May 26, 2006

Talk is Cheap

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Talk is cheap they say. I guess next week I will prove to you that when I say I am going to take torah video to the next step, I am quite serious.

Next week! Stay tuned!
Klipos, get out of my way! It is time for Torah Videos!

Mezuzos & Tefillin

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B’H I must tell you my friends, its not so easy being a sofer. It is so much responsabilty and yet everyone wants a bargen. People don’t realize the small salary of a sofer. Can you imagine if someone bid you down when you only made $4 an hour?

It is one of the most difficult jobs in the world as you completely have a persons life in your hands. One mistake and you could destroy another human beings life.

With that though, I end this blog telling you, its such a great light to be a sofer, if I had the money, Id write for free. I love writing a few lines before shabbos, it makes me so happy!

Guests for Shabbos

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We are having almost 10 guests this shabbos friday night. Last week we ended at 1am. We love having guests for shabbos but it is truly a lot of work sometimes. Sometimes an hour before they arrive my wife and I are like, what have we done… we can’t handle it but then as soon as the people knock on the door, we forget our worries and everyone has a great time. What a mitzvah to make people feel at home and to enjoy the holy Shabbos.

Good Shabbos my friends!

May 22, 2006

Hardest test in the world

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Rav Aharon Rott says that through the struggles of parnasa a person is saved from gehenim. The gemarah says that shalom bayis problems stem mostly because of the struggles of making a living. I think a mans worst fear is his not being able to support his family. It is truly the greatest test. It can cause the most disaster. At the same time though, with emunah, faith in Hashem… it can bring a person to the highest of levels.

So this blog is just to give friendly support too all those struggling with this great task.

May 18, 2006

Help me Design

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I just completed a redesign of
I also did a temorary redesign of the homepage.

Please, I want to go through all the pages and fix them, tell me which ones you think need redesign and which ones you like. I want to hit them one by one and then I will get back to writing Torah full time again. It is very difficult on me to play both worlds well so I would like to finish this one and move on. The new design of TorahVideo should be completed soon. It should be the best Video site on the web when completed.

May 8, 2006

This weeks events at my house

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-My wife took a day to go to Jerushalayim. I have two kids B’H to babysit, she has the baby.
-Wendsday, we are having a party for Gabriela, we assisted her to convert a month ago and we are making her now a party. Anyone want to come? Woman only sorry;)
-Shabbos, we are always having guests. Usually seminary girls join us lately from somewhere on the Nevey Campus. Don’t get me wrong, I like having bochorim but it just seems easier to have girls as guests. Maybe cause I don’t have to do all the talking…
-I had brought over from America a new harddrive and wireless modem, a few other supplies, guess what, B’H it just arrived and between all the hands, we missed the rebates. Over $100 worth. Congraduations Tigerdirect!
-I sold a pair of tefillin last week, one person is interested in a mezuzah this week.
-I purchased a pair of dumbells to work out a bit. The Rambam says we have to take care of our bodies as well as our souls. A bit hard to do when you are working on the computer a lot.

Well, Well

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I had hired someone (non Jew) for the new site Video Programming design, he started it, then his uncle is now dying. He asked to be dropped from the project. The holiness of this project becomes more and more clear to me as I see how hard it is to finish. I am keeping the particulars a secret but my friends, the video site, just think of the potential…

That is what I am trying to do now. Little money, no help… I think I can, I think I can!!!!!!!!!

Never giving up.
(never in the world should anyone not write me thinking that I will push them to give me money, I am not like that.)