March 30, 2007

Happy Pesach, Passover my dearest Friends!

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I would like to wish all of you a Happy and Wonderful Pesach. May it be a true going out of Egypt, exile in your own current lives to the promised land, a place where one knows there is One Hashem. Remember, you are wherever your thoughts are. During the Seder and this holiday, visualize all events you read about and try to feel the realism in them while at the same time, reflecting upon their relation to your own life. Then lift yourself out of the deepest depths with an open mind and heart to the goodness that awaits you. Hashem is waiting to give you all that you desire and even more. He has been waiting for 2000 years to take us out of Galus; how much more so does He want to remove all of our current suffering. Pesach is about two things. One, seeing our own true level and suffering. The second, believing and seeing Hashem remove all our personal difficulties. This is the holiday of true faith. That is why almost every Jew in the entire world celebrates this holiday. Because the Jewish soul is totally connected at its root to faith in Hashem. Emunah, faith is the root of all good.

Please enjoy some Torah’s from previous years.

Video of my Bedichas, the search for Chometz before Pesach. This is done the night before our holiday.

March 28, 2007

No More Videos & Zionism & Anti Discussion

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I cannot doing anymore videos. There is not enough donations to carry on anything but the minimum to keep the site maintained. Even when I say this, I am doing far more work then anyone can imagine. There will be new videos though as I will be slowly converting old video files to a new video format, unfortunately, the software costs money so right now I can’t even begin this unless someone can find me rm to wmv converter that is FREE and ACTUALLY works. Most don’t seem too.

This week, again, the Zionist Israeli Government turns against their own people. They bring disaster to both Zionists and Anti-Zionists alike as they dismantle yet another Jewish Settlement. Who are they fooling now? This is certainly not a move for peace or the benefit of the Jewish people in anyones eyes. It is simply a political move.

My Father, My friend

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dad.jpgToday is my fathers Yertizte, Memorial. It has been about 8 years since he passed away. For me it seems like yesterday but my memory of him is mostly picturing him hooked up to tubes and when I think of him without, I break down. You would think after 8 years, one would cope better then this but I guess it depends on how special the person really was too you. In my case, my father was my inspiration, teacher, guide, friend and so much more. The Rabbi’s tell us to learn Torah special in the merit of the departed soul but I literally can barely open my lips on this day so please if you could learn some Torah for me. Shlomo Zavel Ben Yaakov Z’L    (He really is the true inspiration behind all of my teaching work)

Really, the great post you could make for my blog is to write me that you learned something in honor of him today

March 27, 2007

Breaking the Heart of Tzfat Folks

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A 47-year-old post office cashier was shot dead during an armed robbery in Safed on Tuesday afternoon. Three masked bandits told the cashiers to empty the till and when one of the workers refused, one of the robbers shot him in the head. An MDA team was called to the scene, on the central Hapalmah Street, but paramedics were unable to resuscitate the man.

I was just at this post office yesterday at the same time and this nice man usually exchanges my money. I feel for him and his family. What surprises me is that the man got away so easily. There is so much construction on the roads right now in this area, even me it takes 10minutes to drive away.



March 26, 2007

The Response to Ilovetorah

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The response and feedback of new viewers of ilovetorah is unbelievable. There are no denominational walls here and people feel this immediately when they visit the site. We have children, adults, converts, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Chassidic and even atheists whom weekly and even daily, join the love and Torah here. Even Muslim’s come by and are surprised at the warmth of Judaism they see here. I try to explain to viewers that what you see here is nothing, I haven’t even begun to build the ilovetorah Kiruv dynasty. That’s why I need every one of you behind me and spreading the videos and Torahs online. If you have a computer, if you have email, you can help! 

I can’t believe I have another 50 messages to respond too now. I don’t even have time to clean for Passover!   

The Pre Pesach Blues

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3079165831.jpgThe wives have gone mad cleaning up every nick and cranny of the house for Pesach, passover. Meanwhile, the husband is loosing his mind over the Pesach food bill. The kids are just loving it all. Parents have little expectations of their actual cleaning abilities. In school, it is like play week talking over the Jewish Miracles from Egypt. So what is all this about?


March 23, 2007

Out with Olmert

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The Jewish world needs to speak up even outside of Israel that this guy has to got to go before he destroys anymore lives. I am afraid to hear his War Testimony. Can you imagine, it will probably weaken even more the country.

1. Gave permission to put teenagers in jail for innocent protesting and some of them long term

2. Gave up land destroying families and homes

3. Did not understand the idea of warfare

4. Discusses with Terrorists

5. Doesn’t help Pollard

4. Has never donated to

5. Did not try hard enough to release army hostages

6. Doesn’t care about paying Government workers

7. Allowed Hamas to build army and Smuggle weapons from Egypt to Gaza

8. Time to go before he tries to make himself in the history books for making peace. A peace that will only harm innocent lives of all faiths. Peace with those who wish to kill and take over the entire Holy land.



Myspace is your space & your space is myspace

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If you already use myspace, for a long time I have been expanding my work there to thousands.

(Please be advised myspace is not under the hasgafa of Bedatz or OU, so be careful)

The Banjo Billy Promise & Reb Moshe Sleeping till further notice!

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About six months ago, I promised Pinchas (Banjo Billy), who has appeared as a guest Musician on my torah videos, that if he becomes the moderator of, within one year he will get married. Tonight I attended his Vort, engagement party here in Tzfat. It says in the Talmud, if you want your prayers to be answered, pray for someone else in the same situation and you will be answered first. How much more so does this count if you actually do chesed, kindness in helping others in your same predicament. I honestly have to turn my eye when I think of the lack of help here as I must assume everyone is simply unable and too busy. For Pinchas, he made the time and effort and Hashem rewarded him.

This week was the end of the new Torah Videos. The camera has been put down. I have closed many doors and I await now, for you, Klal Yisrael the fans to return Reb Moshe to the place he belongs; teaching Torah.

With Love & Mazel Tov,


p.s. Reb Moshe is sleeping till you awaken him.

March 20, 2007

Looking for some Feedback

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I am looking for some feedback on the last dozen videos. What do you like as far as technical, music, editing, filming, story lines, Torah’s, park & landscape, length of videos? To dedicate a Video to a loved one or for hatzlacha for your family, the price is a $100 donation.

I am working full time on daytrading now since donations are scarce and I need at least $2,000 a month to run the site. It is ashame that I can’t continue like I was with the videos as I was “Just warming up”.

I need this for proper sound on the videos.



March 19, 2007

My plate

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I have on my plate enough work for a full time staff of 30-50 people. Right now on Staff, ME!

We have just filled an entire 20gig VPS server and need to upgrade to $100 a month system for TorahVideo. This is besides using another 3 shared servers. I have hours of emails to respond to and I will B’N answer all. I have 3 hours of Video editing to do. It is 11:30pm. Tomorrow I want to go to Tiberias to do another few videos. “I look to the mountains, from where will my help come”

Today I had a great day. For the first time, I did a TorahVideo which brought out my total artistic photography sense. I miss hiking in the woods feeling totally free. One problem though, this isn’t Kansas, there are some pretty scary things out there in the woods. Not to mention we live in a country with people that want to kill us. Well, I would rather be carrying a Tehillim then a pocket knife! Well if anyone attacks me chas v shalom, it would make a great TorahVideo!

p.s. Today, many websites only consist of a blog. For ilovetorah, This blog is not meant to be a beautifully written masterpiece. It is simply a way of updating you on my plans and sharing thoughts together. I always use spell check on here but I lack the time to go back and overlook my sentence structures. Again, my plate is already pretty full. If I had the money, I would hire professional editors to cleanup the mess.

March 18, 2007

30 Cuts

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The video I am working on right now has more then 30 cuts. I am using my more professional software which I don’t always use do to a lack of time. This video takes place in the Meron Forest and is an entire work up on Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichiv. I am trying to finish this quickly has it takes 2.5 hours alone just to save the file and it renders my entire computer virtually useless in the process. I can’t even imagine the potential if I had a Mac G2, my time would be cut drastically. While this one is saving, I will use the second computer which is already uploading to capture the second video I completed today which will in turn render that one completely useless to work on site upkeep. Hey… but to bring the only Levi Yitzchok to light… and the second video which is a story about the Chozeh of Lublins wife… well… it is worth the struggle.

Meanwhile… closing my eyes… dreaming of a mac… You know the holy masters used to reach into their pocket and find whatever they needed. Maybe one day I will reach in and find 8gig ram?

P.S. No reason to watch MARCH MADNESS NCAA as North Carolina is going to win so better to just watch ilovetorah Torahvideo!

March 16, 2007

Have a Great Shabbos

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Have a great shabbos my friends from all of the world and Don’t be a stranger! Next week I am going to reoranize the videos, I think we are missing some links and about 50 videos are in an old real media format that most of you can’t view. So next week, 50 new videos will be working which haven’t in a long time!

March 14, 2007

The Stock Market Plays, Reb Moshes old hobby

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Chazal teach us that in order for blessing to come, there must be a kli, vessel for it to come in. Years ago, this vessel was Wall Street but today, it can be a pretty messy and corrupt system. In order to support ilovetorah and to fulfil my dreams of building my own Yeshivah, I left Kollel to trade stocks a couple of years back. At first I lost thousands of dollars but then I was up many thousands, enough to start my dream. It was then that the market got even more crooked then ever. Stocks were illegally shorted and taken advantage of since everything turned all digital and the SEC wasn’t setup to police the activity. Literally Billions of dollars were stollen from the American people. It is and was the biggest fraud to ever hit the USA. Even today, the SEC, Courts and Congressman have turned their heads at what happened. I unfortuantely fell in this loop of being “had” by the marketmaker firms when 3 years ago they took illegal shorting to the maximum extreme. A few weeks prior, I had already hired a lawyer to buy property to build my yeshivah and was prepared to withdraw my first down payment when the bomb fell. We had been illegally shorted to the maximum extreme. This was not just in one of my stocks but rather, over 15 stocks dropped massively. Even if positive news came out about them, the stock would go down as marketmakers dumped more shares that didn’t even exist into the digital market. Businesses with huge profit margins were forced to close with almost no explanation.

Well, just like alchohal or any drug is addicting, so is the market. There are many wholes a person can simply fall through if they are gallable. The problem is that people don’t realize how far others are willing to go when they see dollar signs. One part of the stock manipulation is hiring third world people who barely know english to spread either a pump or dump room all over the web. About 90% of traders fall for these roomers and end up buying at a high. The key to good trading is to be expert in research and charting but even this is not enough. It takes a special feeling inside, maybe even a gift from Hashem to have a good eye for stocks. There are those select few and with years of practice many have finally found success but then again, that is with a good almost fair market and today…

Donations are not coming in so I am going to re-awaken my wall street passions and take a look at the market to see how it is faring today in the OTC. If anyone also has experience in trading and reading charts, maybe we can look some opportunities together. I also want to explore many other markets which I never did previously.

One reason I mention this here on my blog is because a great wrong has been done to many Americans and this is a little prayer from me that Hashem blesses those who still have money caught up in what has become a bad investment ONLY because of the biggest Fraud in history. Of course it is decided by Hashem who will be rich and who will be poor but may Hashem release the poor from their hard burdens and bless them!

The Golan

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golan-waterfall.jpgI was just looking outside my window here in Tzfat and in the distance, I can see the Golan Mountains. Lately I have been thinking about what it would mean to give up the Golan Heights. Our Rabbi’s tell us that Suicide is forbidden by the Torah and strategically, for the safety of anyone living in the Galliel, they would be in constant danger should any of the Golan be given up. I don’t know how many of you have been to the Kinneret in Tiberia but right accross the water is the Golan Heights. map_golan.gifThe Kinneret spans an area of 64 square miles; its maximum length (north to south) is 15 miles and its maximum width (east to west) is 10 miles. The surface of the lake is approximately 696 feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea and, at its deepest, the water is about 144 feet deep. It is Israel’s main source of good drinking water. Can you imagine us sharing this with yet another group of people wanting to Kill us? The Golan is slowly becoming a place very close to my heart as it should for any Jew being a part of the holy land given to us.davids-kingdom.jpg