September 9, 2015

My Personal Learning Projects

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I have increased my daily learning schedule during the last few months. It has kept me quite busy but I am hoping in the long run, I will have much more Divar Torah’s to share with everyone. Right now my personal goal is to complete Bavli and Yerushalmi talmuds with artscroll translation for next shavuos.

July 14, 2014

Don’t talk

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I am really upset, i accidentally spoke with my tefillin on. The last time I did so was about 10 years ago when I was on an airplane when someone was trying to push us during prayers and i said stop. I have disrespected my holy tefillin so my teshuvah is to tell you how important it is to cherish your tefillin and not talk while wearing them or during davening. The only time I have spoken during davening was to name my daughter 6 years ago. It is not respectful to Hashem and your piers to do so. I know I will remember this moment so to comfort myself… I am sick with a virus and i kinda just mumbled my words as I can’t talk so well today.

April 14, 2011

Mazel Tov, a boy

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We just had another boy and are excited to have a bris eriv pesach. Simchas by you!

February 25, 2011

From kiruv to Business and then back

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A personal look into my life this last year: I found my refrigerator empty and owing a lot of money after years of focusing on torah and kiruv. I turned myself into a successful businessman, something unfathomable considering how I used to dislike business. I gave half my successful company away for free on condition that it would be understood my partner would let me learn full time once the business settled down & became stable again. It has not reached that point but as you can see, even as a businessman, I gave my entire life for Torah but for now 80 hours a week until the business becomes stable for me to leave it. I also took a pay cut to make this happen and only make half what i used too. But I believe Hashem has a plan and knows my desire to study and teach torah.

November 26, 2010

Editing sefarim

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We just got done my sefer, Glimpse of light and it is ready for publishing. We are now finishing the edit of my main book, Kavanos Halev. I’m not sure where I will get these published or if I will publish them myself.

December 3, 2008

Baba Sali Trip to Netivot

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Today I just got in the car quite literally and drove down to the negev (desert area way south) to Netivot. I did so in order to pray by the holy Tzaddik who was known in our generation as a great master of Kabbalah and miricles. Along the way we passed Sedorot (where the ketusha Rockets Land) and a few of the Moshavim that are being evacuated. My friend told over sipurim Baba Sali which made the trip go smoothly. Suprisingly, we were able to see the Gaza Strip as well from the road. It is very unusual for someone to drive in the winter season from Tzfat to Netivot. There, we recited Tehilim, Shir HaShirim and I wrote some new chiddishim in my sefer, book. I did take out the broken camcorder for about 2minutes so there is some footage, how good, I don’t know… Of course, I prayed for a miricle for American Jews and the world. I also could feel the Rebbes Blessing that one day I will be financially secure enough to be able to return to kiruv outreach.

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November 26, 2008

Don’t pass out in a grave yard

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Oh my, tonight i had a migraine but I decided to push through it and go through my regular routine. I went to the mikvah and then walked down to the Arizal. You know there are two types of holy places to visit tzaddikim. There is an actual full cemetery, which is what Tzfat has and then there is just a simple grave of a Tzaddik all alone. The first one is a bit freaky late into the night, the second is quite nice. But anyway, since I can’t uproot everyone else and many are also holy rabbis, I have been overlooking my feelings. So tonight, after reciting my prayers my migraine picked up speed. I started wobbling and realized I must turn back immediately. I’m so happy I didn’t pass out in the grave yard from the headache. Really it was a close call and I write it to you cause it is a bit funny. I totally started blacking out and I am like, this is not happening, not in a bais hakfaros! So Boruch Hashem, I returned home safely. Having some crackers, tofu, yogurt and going to catch up on some necessary drinking (liquid that is!)

November 3, 2008

Where is Reb Moshe?

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It has been quite a difficult task these past few months to put ilovetorah aside. It is like those rare teachers who have totally enthrawled their very being into something for more then a decade, only to retire and wonder what they will do with themselves. In my case, it was simply a mater of a desperate circumstance. I could no longer poor our my every penny and energy when everything else started to fall around me. So to help myself cope with such a drastic change in my life, I tried to forget about the site. Then just the other day, I walked into an American Yeshiva here in Tzfat and was bombarded with, “wow, it is Reb Moshe the Video Torah guy”. Being that I keep a low profile here in my own city, I wasn’t expecting this. It bothered me for a few days. I guess running away and hiding for a while wasn’t going to work. So here I am again. Hashem has put a lot on my shoulders. I am expecting the man to come tomorrow to power off our electricity and pray daily that I don’t loose my home. But somehow, there is still hope. I am working on many new business projects and I believe very strongly that mazel is something that goes up and down. The time will come imminently that I will return to doing what I love and what helps people. I am in this position due to my maximizing all my resources for years to spreading Torah. Also because of my sins. Hopefully, Hashem will look down upon me with continued Mercy and send my the business and joy I need to return to Him, my fellow people and all good things.
I was thinking to myself tonight, what would people think if I posted on here if anyone has a used pair of shoes they don’t need as my sneakers ripped. Then I realized that I can’t do such a thing. How awful it is when the world economy is in dire straits and a leader (of some sorts) has no power to bring forth words of encouragement and hope. People look to Reb Moshe and I Love Torah for words of hope. The funny thing is, now so do I. Just the other day, I was viewing some of the videos looking for some inspiration from this Reb Moshe guy even I seem to miss today. So Reb Moshe, wherever you are, the physical Reb Moshe needs you. Klal Yisrael needs you to give them hope. Hashem, I pray to you to bring us back this Reb Moshe guy to the ways of Teaching Torah. Allow him to keep his home and fight for all of us. Reb Moshe… Reb Moshe…
Are you there?
Did you forget us?