July 18, 2006


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The people that have stayed are warn out. Those that left are miserable and homesick, temping to return. The streets are empty. I don’t think people realize that they must help the evacuated Jews that left and those that remain. People are really troubled. A couple of houses have been broken into. We are seeking more tefillos that we can return to a normal life which will take weeks now.

I just took my son to doctor, he has an ear infection. On the main street I saw windows broken from the noise of the rockets. I saw one building that had an entire floor blown off. The english bookstore was open, a big suprise! I got two books for the kids. All day he had about two people come in. Nothing else was open really. Banks were closed, local post office closed, stores closed. Angels bakery was open and people were sitting around talking outside. I met a friend of mine there. I saw a for sale sign on one store. I was told some people who were not attached to Tzfat are planning on moving out and many stores will close from the lack of business for 2 weeks and tourism is finished for a long time. On the streets coming home, I saw cars with blown out windows. A beautiful BMW with no back window. I just found out that a friend of mine who is a taxi driver remained so i am going to take the family to a park later. Maybe do another Torah video for you all!
He told me that people paid up to 2,000 sheckles to get a taxi to Jerushayim and he is charging his normal price but its ashame many were overcharged. So my friends, anyone want to help the people of Tzfat? I was told by someone who just got back from jerushalayim that the people there think we got hit by about 3 rockets and its not a big deal. Try about 40-60!!!!!!

12:15 Tzfat hit by 3 bombs, I don’t want to say were they right after as these guys are monitoring news and media to know how their aim is but doesn’t appear anyone was hurt.

5:30 10 bombs hitting and Hashem is sending them off target! I was told there were more then 40.

12:30 quieter night. It is Rav Gedalya Kenigs Yirtzite, he is the Rabbi who rebuilt Tzfat, in his merit there is protection today.
Good news that I am back advertising on Arutzsheva again. Please if you can help with advertising funds, it would be great. I just put up a new Torah video, Rebbe Meir Bal Hanais.

July 17, 2006

Monday Night Sirons Sound!

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About 10 bombs hit the beria area of Tzfat tonight, sirons went off twice. Some stores opened today because people really need parnasa. A friend of mine begged me to please come to his store so they could have business. A young family had part of their home distroyed so please send in donations.

Tzfat just got hit, sounded like a large building, glass breaking. It was a home near the hospital, south. Nobody hurt.

12am Very few are left here, at marriv tonight there were 13 people at one of the largest minyonim in town. Tonight, everyone seemed a bit down. In Meor Chaim, in each building you see 3 cars parked instead of the normal 25 cars a buidling. They almost never turn on the alarm and tonight they did and I will complain about it because already people have enough trouble sleeping, what was the purpose of it. We know bombs are flying in the air, I think the alarm is more scarrier then the actual bomb.

3am, been quiet b’h

July 16, 2006

Tzfat empty

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It seems as if few are left here in Tzfat, the steets are empty and few cars parked on the roads. Where did everyone go? Plus, its finally been quiet!
My wife and I took a walk tonight up the moutain where many bombs had fallen. I would be suprised if there are more then 30 families left in the old city and surrounding areas.

Rav Kenig this morning said anyone who stayed was totally forgiven for their sins.

Sunday Night, very quiet
Monday afternoon, I was down at the arizal with my kids and saw two hit the mountain sides, its the first time I saw explosion from these bombs live. Am I scared now, nope. They remind me of the little rockets the kids would buy at the hardware store and the little planes the kids would control with remote. It did sound like something hit a building somewhere but I am not sure.

How was shabbos bombings?

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I just put up a new Video on the bombings on the homepage! Check it out!

We heard many bombs during Prayers Friday Night. The women were home alone with the children while the husbands were in Shul. It was remarkable that everyone continued praying even though we knew one landed nearby. Right as we finished praying, one bomb hit meor chaim area of tzfat (or that might have been the one in the morning). Two people were walking on the sidewalk and the bomb was blocked by the concret wall that prevents mountainslides. Nobody was hurt. There were some hurt though by bombs over shabbos.

We had a nice siuda friday night with singing and everyone was very laid back. We heard bombs hitting the meron and bruria moutains during our meal. A few bombs hit early morning time. Shalosh Suida, the afternoon of shabbos was many bombs landing.

Motzie Shabbos, Saterday night was non stop bombs for an hour hitting the mountains, one or two sounding like south west Tzfat. From 10:30-1pm were bombs every minute so it felt. I hear now that most of these are us launching into lebanon.

*The public is asked to pray for 4 children, some unconscience,
critically injured in Tsfat:*
*Michal bat Revital*
*Bat-tzion bat Revital*
*Avraham Natan bat Revital*
*Odel Hannah bat Revital*

July 14, 2006

Pre Shabbos Bombs

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3:00 Tzfat bakery Rochov Yerushalim hit, I think everyone is baking their own challah’s this week so the store was probably closed
3:15 The thought came to my mind to go around filming the missles for you and empty streets, but, naaaa. I am torah video, i love torah not cnn.
5:pm been quite for a while
6pm quite
Hisbalah has
30 rockets that can hit haifa or more south
500 that can hit Tzfat, Naharia, Meron and others
1300 that can hit Kiryat shemona and close places

They have used probably 150 already which means 350 left
350 divided by 5 towns Tzfat, Naharia, Meron and others =70 Half with miss totally, so 35 is the threat in the next week but then they wouldn’t use all of them up so that puts us at 25.
Good Shabbos All

Someone Unknown Recount of Bombings

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This e-mail is being circulated in Tzfat — to give outsiders an idea of
what’s happening here, and let the locals know where the missles hit.

The writer doesn’t mention last night’s 7:30p.m. katyusha landing in the
Artist Quarter, on the path that goes down tot he Resnik’s house. The
Mor family of 5 young children was taken to the hospital with varying
injuries…the last update is that they will all be OK. The missile
landed in their living room.

This morning, the katyushas that landed about 10:00a.m. were, evidently,
centered around Ibikur and the Pikud HaTzafon area.

“It’s 3 a.m. here and I can’t sleep, so I got up to write to you.

It has been quiet since I came back from the bomb shelter the second
around 11:00 or 11:30 p.m., baruch Hashem.

We hear lots and lots of Israeli army airplanes overhead all evening and
all night long. The skies are full with them. Their steady, long
whirrrrrrr is a very comforting sound, and very different from the
sudden, loud whizzzzz and then BANG!!!! of the enemy’s ketusha rockets.
If they get too close, we hear a loud, shrill, long whistle as the
ketusha is coming down, before the bang.

The second wave of attacks at almost break-the-fast time, around 8:15
pm, came the closest to me. The one I heard the whistle on, crashed
just off Kikar Maginim. They tell me it was outside of Chernobyl Shul,
but I haven’t seen any of these yet to confirm. A few minutes later, a
man died when a ketusha crashed up the street the other way, about 3
blocks away
from me, where the Rimon Inn Road begins after you turn in from behind
the Midrachov. That’s half a block up from the Macabee Clinic & Bank
Poalim. Yes, Ida Lewis, it’s about a few meters from where you used to
park your car. The third rocket that hit in the second wave hit in the
Old City, just a few doors down from the Tachover Hedder, into a
house. I think no one was home, but I’m not sure.

The earlier, first wave of attacks this afternoon hit more strategic
places, and a home. The home was near the Jacksons somewhere on the
road up to Cana’an neighborhood (they’re OK). The more strategic hits
were the Community College, next to Gan Ha Ir, just after they sent all
the students home; either the Central Bus Station (a small part of it)
maybe just a bus stop somewhere near it– people aren’t saying the same
thing; a community center around the corner from the Wolfson Center
Clock Tower (not Beit Knesset Noam inside Wolfson,); a
housewares-electrical store called Beit Maimon; and somewhere on Rachov
Yershalayim, our one-way, one-lane, main street — Yoram said it hit
about 100 feet
from his produce store, but I can’t figure out where. And Yoram’s is
across the street from the Machon Alte (Chabad) Women’s Seminary, so I
can imagine the screaming of 20 or 30 young women.
After round two, which lasted until about 10:30 but no one left the
shelters until 11:00 pm just to be safe, we only heard occasional
distant hits, aiming at neighboring villages and towns, Hashem should
protect them.

>So now while some of us are sleeping, it’s an excellent time for you
Yidden across the oceans to be praying and saying tehillim on our

People are still amazingly calm, even with the one or possibly two
fatalities in town, and one or two critically or seriously injured,
Hashem should heal them. One man was out walking his dog when I was
coming back from the bomb shelter. We even had tourists in town who ran
around to see where the shells had struck. I imagine some locals did
that too.

My friend’s husband was the one to unlock all the bomb shelters in our
>neighborhood. As soon as he got his family inside (and me), he went
out. He never did come in, except to check in on us. He was advising
people outside where the shelters were, directing them so that they
could safely get their families inside. I’m sure there were many
citizens like
>him, taking care of their neighbors, in every neighborhood.
It’ll be the quietest Shabbas in Tsfas in years. Everyone who had come
>to visit already left, and NOBODY is coming up who doesn’t live here.
My friends didn’t know what to do when I asked them yesterday to host an
additional two guests this Shabbas, plus the six that we had already
planned on. No problem now — there aren’t any guests! If it’s quiet,
people will shop and cook tomorrow. If not, it might be tuna fish for

Most people are staying in their own homes. All the new homes have a
small bomb shelter in every apartment — mandatory building regulations.
And the old homes are pretty solid, so people are
staying in their downstairs rooms.

Wish I could be sending you more cheerful news. Maybe tomorrow, G-d

July 13, 2006

Latest bomb reports

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10pm bomb hit somewhere in tzfat
Lots of aircraft flying over

11pm, we have 6 guest sleeping over tonight and 3 will stay for shabbos. Two families and one bochor. Everyone wants to leave the windows open to hear the planes and bombs.
12:30am quite, a few planes if you listen closely negotiations?
12:42 i am starting to hear boom sounds in long distance.
2am. quite b’h. I mopped the bathroom floor and did some laundry to help the wife, you know we have shabbos tomarrow! Just finished the new video of Rav Tarfon!
(One bochor is on the couch, my 3 year old on the living room floor. My 4 year old on my wifes bed with baby in room. My wife in my study with me sleeping on a board since we are out of beds. I am working with lights out, no place to sleep anyways. My oldests sons room has family of 3. My youngest sons room has family of 2. I am hungry but I don’t want to awaken the people sleeping in the living room)

My friend from hisbalah said that he went and touched the rocket after being on call. I heard the Tzfat hospital is full as it serves much of the north teritories.

2:20 I was on my porch and looked up, the moon is lighting all of the sky. I noticed many aircraft about 1300 feet +
2:30am Join me now in prayer, I am going to go out to the Arizal grave to pray for Peace now. The moon is so bright, it is almost as day out there.
3:20 Returned from praying at the Arizal. I felt Hashem heard my pleads that the city of Tzfat, solders, and nortern Israel be safe. While there I heard some bombs and I hear some now here and there. I don’t know if its us bombing Lebanon sometimes or them firing rockets into the hills and missing cities. Since I am a bit far, 25minutes from Lebanan, I assume the later but I could be wrong.
8am quite morning
2:30 pm 5 bombs it beriya area of Tzfat, there is a lady that is trapped in her house, scared to leave and sees them falling around her.
1 bomb hit the chupa cholleh, medical center near the Tzfat zoo
5 or so bombs hit the messudah again.
We are getting hit now a lot and we don’t know any injeries as there is no station to tell us

No Pizza, No Taxi’s

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10pm, hearing some aircrafts fly over more now and bombs hitting moutainsides. There are few to no taxi’s if someone needs to get around its on foot more. I tried ordering pizza, they were closed. Shabbos will be a bit strange as we won’t know what is happening but the truth is that the news stations are far behind on everything anyways. I am editing the new video and then will get back to entertaining our guests.

3 rockets just hit tzfat city new

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I heard 3 rockets hit the city, very close, don’t know where yet. I hear rockets landing and the men nearby davening at the shul with great kavanah.

8:18pm, we are being told to go to shelters. Wife and I are preparing water and flashlights. Actually, I am blogging!

9pm. Quiet here, but hear bombs hitting moutainsides probably 15minutes away. I think they are missing targets and bombs are fewer now. Parts of Tzfat have no power, the places in the northern section, mesudah and chabad areas. We have power b’h.
One of the rockets that hit landing in between two apartments in a building not hurting anyone. The people were both just siting in their houses. One bomb hit Rochov Bar Yochai, that is near the kikar hamaginim, center square of the old city. Rav Kenig Shlita lives there and remains in his home. Many families living near the higher parts of the mountain are leaving tzfat. We have people coming in and out of our house through the day. The first rocket that hit the mesudah earlier landed 5 feet from a man who was not injured.
My flashlight doesn’t work, rechargable batteries are way overrated.
I hear a fighter plane now overhead.
The rockets that hit tzfat each shake everyones house.

I did a search online and the kasam rockets are only supposed to go max 70km, I don’t understand how Haifa was hit, Tzfat should be at the max of the range.
My family remains in our home, this is why we put mezuzos up on our doors. I think mostly Americans that live here are the nervice ones, Israeli’s live their entire life with such a fear, why should they be scared?

More bombs in area falling

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We heard another 7 bombs in the last 10minutes which I believe are aimed at the army base near meron, 10minutes from Tzfat. We hear them landing and occational war plans passing. As I told my wife, tonight Israel will take out southern lebanan around 12-1 am. You don’t strike during the day. Also, these bombs are nothing for what is to come. For now, I am working on the Rav Tarfon video for you and I just put up the new video of the idra streaming on the homepage


Northern roads closed

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They closed all roads heading north from Tzfat but south is open. The streets of Tzfat are vertually empty at this time. Tourists have left town and you can hear the pure tzfat wind blowing.

Tonight I predict a massive attack by Israel in southern labanan.

Rockets hitting Tzfat

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I have in my living room some tourists from Boro Park and Williamsburg that were standing 20 feet from one of the rockets that fell in Tzfat. In another room, we have 2 couples who were 150 feet from the rockets. We are attempting to calm everyone down. On the way to the Ari mikvah, I heard the rockets hitting and flying through the skies. It is interesting that within 20 seconds, I heard all that had happened as people called out from one street to the next screeming out reports. When you look towards meron at this time, you see the mountains filled with smoke.

When asked, how do we feel. My wife and I are calm and relaxed. I am not in the bomb shelter and have no plans to visit one. I wish for the safety of everyone and remind my friends that nothing can happen to anyone unless it is Hashem’s will.

p.s. The Tzfat College that was hit is mostly arabs going there and this place lowers the kedusha of the holy city and is a discrace. Two arab students got off the bus that blew up in Meron knowing full well the intention of there fellow brethern. This is the people who attend the place that was hit.

July 7, 2006

New Torah Site Update

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We slowly are getting there, the new video site will be up middle of next week.

Renting car nightmare

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Well I scratched the car ever so slightly near the wheelwell. Most car rentals would have not charged for such a scratch. They wanted $100 for a scratch. After a war, we compromised at $40 but this scratch is a $5 scratch with touch up paint on an already worn car. There was even talk of them charging me $500 for this scratch since they had a lean on my visa.

My friends, the renting car to do new Torah videos has come to an end. I will need one precious soul out there, a big fan of ilovetorah with a bit of extra cash to buy me one so I can continue to spread the Torah like never before. In one day with the car, Boruch Hashem, I have 5 new Torah Videos to now edit and put online.

July 6, 2006

Improving the Blog

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Any sujestions how to improve this blog and get more people into it? I think people are reading it but not commenting on it. Maybe its my spelling, lol, there is no spell check in this software.