September 24, 2019

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The Blogs Future

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It has been a while since I posted on the blog. The internet is constantly changing and people are interested in different content. However, there are years worth of Torah writings in this blog. Many highlighted points I have included in my printed books, please check them out on my website.

November 2, 2016

“For my sake, the world was created.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5)

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I am a Miracle

Chapter 1:

“For my sake, the world was created.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5)

“The day you were born is the day Hashem decided the world could not exist without you.” It is unclear who the actual author is of this quote however it’s meaning is strong and effective. The idea stems from a quote in the Mishnah that says, “For my sake, the world was created.” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5)

Hashem only creates something that is perfect for that very moment, imperfection really doesn’t exist in Hashem’s world. What may appear as imperfect or a blemished to us, is the completion of something far greater. Nothing appears in this world without a Devine plan for its existence. It exists because it is perfect, yet imperfect in a physical and practical sense so that it can complete some task or destiny.

Our minds are programmed to see the negative in situations. We feel pain both physically and emotionally because we were raised to interpret feelings in this way. If you see a beautiful flower, you find it appealing because you were told to think this way. A thorn bush on the other hand, you don’t feel connected too, you understand it in an appalling way even though it too is beautiful in its purpose.

A child raised on sugar treats their entire life has a sweet tooth for such items that follows him to adulthood. Someone who is raised on natural foods, interprets sugar as an overbearing sweetener that is unnecessary. These are only a few examples but the point in discussing them is to bring forward the idea that perfection is relative to one’s personal understanding and upbringing. Each person sees the world completely different and unfortunately usually in a very robotic way. People become closeminded as they only see the world through the eyes of their youth.

When we grow up, we start to recognize that we are creatures of habit. Some habits which lead us towards good things and others to bad. There are even some habits that are impossible to change because they have been planted inside our minds from a very young age. But not to worry, the first step in overcoming habitual thinking and action is recognizing its place in our life.

In order to make change, one must believe that change is possible. The evil inclination wants a person to believe that they can’t change the way they think or act. Believe it or not, most people have given up on themselves and of the idea of change. However, I know you’re not like that since you are reading this. But you must understand that most of the people you will meet in life won’t change drastically as they age. They will become set in their ways, every day will be repetitive, their relationships, marriages will slowly deteriate because to exist, to truly exist, one must embrace change every day.

“For my sake, the world was created.” Now we can understand this quote differently. The world was created for me because I share in its creation. I “create me” utilizing the treasure map that Hashem has provided. That map is the torah hakdosha.

Frequently, people refer to holy sages as “living sefer Torah’s”. It isn’t that they know all the Torah completely, that is an impossible attainment. Rather, their accomplishment is that they have attained the level of a creator. Now there is only one Hashem, no duaty, chas v shalom so I must clarify what I mean by a creator. Not only is a person the creator of their own destiny, meaning simply that we have free will to choose between good or bad, but Hashem has given the sages the key to the world.

Yaakov is the pillar of the Torah—”Yaakov was a simple man who sat in the tents of Torah” (25:27). Hashem reveals to Yaakov that his merit, the merit of the Torah, is very great. Ani—I am the G-d of Avraham and Yitzchak: I did not reveal to them the power of Anochi. But now: Behold Anochi—I am with you: Now that the pillar of Torah has been revealed to the world through you, you’re running the show. As long as you remain faithful to the Torah and it’s study, you and your progeny will have nothing to fear.
And Yaakov awoke from his sleep—don’t read ‘sleep,’ but rather ‘study.’ It was now clear to him, more than ever before, how great Torah study was, and its ability to change the course of history!
And he said, ‘Indeed Hashem is in this place,’—this much I knew already. Ve’anochi lo ya-da’ati—but I did not know the secret of Anochi—that with the Torah, Hashem has given us the ‘keys to the universe.’ [Techeles Mordechai]

So in conclusion, if a person has acquired torah, they should have everything they need in this world. Blessing will rain down upon them from Heaven and they will be satiated. But to aquire Torah one must have fear of Hashem. This is because you can’t come close to Hashem and change your life every day without fearing the idea of being in the exact same place you were the day before. The greatest fear that worries the sage is that tomorrow he will not have moved from today.

Most of us fear the end of our days for various reasons. To the sage, the thought of no longer pilling up mitzvos is unbearable. So he is constantly gathering more and more. This is why you see so many sages with many different projects. One sage could be in charge of a dozen charities or yeshivos. He also wants his mitzvos to be ones that continue after he is no longer around. This is the reason the Lubavitch Rebbe would always tell the people he gifted dollar bills too, that they should make sure to put it into a charity box somewhere. Because he understood that one should make sure their mitzvos should carry on further and further.

I know so many of you feel discouraged quite frequently. You feel like you’re stuck in a rut and not really moving. Your spiritual growth seems stagnant at best and you don’t feel like you’re much of a miracle to anyone. This is just not the way Hashem created you to think.

Society has tricked you into believing your habits should be acceptable when many are not. It has taught you that you aren’t perfect, that you aren’t a special miracle and that just is not true. You have not only the ability to be great in the future, your perfect right now as well. Most of your blemishes are just in the way your mind portrays the world. Faults that can just be reprogrammed with new software. The majority of the obstacles before you, the ones that are overwhelming your mind right now, they have very little importance. Rather the only thing that matters is that you are not the same person you are today, tomorrow. Now you don’t have to change leaps and bounds, in fact, the only thing expected of you is to accept the torah and life anew each day. With this thought alone, you will no longer be stagnant.

It is time to change the way you think of the world. Everyone around you is running towards the wrong life goals. Some want honor, some want wealth but you want to acquire the greatest treasure in the world, the torah. So why are you looking up to these people who don’t understand the tachlis of the world? Seeing them should cause you heartache, your nothing like them and should keep a distance from people who don’t understand the tachlis of life. What is even more remarkable is that once someone acquires the torah, honor and wealth runs after them. That is because the torah is designed to take care of a person. “It is a tree of life to all who grasp it, and whoever holds on to it is happy; its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all it paths are peace.” (Proverbs 3:17-18) But the torah also understands what is good for a person and if wealth isn’t what is best, if a high position in the community isn’t going to sweeten your soul, the torah will protect you from these things. The Talmud (Sotah 21a) teaches that Torah study protects and saves a person from any peril. This peril came even be themselves.

So no longer be a victim of change but be a master of it. Renew your faith in Hashem that He is in charge of everything from beginning to end. Leave your heartache behind you and find freedom in the idea that Hashem has a greater plan. He after-all is the Creator, faith in Him also transfers into faith in yourself. Hashem wants you to believe that you can be great. That you can become a sage and holy person.

May 26, 2016

Appreciate Accomplishments

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Every day we look at ourselves in the mirror and think, “How can something, someone be both so low and so high?” One minute I am flying with my soul so close to Hashem and the next minute, I am in a pit of hell drowning. We ask, “Who am I really? I have come so far but I am still so far.” Life is like climbing Mount Everest. If you climb to much elevation in one day, your body can’t handle the change. At each peak, we must stop and evaluate our spiritual and physical health. At the same time, we don’t appreciate that we reach this new peak in our climb. Therefore, we either fall from the cliff or attempt to climb too quickly even higher. Rather, we need to stop at each peak, find the joy in our accomplishments and then we will climb the mountain. Har Sinai was a small mountain but it still took Moses 40 days. This was because he paced himself and was happy at every days accomplishment.

Pairing Socks and the World

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Why is it so difficult to find 2 matching socks? In everything in life, it is the pairing of people, events and actions that bring completeness and success. While it should really be easy to pair 2 socks, it’s simply not. The pair of sefiros, Keter and Malchut brings complete unity. The two sefiros yearn to unite but that too is difficult. So I finally found matching socks this morning but it took much effort. It was worth it though, because now all day I can appreciate that my socks match and are complete. Everything is about unity and being complete. It isn’t supposed to be easy to pair socks, people or events. Nothing in life is simple yet everything is complete simplicity. Remember this next time you pair your socks in the morning or find it difficult to complete something. The end result of effort is the joy of pairing and completion. This is the secret of Ma’aseh Bereshith (the Creation of the World), (My Divar Torah from pairing my socks this morning)

May 9, 2016

Vort for sons Bar Mitzvah and Siyum HaShas

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Vort on gemarah Tannis 23
I would like to thank everyone for coming to the bar mitzvah siuda for Yaakov Yosef. In Talmud jerusalmi Tannis, we learn out that when Moshe Rabbenu was holding the luchos and the Jewish people sinned with the chait haegel, golden calf, Hashem grabbed the luchos to take them away from Moshe but Moshe’s hand was stronger so Hashem was not able to take it away. Moshe so to speak, overpowered Hashem’s right hand as it says in Devarim 34:12.
Moshe understood, according to the Yefeh Mareh, that it was better to have broken tablets then to have no tablets at all. The Korban HaEidah explains that Had Hashem would have either taken back the tablets or they would fly away on their own. Rabbi Nechemya explains that it was actually the words themselves that flew away in the end. Rabbi Yochanon said in the name of R. Yosah Bar Abaye, the Jews would not have merited receiving the second set should moshe not have saved the first luchos as he did.
So how did moshe Rabbenu overpower Hashem, so too speak and save the luchos? He did this by means of logical arguments that the Israelites should receive the Torah despite the sin of the Golden Calf, or by means of prayer (Yefeh Mareh)
Rebbe Nachman teaches in Likutey Moharan that Hashem desires that a person overcome Him with words of prayer. He wants the Tzaddikim to rule the world instead of Him and for people to lay out a plan before Him to bring about their own salvation through mitzvos and prayer to Him.
The Bar Mitzvah boy, his life is completely changing. He is now given the power and wisdom to think on his own, arguments in Torah, prayer and to complete himself as a person. He says the Birchos HaTorah prayer at the Torah accepting the Luchos and the responsibility it contains. But what happens, he is just like all of us, smashes the luchos with his sins but he is given a yetzer hatov on his bar mitzvah to succeed and to start over each day. He is given the ability to repair the broken letters and we do this every morning through reciting birchos hatorah. We are fixing our souls to reconnect to the blue print of our life, the Torah itself. When I say the birchos prayer in the morning and it flows with kavanah. I know that day that I am going to succeed in my Torah study. It is the Torah that is going to give me life and success in our Torah study is the most important thing. It is our life and the air we breathe.
I’d like to say that the reason Moshe rabbenu was able to save the luchos and overpower Hashem was because he said the prayer that morning of Birchos HaTorah with Kavanah. This is how he was then able to argue a defense and keep the Torah for us. It was his love of the Torah and his understanding that even with the broken tablets, we would be able to do teshuvah and be worthy of another set. Even a Jew that is broken, can always be fixed and be worthy of a complete set of luchos.
It is how we start our day that will guarantee that the Torah we learn that day will remain with us. It was moshe Rabbenu’s commitment to the Torah, it is our personal commitment to daily acceptance of the Torah that allows the Torah to protect all mankind.
When a scholar studies a blot of Gemarah, most of the time, after a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, the letters start to fly away. He forgets his study due to his many sins and being far from Hashem and the True Emes of his neshamah. This is because it’s not enough to just study torah, one has to love and enjoy his study, cleaving to it and holding onto it. If you don’t say birchos Hatorah with all your heart, with all the love of Torah and the desire to keep it close to you… will Hashem give it to you as a gift like He did to Moshe Rabbenu on the 40th day as it says in the midrash? And if you don’t beseech Hashem in arguments and prayers to overcome Him and prove to Him that you should keep the Torah… will you not break the luchos with your sins and the words fly away. We must not study the Torah but we must beg Hashem to give it to us as a gift, that we should remember it, understand it and for the Torah to become a part of us. Then instead of the holy words flying away from us, they will come to us with new chiddushei torah.
This week, Yaakov has been given the gift of the Torah. He reminds us all that just like last week he was just a simple twelve year old boy, whose life has suddenly changed overnight to something much greater, so too, each day is our bar mitzvah, we have the choice to accept the Torah with newness. It is there for us to take, to concur Hashem and to prove that the Torah belongs to us.
Rav Mesharsheya said in the name of rav idi, “regarding all the offerings of the other holidays sin is written. But regarding the offerings of Shavuos, sin is not written. (It leaves out the word chait) The reason for this distinction is as follows, The holy one blessed is He, said to the Jewish people. Since you accepted upon yourself the yoke of Torah. I consider you as though you have never sinned in your life. (Talmud Jerusalmi Rosh Hashanah chapter 4, halacha 9)
Having written Yaakov yosef’s tefillin, I feel like I have been given an extra zechus in being a part of his every day renewal of avodas Hashem. It is a fathers only wish that his son, accept the Torah every day and that it is the boys foundation of his life. May the gift of his bar mitzvah be a daily blessing for the rest of his life and may he renew his commitment to the torah each day. Thereby being free of Chait, sin and attached to Hashem at all times.
(I thank Hashem that I can on this day join him in the recitation of the Hadran for shas which amplifies the very words I have spoken.)

April 26, 2016

Chol Hamoed, should i go out and play

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Look, you can go out and have fun but put in 3 hours of Torah study the night before and bring a sefer and MP3 Torah shir as you go. I spent chol hamoed once with Rav Belski son (with another friend)… he had a sefer open 90% of the time we were at the kenneret…

Why does it first say when you sit by your house and afterwards when go on your way… (these words should be in your thoughts)… because once you know how to study Torah in your home or bais medresh… then it’s the same for you when you go outside.

And if it’s not this way for you… then like the Pnei Moshe (commentary on jerushalmi talmud, not me) explains it would be better for you to not travel around all chol hamoed

April 21, 2016

Just sing your personal song

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A frog is a simple amphibian that basically hunts for bugs & leaps around yet if you ever heard a frog sing, it can be so loud. The temperature can dictate the strength, pitch and carry of its call. Just like the little frog can make so much noise and make itself heard, so too a person, if they find the right temperature in the nature of their midos, character traits, they can call out and be heard by there fellow Jews. Someone small can make a lot of noise, they can change the world, they just have to call out with the voice, their inner voice which they must first find, and then share that with the world. Each of us have been given our own sound, it is musical & beautiful… when we find balance (temperature) in our life, it shines forth to others. We each have a unique call that must be heard. What is a frogs call?

“Blessed is His Honorable Name of Kingship forever and ever.” (Perek Shira)

Sometimes we are taught to say this passage loudly & other times quietly. Part of understanding your personal call is understanding how to make a kiddush Hashem with everything you do. Knowing when to say something and when to be quiet. We find in the medrash, when Hashem wanted to kill a person in Eiver HaYarden with a scorpion who couldn’t swin across the Yarden, the frog carried the dangerous scorpion across without worrying that the scorpion will bite him. When your connected to
“Blessed is His Honorable Name of Kingship forever and ever.” You don’t need to contemplate or worry about all the scorpions in your life. All you wish is to carry out the will of Hashem and to spread His name to the world, with your voice, your song… you become One with your creator and the Torah. The frog doesn’t run. He makes himself readily available to fulfill the Tzivui Hashem.

In Egypt we wanted to run as fast as we could out of that place but Hashem said no, wait… take the gold, silver and jewels of the Egyptians with you. My friends, we have to stop running all the time. The frog, he just sits there and he sings in his unique voice. Stop running from your beautiful soul. Your like a frog, your not perfect, your slimy and gewy but you know what, its okay… Just sing your personal song and that is where you will find happiness and Hashem…. (Written today… blessings my friends)….

March 27, 2016

After Purim.. trust in Hashem

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Why do you feel down the day after Purim??? Well on Purim you were not able to know the difference between Mordechai & Haman… how did you really accomplish this? You reached a level of bittle, nothingness. You see when your bittle, you realize that Hashem is in control of everything and there is no good or bad… just Hashem’s Will. Now it’s after Purim & your self-worth has returned. You no longer are able to see that Hashem is in control, so you feel you have lost control. Your world feels overwhelming because you haven’t put Hashem inside it… So Purim was a taste of how your really supposed to trust in Hashem… Now you have to learn how to do this without the holiness of Purim… So Study more Torah…. Books on Emunah, faith & start changing your prospective of what life is all about… Blessings…

March 11, 2016

Shabbos laws

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I left the Shabbos Mikvah today shining having the thought…. I am new…. I am a new creation… I am beautiful… I am pure…. All week long we live with worry and fears, then comes eviv shabbos and there is nothing to worry about anymore. Nothing really matters except being close to Hashem. So why can’t it be so simple during the week? The answer is to study Hilchos Shabbos, the laws of Shabbos… to prepare for shabbos… increase Torah study on shabbos and to be more observant… Do you know how many mistakes your probably making on shabbos because you didn’t study the Shabbos laws thoroughly? There is some reason that the light of shabbos isn’t entering enough your weekday so that you feel some of the shabbos harmony and beauty in all your life. Let us commit ourselves to not just go through shabbos routinely & to learn the laws of Shabbos to perfection. Having fun on Shabbos is only part of it…. the fear of performing muktza or wasting time on shabbos should be just as important. What you give for shabbos is what you receive…

March 8, 2016

Spending money on Torah

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Everyone always talks about the greatness of giving charity but when a person uses their money to buy sefarim, Torah books (not from ones 10% required charity funds)… they bring a light into their life and into the world. It is no simple matter to use ones funds for Torah or to support a scholar in his studies. To spend your money on Torah, It is mamish fixing the world. If you are questioning if you should spend funds for a Torah book or to help someone study, don’t think twice. Torah is light. You will erase all judgement from Heaven.

February 28, 2016

Mazel Tov, Finished Shas

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Thank Hashem, I finished a round of Bavli Shas this Shushan Purim Katan.

study is pure

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I study Mishnah… I think I know something. Talmud.. I think i know even more… Then I study Kabbalah and realize I know nothing and have to start all over again from the Bible. This is how you can see the wise words of King Solomon come to fruition. That the ultimate goal of knowledge is to realize that we know nothing at all. This is a good indication if your study is Torah Lishmah… if your ego grows as your study… its not truthful… if you are more embarrassed by your lack of knowledge even though you have attained more… then you know the study is pure.

February 24, 2016

Nechama… Parnasa

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VORT: I noticed in Birchos Hamazon we say in the forth blessing, Nechama, Parnasa . So i thought, why is it i this order. You would think that it should be reversed. Once a person has parnasa, sustenance, then they feel nechama, consoled. So why does it say it this way… because Hashem wants us to feel relaxed and trust in Him… Once we are calm about money, giving to others generously, consoling ourselves in His Light, knowing that He cares for us.. then Nechama… Parnasa… v-calcala… and the blessings flow from Heaven. Blessing comes when we stop worrying so much about everything. Nechama must come first….