI can’t believe I am still seeing news that Jonathan Pollard is in jail. To be honest, I never took this situation so serious because I always assumed someone would pull the right strings and get him out any day but this case keeps dragging and dragging on. Jonathan, and all of us stand with you, hoping for your salvation!!!!!!!!

So, why is this holy man still locked up?

Mixing it up

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In order to give people a taste of many forms of Torah learning, I usually start a series of classes which go on for a while and then I stop, moving onto another subject. The reason I do this is that I am trying to have a little bit of everything for the different natures of viewers but also because I know that people just need a little taste and they will continue learning things on their own.

Do you have any idea how many shirim it would take to complete the entire kitzer shulchan oruch in video? The Psalms classes, I am only up to 15 out of 150. Well I did finish the Tzavas HaRivash Series so maybe it is possible. I’m young, 32 so given another few years, maybe…

March 13, 2007

Double Buses

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bus.bmpI was driving in Jerusalem a few days ago when I need to make a quick lane change to reach the turn. The passenger next to me commented, “Just one moment, there is a bus in the lane”. I waited and then waited some more. When I saw the end of the bus, I began turning the wheel when I realized, the bus is still there. I guess I never really realized until that moment, how long a Israeli Double Bus truly is.

March 12, 2007

All Alone

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On most days, I spend about 2-3 hours a day doing videos (including travel time), 1.5 hours editing and 4 hours of saving and uploading videos.

I own a 5mg dsl line with 1.2 meg upload which is super-fast for Israel Net. So the videos would be fast for you, I have placed my server in Chicago, USA which means that for me to upload and reach the server, I get 500kps, which is not even 1/5th regular speed. Which means, everything takes me very long to do.

As of this moment, there is 0 help coming in with volunteers. Regular monthly donations just cover server costs but not site maintenance or anything else. Even a 10 year old could do half of the things I do regularly to maintain the site, like basic uploads which could be done while a person is sleeping and data entry of videos. I am suprised nobody has time to help. Baring this in mind, I will continue to push forward if even if I do so alone.

I just tested again my speed, make that now 180kbs which is pretty close to dialup the time I reach usa

March 8, 2007

Music CD Kavanos Halev 1 IN STOCK NOW

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March 6, 2007

TorahVideo Stats

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I estimate from stats that 13,000 + people have watched a TorahVideo in the last week. With proper funding and more donations, this number would be 50,000-100,000 a week. Please send in your donation today!

If you have an internet connection, phone line, that means you can help ilovetorah in some way shape or form. Volunteer today and share in the mitzvah of spreading Torah!

3 new videos are being uploaded and edited now!

March 4, 2007

Purim Update

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Last we heard the megilah by Breslov and retired early. This morning I decided to give to my ilovetorah friends and called around to find a megilah reader who would hike to Mordechai and Esther special to read the entire megilah on video. Unfortunately, even though I offered a large sum, most people were too occupied in giving out meshaloch manos. So I did the next best thing for myself, I went to Meron to hear the Megilah. It was almost empty and I enjoyed it greatly. I didn’t film it though as it was difficult enough to find a reader. I then went with my kids to hand out meshaloch manos and then there was a Bris at the synagoge I have just returned from. Everyone is so happy! I asked the grandfather for a blessing, that is violinist for the Simply Tzfat Band. I said i only want one thing, more hits, lol. Anyhow, I must get ready to lead the siuda, it will be a wild night, so take care friends and know, when I was in Meron I made a special kavanah to include all of you!

With Love…

p.s. i will be filming tonight but not live but i will try to blog drunk for you. So, did you like the video??????????????????????? 


March 2, 2007

Stand up Comedy

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Special I Love Torah Video for Purim (brand new, copy paste these links to all your online Jewish friends),

Story of Mordechai and Esther at their actual grave

Purim Party


Anyone who ordered a music CD, they will be sent out next week.

March 1, 2007

Video On Site Locations

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I did a video in Acco yesterday overlooking the ocean. It is up on the main page. I was hoping for some feedback as too if you prefer Torah teachings done at beautiful sites in Israel or if you find it more uplifting to be done at holy grave sites. I am refering to things like my series on Kitzer Shulchan Oruch and the Psalms.