January 1, 2015

Personal Tikkun Chatzos

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My personal Tikkun Chatzos starts out every night playing a new tune to Al Naharos Bavel on the guitar. Then it leads into saying the Tikkun followed by Gemarah Study. In our generation, the only way to mourn is with joy and hope.

July 7, 2013

Chavos Halevavos

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How is it possible for a person to survive without learning chavos Halevovos daily

February 13, 2012

Shema Yisrael with Kavanah

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The key to Avodas Hashem and fixing yourself is the recital of Shema Yisrael with Kavanah. This simple 3 paragraph passage has 248 words corresponding to our 248 limbs. I know you have heard this 1000x but I tell you that all your problems can be fixed through concentration on this prayer alone. We say it throughout the day but do we really say it?

December 23, 2011

My Kiruv Online History: WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDE!

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My Kiruv Online History: WHAT A ROLLER COASTER RIDE! First came making a website… I jumped on that 15 years ago with ilovetorah.com torahvideo.com and frumdate.com Then came youtube… when I was already the first and ONLY Jewish outreach person making videos online… but youtube took over… I had to go there and share in spreading torah videos… So my popular torahvideo.com site took second base. Then came Blogs which meant that people didn’t go to Torah sites as much… so i had to force myself to do blogs and my blog was really popular… but then came myspace… so my blog wasn’t important anymore even though there is thousands of Torah pages there www.ilovetorah.com/blog2 … then I had 20,000 people on myspace, one of the largest Torah communities which was overtaken by Facebook… so now all i have for outreach really is youtube and facebook until you all get bored of that and I have to pick up the next tool…. but my friends… I miss just a simple Torah website…. and nobody remembers the old days when I was doing this all by myself opening up doors in technology Kiruv never done before…. Now i just struggle to keep up. So I am about to post on my blog now but nobody really cares cause its not in right now like facebook which will soon fade out into the abyss like everything else. But the beauty of it all is that a few hundred people remember the beginning and a legacy online that even when it fades away… somewhere you will find me, somewhere will show up my Torah videos or writings.

November 10, 2010

Deep Relections after the Rebbes Visit

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My day with The Rebbe & Chassidim cont.. I feel like a speeding train came through Tzfat & I jumped on board while it was still moving. It was filled with all sorts of treasures. I took some in my pockets & I jumped off the train while it was still racing forward. Then I started to look through at what I grabbed. I wondered if I had time to really go through it & if I had the knowledge to really identify these artifacts. And what would I do with them…

The Nikolsburg Rebbe visited Tzfat Today

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I spent the afternoon with the Nikolsburg Rebbe, his sons and chassidim. Tzfat is known to have the cleanest, holiest air in all the world and being with the holy Tzaddik today made the air of Tzfat even fresher to me. I hadn’t seen my holy Rav in 6 years and it was an experience that had me speechless through most of the afternoon.

November 20, 2009

The bris in Tiberias by Rav Kook

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I was Sandik, I prayed for 3 main things, World Ecconomy should improve, peace in tzfat & that I pick the right name in 1minute! lol. Rabbi Kook said he wrote a song because of my blessings to him. It was very scary to have my hands on Rav Kooks head, he is so great that he barely speaks let alone shakes your hand. Really was a wonderful bris and event that I am thankful for. Thank you Reb Chaim for introducing me and I wish you all blessings, nachas and all good things.

The ame is yeshiya michl , after family and Rav Michl Dorfman. I have to check the english spelling of the names.

July 22, 2009


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HATE HATE! LOVE LOVE LOVE: I want everyone to think of 1 person they hate or are very angry with. I want you to forgive them completely in your heart tonight & forever. The most important people to forgive are family & friends who have betrayed you. You must realize that this was the will of Hashem so you have no reason to hate anymore.We must remove hate from ourselves/judaism & then Moshiach & peace will replace it

July 16, 2009

Why Hashem says to sell my holy house

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You know I chose this holy place because I understood the significance of being so close to where the Ari taught kabbalah. For almost 1 year I prayed to be worthy to live here before Hashem allowed me to buy this home. I mostly slept, studied and worked in this room closest to the ari. I’m now leaving only so that my wife should be more happy near her friends. This isn’t easy for me as I truly love this place. For one hour I prayed at the grave of the Ari and the Ramak for answers to this difficult decition. I only wished that I could keep it and buy a second home but that is not practical financially.

I prayed by the Ari, I cried by the ari, then I went to the mikvah ari & washed just my eyes. Then I was able to see that which I could not. That Hashem’s plan which at first was confusing is only for good.

My soul has already received the light it was able to hold from this place. Now I need to step away as otherwise, It would only have a negative effect now on my life. In other situations people suffer in many ways to stay in such a place only to live a shortened life span or eventually be cast away due to sin or judgment. In my case, Hashem is allowing me to leave quietly, taking the good I have gained to grow from. Only to return later but differently. I therefore gave thanks to Hashem, The Ari for allowing me to be in their holy place for almost 5 years.

May 27, 2009

If you kill it, sing its song!

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Weirdness but here goes:I just saw a poisonous centipede going to the mikvah. After passing it, I worried of the children who would walk there & if it came to my house. So I went back, grabbed a shoe I didn’t like & well whacked him about 20x, 2x would have been enough. Then I came home & remembered that he has a special song that Hashem gave him to sing as is known in Kabbalah so I felt guilty & said it for him.
Let Israel rejoice in He Who made him; Let the children of Zion be Joyful in their King (Psalms 149:2)

April 22, 2009

Where should a Major Shila be asked? Israel or Usa?

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Orah had this question on their site and it got me thinking about it as well. What is your opinion? I believe that most psaks, shilos should be asked in the usa by usa rabanim. Even I often call the usa even though I am in Israel because i know the Rav will understand the shila better but it should only go to the greatest of rabbanim there. Something which will effect Jews everywhere, should be asked in israel.

April 17, 2009


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New Friends, don’t be shy, JUST say Hi, I don’t bite! If you say Hi to me, then I can remember to bless you and if I say Hi back, then you can remember to bless me. Then we can all be blessed! If you don’t say anything, we will just forget each other and how can we forget each other already when we just got to know each other? Okay, I will start, HI! HI! HI!

April 8, 2009

Don’t Leave me in Mitzrayim, Egypt

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I just left a message for a holy Tzaddik, don’t leave me in Mitzrayim. I am planning to go out with you. My friends, I will be thinking of you during the seder and if you think of me, then we will make sure not to forget one another in Egypt.

March 10, 2009

Reflections of this Purim

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I did take some video this year of our purim party. It was a bit different as I drank a lot but I was very collective and didn’t turn over like in other years. Maybe I will drink something stronger next year. I did try to focus my mind on the repentance aspect of this yom tov. I do feel like something was missing through… Maybe 32 people isn’t enough? Or maybe Reb Chaim of Yeruslayim is correct, the true key to this yom tov is to really pray and pray like on Yom Kippur. The drinking and partying is only a small aspect.

February 26, 2009

Children need Faith

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I really believe that the most important thing to teach young children is pray and faith. They need to know that Hashem is there and that He not only desires their every prayer but He listens. I am constantly asking my kids to pray for various things that they want or that the family needs (of course we don’t share with them things that are above them). Sometimes I ask them to pray that I am able to fix something even though I know that it is easy to fix and will take me just 2minutes. Just so that they can see success in their prayers. I don’t know, maybe that is a bit dishonest but really though, it is true. As Rebbe Nachman taught, you should even pray for new shoes when yours get worn out.