Rebbe of Nikolsberg

Without him there would be no yeshiva. He is our spirit and guide. Living in Monsey N.Y., he is our flame from afar. Consulted via the phone on important issues effecting students.



Rabbi Himelstein

Learned in Mir Yeshiva, Chofetz Chaim. Taught in Ohr Somaich and many other Balai Teshuva Yeshivos. Tremmendous fire and passion for simcha and learning.

Reb Moshe Steinerman


Founder of the Yeshiva and Chassid of Breslov and close with the Nikolsberg Rebbe. Sofer, teacher, outreach director.

Reb Chaim Daskal, M.ED.

Learned Torah directly from his grandfather Rav Eliezer Zusia z'tl (Previous Skelener Rebbe).  Currently spends his time teaching, speaking, coaching, counceling and inspiring others to be happy and to bring out the best from within themselves. His Website


Rabbi Rimpler

One of the future Gedolei Torah of the world. A Tzaddik with passion for davening and learning.


Other Staff to be Announced