HaRav Mann Shlita, He has an open house every Shabbos with 20-100 guests for meals. He was the top talmud of Rav Gedalya Aharon Kenig Z'T'L. If you come to Tzfat, you can learn humility from this Tzaddik.

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Rav Kenig Shlita, Master in Chassidus, Kabbalah and known for is blessings to be fruitful. It is said of him that how he gives over the Torah from Rebbe Nachman is simular to the way it really was taught by the Rebbe himself. He has fought battles on behalf of Klal Yisrael that we are unaware of due to our simple minds. May Hashem bless him with good health and strength to continue his work.

Lelover Rebbe Shlita, He has his own Bais Medresh here in Tzfat. The Rebbe's main chassidim live in Bnei Brak but he spends most of his time here in Tzfat. He is truely a humble man, he has hidden himself so well that even I who live here, forget he is here. I believe he has cast sort of a spell on all of us. Such a Rebbe in our midst, yet we simply forget. I was honored to use him as my second son's sanduk.