February 27, 2007

Open Invitation for Purim & Costume Ideas

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Anyone who would like to join us in Tzfat for the Purim Siuda Festivities, please email me



February 26, 2007

My Biggest Fans

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imag0004.JPGI thought my biggest fans were adults from around the world but it turns out more children might be listening to the TorahVideos then adults. My wife and I have always thought that it is better a young child doesn’t grow up attached to a computer screen. i think it can be very healthy that instead of watching cartoons, a child listens to stories of Tzaddikim, Sages. We have developed quite a crowd of young ones over the years. Maybe we should create one day an Ilovetorah Childrens Club.


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The TorahVideo Automobile is currently parked as it needs a new starter. There will be no new videos till I come up with the hefty repair bill.

February 20, 2007

Baby Update

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The baby has only first degree burns now but they are showing scarring on his cheek, shoulder, arm, chest and back. Please Hashem! Have this young boy grow up without this embarrassment. It is too soon to know what will show or not but as a parent, this is very scary.

February 19, 2007

Paid Positions at ilovetorah.com

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I am looking for a few energetic folks to create an ilovetorah staff. There will be financial compensation. Jobs are open entailing fundraising, advertising, design, and programming. For details, email me: moshe@ilovetorah.com

If your looking to make 3 figures, lol, email Hashem : Hashem@ilovetorah.com

Friends, I can’t continue without you. Funds are scarce!

February 16, 2007

My Torah Puns

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1. You can’t love another if you don’t love yourself.

2. If you can’t find Hashem, your not trying to find Him.

3. If you want something too much, you probably shouldn’t have it.

4. In order to have good thoughts, bad ones have to have come first.

5. The most tolerant person is he who can tolerate himself.

6. Angry people are only really angry at themselves.

7. The greatest part of being a Jew is being Jewish.

8. If you don’t give charity right now, nobody else is going to do it for you.

9. Being broke is a temporary situation… being poor is a state of mind

Give me Shabbos

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If you want Shabbos you have to take it. All its blessings and light are ready for you. Each preparation before Shabbos turns into a light on Shabbos itself. Then when you keep the Shabbos, you are a vessel for this light.  

Good Shabbos my friends!


How to Destroy the Fly in 10 steps

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There is this fly that keeps bugging around my ear. How should I get rid of him?

1. Stay clean as flies like to hover around dirt. Don’t hang around places where this fly likes to go

2. Pray for my strength over him and his falling into weakness

3. Do whatever positive things irritate the fly

4. Be happy no matter how much the fly bothers one

5. Learn to understand how the fly works and how it has become so good at being irritating

6. Be near those who are not affected as much by the fly and are able to overcome the fly

7. Go the opposite direction of the fly

8. Never Fear the fly

9. Don’t needlessly draw attention to oneself so that the fly notices you.

10. The fly hates it when you simply ignore him and he then just goes away. Especially when you learn Torah.

February 15, 2007

The New Reb Moshe?

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I got a bit bored of myself and decided to come out of my shadow a bit. I mean, being neutral and un-opinionated has its benefits but having grown up and realized that there is truly nobody to fear but Hashem and ones own shadow, ah… maybe I should simply reveal another part of myself. If I am too scary for you now, you still have my old Torah Videos and writings which might be less intrusive.

When Love has a Line____________ it looses its realness…

Over the years, I reflected upon my upbringing and how it brought me to learn Ahavas Yisrael, love for my fellow Jew. Our Rabbi’s tell us, this is the foundation of the entire Torah. Since I grew up in an area devoid of any Jews, I pondered how I learnt this important lesson and placed it at the forefront of my life.

“If their are no Jews around, help the Non-Jews and everyone you can. Teach yourself to be a kind person to everyone and practice on anyone around you.” Over the years, I became a bit Jealous of my fathers non-Jewish friends whom I felt snatched his time away from me. Of course, this wasn’t really the case but an allusion for a young boy who was busy finding himself but in actuality, it became one of the biggest lessons of my life.

A person who constantly labels others and draws lines between their friends, helping others and simply extending their full love to mankind, can never be a true loving person. In fact, it may be impossible to reach true Ahavas Yisrael between Jews when one learns or keeps any form of hate within their heart. This would even extend towards are fellow man who was not born Jewish. They should be respected as Hashem’s creation and one must love them as such. How much more so the Kohain, Levi, Yisrael, Sedardi, Chassid, Litvach, Conservative, Reform, Ultra- Orthodox or what have you. But only through a total love of Hashem’s creations can one reach this true love with their fellow Jew.

At the same time though, it must not be forgotten the wise words of our sages, to separate ourselves from the ways of other nations. To not dress, speak or act like other nations but to remain Jewish in mind and thought. But this concept should not be confused with one of hate and our sages have also said, “Then the nations will know there is One Hashem.” They would not have bothered stating this if it wasn’t important that we show non-Jews respect and love, otherwise why would we care what they think. One should not go out of their way to have non-Jewish friends and contacts but should Hashem place these people before you in life’s-circumstances, extend out your ability to love. This way, when it also comes to your fellow Jew who may be on the verge of crossing that line, you will love them too.

College Credits In Israel & Yeshivos

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Many parents are in disagreements with their children over whether attend college or Yeshiva and the answer is a lot easier then many realize.  

They are unaware that many Yeshivos & Seminaries are accredited. That’s correct, someone can spend a year learning about their Jewish roots while receiving completely transferable credits.

Besides this option to consider, their are Jewish Technical Colleges in New York, Chicago and Israel, to name a few, which are teaching secular education in a more modest, Jewish environment.

Some of the most precious years of a young adults life begins right after High School. The education they receive and their surroundings help mold them into Yisras Shamayim, G-D fearing and confident individuals for the rest of their life. For parents and even children themselves, the answer can be black and white. They ponder, “It is ruff would out there and one needs a degree and career to survive.”

Naturally, most choose to attend regular Universities. Having not really found themselves yet as a person, they jump into a world of fellow spiritually starving students with no real life goals. They pick a temporary major and spend the year learning rather useless material but their eyes are set on one idea. In the real world, I will be able to get a good job.

It sound good on paper and in fact, its all about getting a paper of better qualification but in many cases, emunah, faith and Hashem have been taken out of the equation. After-all, it is Hashem who provides for the needs of every individual and living being in the world.

To attend a secular college without very specific goals in mind, can really harm a religious man or woman. Especially today when their are many more options available. For instance, in Lakewood, New Jersey, their is a non Jewish technical school which has separate classes for Bais Yaakov girls to learn nursing. Shmuel attends Towson Universities night program on a special joint fully credited program with his Yeshiva. Andrew goes to a credited Yeshiva in Israel for a year and then finishes his degree at the local college. Instead of waisting precious time, he has gained a tremendous knowledge of Jewish traditions and has decided to go into a career in teaching. In the end, he has a choice to return to the local college or simply stay in Yeshiva another three years and receive a Rabbinical degree. With this Rabbinical degree, he is able to get a job teaching Hebrew studies. At night while teaching, he slowly works on upgrading the Rabbinical degree to a masters in education.

My friends, there are so many options but only when Hashem comes first in the decision making process does one find success. Too many young men and woman are being forced to accept the false idea that furthering their Jewish education is not being sensible and practical when it is just the opposite. Judaism teaches a person to improve their character traits, to think outside oneself, to be responsible, keep schedules, to be clean, and to think about the future. I really hope that more parents and students spend less time worrying about getting Jobs and more time being worried about blossoming these young children into finding themselves through Hashem. Then, if it is Hashem’s will, they become doctors, computer programmers, accountants and very successful businessmen who don’t switch careers every five years of their life because instead of taking empty credit classes, they simply found themselves first.

Have we forgotten the meaning of true sucess?


February 14, 2007

I want my Mommy!

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p1010017.JPGI miss my mother. I haven’t seen her in almost two years now. Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you come visit soon?

Should girls go to Seminary or stay home

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Everyone dreams of a perfect situation in which to further educate and nurture our children in Judaism but sometimes we overlook some of the negativity which we should better take notice off. For some going to Seminary after High School is very beneficial but for others, it opens up a world which would otherwise be unknown to these religious girls. The decision to go to seminary or not is something that should be left up to individual families and not be a required prerequisite towards finding ones bashert.

So what really goes on in some of these Seminaries? Are the parents so naive as to where they are sending their children? Ideally, Seminary should be a place where a girl learns to be more self-sufficient, confident, and learn how it is to live a Torah life on their own. It should be a place of religious strength and constructive towards the goal of getting married. Instead, many girls learn the art of sneaking out after curfew, that is if there even is one in their Seminary. They learn to drink, schmooze with guys, and take wild trips on off Shabbos and breaks. This is the true reality of Seminary life. Girls who have never been exposed to the outside world are suddenly in a rush of exciting freedom with little supervision or reasons to fear. So should you send your daughter to Seminary? Well, I wouldn’t if I had one.

On a more positive note about this subject. I have seen unbelievable strides in growth from girls with very little prior Jewish backgrounds. It is almost as if living at home was somewhat leaving them in the shadow of their parents and through a more free environment, they were able to grow religiously and as an individual.


1. I wouldn’t send my daughter if she were already very strong religiously

2. If I did, it would be to Nevey or Bais Yaakov

3. Something needs to be done to fix this problem

4. A girl that is properly educated and from a good home shouldn’t need a year in Seminary

5. Years ago when I was dating, I noticed that girls who didn’t go to seminary were more ready to get married then those who had already returned from a year abroad.

Other issues

1. After a year of total freedom, how is a girl supposed to then be a responsible wife in her first year of marriage. Rather, she expects her husband to act like her old seminary friends and it becomes very difficult for her to maintain a mature productive relationship.

Major Concerns

1. Girls hitching rides. Parents, they all do it!

2. Girls Traveling extensively

3. Ditching classes and little supervision

4. Please share with me your thoughts….

What about the guys?

1. Well parents, you don’t want to know how many Yeshiva guys have gotten visas and traveled into Egypt… You can’t even talk about guys when it comes to getting themselves into trouble. Many Yeshivas turn their backs on drinking, drugs, and their students crazy travel plans. Generally though, a year in Israel for the guys, if you choose the Yeshivah well, does much good.

February 12, 2007

This weeks site Update

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I hired a new programmer to finish the dynamic new TorahVideo site. I also have the new singles site in the works. Today I created two new Torah Videos, started a new serious on the Kitzer Shulchan Oruch with spiritual commentary. I also did a video on the Maggid of Mezrich’s son, Avraham the Malach.

Everytime I try a new business project, something ends up happening and I can’t follow through. My wife was in the hospital again all last week and is doing a bit better now. She is home now. We are both recovering, I from being a Mom and Dad last week and she from her illness. Boruch Hashem, we had a great first day of the week. Oh can someone remind me, I have a bris to attend tomarrow at 1pm and a wedding tomarrow night.

February 9, 2007

Video equipment needed

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The video camera has a focus error (i can use it temporarily) and I guess I need a new one. It is a 3ccd lens system which is why the videos have very high quality color. I also need video lights so if anyone wants to help with these things or has some equipment they don’t use let me know. I also have no money for gas to do new videos. Last month we almost shut down due to a lack of funds and people stepped forward. Problem is, you can’t run something based on inconsistency, we need to know what min. funds are coming monthly. I am very thankful for all those who helped!