September 6, 2006

Vort in Jerushalayim

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Today my friend Chezy had a Vort, engagement celebration in Jerusalem. The family and I hopped into the car and drove down, making a stop over at the Jerusalem zoo. Okay, so I did a Torah Video at the zoo… I am adicted to teaching Torah… There should be support group for families like this! Anyways, I can’t believe I didn’t get lost on the way. In Israel, there aren’t that many roads that go north to south so if you wing it… you usually find your way. I am glad to report that I made it there and back in one tank of petrol, 40miles per gallon.. go “beast”, that is what I call the new “auto”, as they say it in “Hebrew”. It is usually not my way to travel in Jerusalem and not visit the Kotel. Over the years that I have spent learning in Jerusalem or visiting… I almost never miss a day of visiting the Kotel but we were on the other side of the city with children past there bedtime.

Banjo Billy & Reb Moshe Concert at the Idra

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Guys, I have a special present for you from the Idra, my second home! 30minutes of banjo Billy and I singing Carelbach and talking about music. Let me know what you think. If you know of a shidduch for my friend pinchas, let me know… wonderful guy and some great musical talent he has! The video is streaming on the homepage.

September 5, 2006

Do I remember you?

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Someone wrote me an email and asked if i rememberd them writing me 6months ago. I wrote back of course I remember you. My friends, as soon as you write me and I respond, your in my heart, in my very blood. I may not always write a long responce but you are automaticly my friend forever.

Everyone can post freely on the blog now but I simply approve the post a few hours later to avoid spam. The same with my wifes blog. Please post, we love hearing from you all. Tomarrow we are going to Jer. to a vort. Very exciting!

September 4, 2006

Todays TorahVideos

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Today I went out with a friend of mine, Shmuel Rosenberg and he played clarinet for two of the upcoming Torah Videos this week. I am always going to try to mix things up a bit when i can. I ran out of harddrive space so until I replace the drives, I can’t edit any new videos.

This sites potential

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The potential of this site that I have been building for over 10 years is really far beyond any of our imaginations. We have not even touched the market of people who could benefit from it.

1. Vidoes could be played at schools to children and teens
2. The site has never had an advertising budget strong enough to be seen in newspapers and magazines
3. Never have we had the budget to advertise in non-religious sites or papers
4. All videos I have on higher DVD quality saved for mass DVD marketing (though no budget or help to set this up)
5. Many religious homes do not have internet but would love to view the videos on DVD
6. Non of my books have been published yet which would get my name out and the website. Would turn all the work into a more professional appearance.
7. I have never had any type of a staff working with me to free me up so I could concentraite on making material
8. I haven’t tapped into the jewish singles market in a while which is very big
9. My dream is still to make a yeshiva and the site would become more known and respected around the yeshiva
10. I haven’t had enough financial help with my own life and to boost the site. If this was solidly there, I would be able to use 100% of myself instead of 10% which I am using now.

This being said, I think the first thing I need right now in the way of help is to fix up the singles site and to have articles written for magazines and newspapers. Who can help?

Being Young Again

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Rebbe Nachman says that everyone should try to stay young. Keep that youthfulness pep and attitude.

Computer Power & Car repairs

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I was all excited to be doing lots of videos but I burnt out my old computers. My external drive is now currupt so it is being taken in to save the data and I have to buy a new one. In Israel a harddrive will cost me almost $180 but I have no choice but to get one immmediately. My monitor, I have to hit it now so it will go on. It is very hard to work like this. Gas prices are about $4.50 a gallon here and I live around mountains so the Torah Videos are now costing me a lot on gas. After buying the car, I see that it is very nice but it needs about $1000 put into it next month. I see a bad oil leak, new mufler, plugs and a tuneup are in order. I am warming up to the clutch after 8 years of automatics. I have kind of a heavy foot you know and this is a 2 liter turbo so it has given me a bit of an emotinal boost. When you are driving, you can have so many thoughts of kedusha, really! Here you are totally alone surrounded by beautiful music played by 4-6 speakers while enjoying scenic vistas. Ah, I love it!