June 27, 2006

Reb Meir Bal Hanais

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I just did a new video at Rebbe Meir Bal Hanais and will join it with another I just did at the kineret. The cost for the video was $60 if anyone wants to sponcer it.

June 25, 2006

Back to writing sefarim

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Rebbe Nachman says that if you write many books it makes the Torah whole. I am back to work on my sefarim. May Hashem help me to print them in my lifetime.

From the time of this message till the sefarim were properly loaded and organized is 10 hours of work before even writing one thing. This was due to wtp server issues, then israel’s internet provider went down, external hard drive then not recognized, finally its now on disk. This is to show the greatness of a mitzvah, how hard one has to work sometimes to even accomplish a simple thing but the hard work itself beforehand could be more valuable to the Jewish people then the actual mitzvah itself!
Okay, now I am too tired to begin yet. Tomarrow I”Y’H to begin the books again!

A good week

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Wish u all a good week

June 22, 2006

New I Love Torah Design

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Josh Alpert and I worked together on the new Design of ilovetorah homepage. He suprised me as I was just checking my email and he said, here is a link to your new design. Can you guys remind me next time I use dark dreary colors to make the site brighter. Doesn’t the new design make you so much more happier! Josh gave me some hope, You see most people think to do a chesed but then they just say, na… someone else will do it. Josh didn’t think, he just did.

June 21, 2006

I Love Torah Site Needs List

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People have asked me, well Moshe, I want to help but how much do you actually need. Well here is a list.

1. Fast Up to date technology Computers, Laptop and PC (4mg ram & top video cards)

2. Monthly donations totaling 2,500 so I can give 100% of my time to creating new material and reaching out.

3. $2000 worth of advertising donations montly or every other month

4. I need a car so I can go out and do more videos of Eretz Yisrael. The videos are everywhere, on peoples ipods, pc’s, mamish its so important. Car in Israel used costs 18,000 Sheckles

5. I need 2,000 each for 3 books I wrote to be edited in English

6. I need 1,000 each book to translate into hebrew

7. I need 30-50 thousand each book to publish

8. I need 1,000 to update immediate site repairs to higher flash technology.

9. I need $600 to fix the singles site

10. I could use people to make phone calls to collect money for the site.

11. I need some help to clear up debt

12. Would like to go into recording studio to make singing albulm for kiruv
13. I could use more sefarim

Help that has come in

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There hasn’t been a lot of help coming in honestly but the quality of those who have stepped forward has been very touching. I appreciate all those that have.

June 13, 2006

Reb Moshe might have to travel to save the site

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In order to save the site, I might be traveling to Montreal, Toronto, New York and Jersey. I will need volenteers to drive me and help me in these places or other Jewish communities around.

At this point, there is no money to pay for the servers so material will be gone soon.

Full of miricles

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The world is full of miricles and blessings. (please add to my list)

The Torah
Mail System
To be able to listen to recorded music
heat and air conditioning
Microwaves and ovens

case of the flu & website blues

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It seems like I must undergo a case of the flu this week. Lying in bed for hours has really made me reflect on the website and kiruv. I am mamish so drained and the site brings me total misery. Why, cause i know its probably made me in the top 10 of outreach people in the world but I have to be realistic and think of closing all websites. Usually when someone tries to save many people, others step forward and help him. Not so with kiruv; I am totally on my own.

Last time I spoke to the Nikolsberg Rebbe, I cried to him that I am helping so many people and because of funds my family is suffering and the site puts me in dept. I told him that I have old computers so he asked me, “why don’t you put it up on the site that you need a new computer and someone would give you one?” I responded, “I already did that and nobody came forward.” He was shocked.

We both were saddened about my sefarim which are still not in print due to money.

So after 12 years online doing kiruv, when is enough? Over 20,000 people emailed me and got advice on their life and spirituality. Many are in Yeshivos all over the world. To some, I am their only hope and fellow Jewish friend. These things take place daily on ilovetorah. So, in a matter of weeks, the sites might close down. Goodbye ilovetorah. We don’t even have money to pay the servers this month.

June 6, 2006

slow week for us all?

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The reality seems to be that all this heat slows someone of us down. Maybe Hashem expects slightly less out of us during the heat wave but would be amazing if we rise about it.

It isn’t easy going into shabbos to see that your week that went by wasn’t utalized to its fullest potential.