May 12, 1999

Together we Light

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Tonight I was handed the flame to light the Bon Fire in honor of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai. I instead took the hands of those around me and told them, “Together each Jew lights the flame of one another,” and we then all 3 lit the fire together in one hand until I let go… Then afterwards, I went to them both and told them, “Do you realize how deep it was, what I told you?”
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In the Fire is Torah

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Tonight I was standing next to a Torah scholar watching the Bon Fire for a while. He told me he wanted to go back to my house to study Torah. I told him, in the fire is Torah. He didn’t seem to agree with me so much & he still wanted to return home but instead, he began telling me a divar Torah. When he completed it, I turned to him and said, like I said, in the flames is Torah. Then he got it. (You know tonight isn’t just a normal Bon Fire, it is a fire that can ignite your soul for the entire year. Look deep into the flames & think how to make yourself into a Ben Torah.)
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The Right time to hatch

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Inside each of us is a little, maybe big, Talmud Chacham (sage) just waiting for the right moment to hatch. Some of us just need someone to crack our exterior shell. While others, will simple hatch in the right moment. But you know, if you incubate the eggs and shine heat upon them, the fire of Torah, then they will hatch earlier
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Say it in their name

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The Talmud in Chulin says that if you tell over a Divar Torah in the name of the person who said it, it brings redemption to the world. But then it goes on to give an example of this and uses the story of how Esther gave over a Torah vort in the name of Mordechai. Now out of all the stories, why did the Talmud chose Esther? Because, how much more so should women be careful about this. If they say over a halcha or Torah vort, they have a better chance at making a mistake since they don’t always hear things first hand. So that is why the Talmud chose this story, to remind women to be extra careful to always quote their sources… Of course, men too!
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The light of the Tanna, Log B’Omer

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If you think for a second, that the light of the Tanna, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai went out the day after Log B’Omer, then you didn’t understand the holiday. Take a car or bus and head back to Meron. The light of the Tanna sustains the world, if his light went out, the entire world would be instantly destroyed. This Log B’omer, whether you were couscous of it or not, drew holiness into all the 365 days of the rest of the year for you. So, do like I just did, light a candle for the Tanna or any Tzaddik and draw from the light of Moshe Rabbenu into your heart. The light is there, you just have to take it inside your heart.
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