December 28, 2006

Getting all Mushy

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You know you guys, fans, chassidim, hommies, my boys, my pasi, you are simply marvalous. Id eat you all for dinner but its not kosher. Thanks for all your feedback and posts on the blog. I thank you tomarrow with a special treat here on the blog!

The new music site

This is just warm up for what is coming next week! See the new video on the main page, Psalms 8. It was snowing while I took it! I LOVE SNOW!

December 26, 2006

Its Freezing in Tzfat

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First they said snow coming, now they say rain! Its cold here, somebody send me a warm blanket! Rochel hasn’t done laundry in a week, lol. Joking!

I miss snow so much that if it snows at the sky resort in the Golan, I am driving there to find some! Do you guys mind my little ones in the videos cause I don’t think I have time to do a video without taking them with. I have another Video to put up. I will try to film one new video a day for you folks. Pray for me on this!

December 22, 2006

Website Update

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f5.jpgI have been plugging away here for weeks at design and programming. Id have to say results overall are positive but there have been cases of programmers running off with my money as my worst cases. Next week you will begin to see some of my hard work behind the scenes of our website.

I will also be beginning new videos from Eretz Yisrael and Torah classes.

New designs to be launched in the next two weeks

1. TorahVideo

2. Sefer Tikkun Shechinah ( I must go all out on this one)

3. New Frumdate Singles Design

4. State of the art Jewish Music page with mixers and cool features. I will also hopefully have more CD’s to start selling. I am also going to beginning right away the next CD. All the music tracks are already laid out. I just need to work vocals and mixing.

5. All new cartoon and intros to my blog, featuring myself walking through the Tzfat streets.

6. New forums and chat rooms are a possibility

I have 0 advertising budget for any of these new launches! Since I stopped making new videos, site donations have gone down 80%. Computer equipment is a mess but by the end of January, all the sites will be top notch in quality and the atmosphere will be awesome.

special thank you to designers and programmers

Swati, Kishor, Keith Watt, Kraig Peterson & awesome crew, Durairaj, shivani

special support thanks too:

All who donated, without you… and those that wanted too but couldn’t.. your hearts and prayers opened many doors

My wife, Jimmy, asa, elijah, avi N, Kara, bekker, Pinchas Banjo Billy, Robert B, malki w, victor who sent me power supplies back from ukraine out of his own pocket, wow, this list will never end… guys i didn’t forget any of you even if i didn’t write you, I am just very bad with names but i still remember!


December 15, 2006

Happy Shabbos Chanukah

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Check out the neat audio files my wife and I did on the chanukah site. 

You know, in kislev, things start to appear a bit dark and then chanukah comes to light everything back up. I wish you all that you should have a happy chanukah and that it should bring much light into your life.

December 13, 2006

What today was like

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Today I purchased the vps server and tonight I am configuring it. It was funny cause it was difficult for me to hit send due to the large cost of having ones own half private server but then when i did it, i felt a great light. I had no idea where I would get the money from to pay for this monthly and then Hashem sent me someone tonight who wants to buy a pair of tefillin, so at least I will have the money to pay for it now this month. Then again, that is money that should go towards BILLLLLLLS. Hay, well tomorrow is a new day for miracles!

On the phone a bit with tech support to help me in this new venture. I hired a new programmer to fix up frumdate. I am purchasing new software for the sites so everything has latest technology. I agree with one poster that the sites were fine as they were but that’s for us old folks. The new visitors will stay when they see a nice site in flash, that is, even if they would otherwise not.

I went to Meron for marriv and it ended up being a carpool. Lots of people were hitching their way home. I had to shift at 3rpm not to scare any of them so that ruined my special time to unwind from COMPUTER WORK. Did I mention, I don’t like computers. Well, today I reminded myself that I must work to enjoy computers right now so I am trying. Okay, back to my learning how to run a server!

“Wish I could spend the time in Bais Medresh instead… soon… soon.. Moshe… you will have an entire staff to do this work! You must believe!”

Oh did I mention, baby improved again today!

December 10, 2006

Why I’m so quiet Lately

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010804_25_b.gifThis motzei Shabbos we looked at the babies wounds and got concerned since the skin is bubbling. We got into the car and drove to Bnei Brak and back that evening. The doctor thinks its okay but today it looks even worse. Meanwhile, we have to meet with the other children’s school tomorrow as they can’t figure out why our other kids are not doing so well in class, well…

Now on the parnasa front, no time to really work.

The Car, well it has to go through the yearly bureaucratic test which costs 1600 shekels, no time to do that… I hope i don’t get stopped. Oh and I hit a high speed bump in Jerusalem so the middle of the muffler has a whole.

On the website front, I have one team of guys working on the new torahvideo but its taking a bit of time. I can’t really complain as its kinda my fault for not really knowing what I want.

The new design for my blog, well, the designer who did my wife’s cartoon is having trouble drawing me. Am I that bad looking, lol

The singles site, well, I am working for 3 weeks straight to blow your mind on  that one. Coming soon but then again, dealing with programmers is like dealing with the mafia sometimes.

Now back to the servers themselves, Torahvideo is up too 12gig of space. I love torah is up to 3-5gig and frumdate, a couple. In order to re-due torahvideo and frumdate correctly, I need a system called vps, Virtual Private Server. This gives me root access to install special flash software. Vps can run up too $100 a month especially since I use 200gig and by the start of next year 300 bandwidth. So since I don’t have this money, I am stalling and trying to find a cheap server that will most likely be my biggest nightmare. This looking costs me 5 hours a day for a week.

Since we live in a small town, its strange but teenagers aren’t so interested in babysitting so we are pretty much on our own most of the time. This being the case, ill child, worn out mother, money pressures, kids school, web design, well… Hashem should help

December 7, 2006

New update/Baby

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The baby has trouble sleeping at night. He still has to get rid of more 3rd degree burns. We are a bit conserned as his skin is starting to bubble a bit so please keep up your prayers.

Gedalya Aharon Zvi Ben Rochel Faiga.

I just got in from Jerusalem. I attended a wedding of a good friend of mine.

December 6, 2006

Chanukah Videos

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There are lots of Chanukah Videos & cool things on the Chanukah page. 


December 5, 2006

3 New Videos up

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Please enjoy the new videos, they were taken a few months ago before my charger was lost.

The first one is streaming on main page. Here is the second link,



December 3, 2006

Your Opinion on Torahvideo

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The designer & I would like to know your opinion on the temporary demo of TorahVideo. What needs improvement? Do you like the Direction?

Please give us feedback and bare in mind that we are still working on the design and features.

December 1, 2006

Blog Ideas

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I am working on my new blog header in flash, will be very cool. So tell me my friends, what topics would you like me to blog about?