One Penny

One Penny


The United States Post Office raised the price of a local stamp to 33 cents up one cent from the previous 32 cents. Makes you wonder, if they are already raising the price of mailing a letter why only ONE PENNY?

Marketing in this country has always been the decision maker when it comes to advertising and marketing a product. Nothing is by chance and nothing is raised or lowered without market research.

The now famous Breakstone Report that was generated in the early 60’s used to be the benchmark for decisions based on sales to women. Until 1975 when the report was made public by Leggs Corporation no one understood why Breakstone butter was the first to put butter in a round cup instead of a bar as it used to be sold. The Breakstone Report taught the industry that Women preferred rounded and more oval shapes when it came to choosing products of comfort. You may now deduce why Legg’s purchased the research for so much money.

Which report did the USPS purchase, or what was the deciding point for getting the Post Office to raise the stamp rate by ONE PENNY?

My research on this matter proved to be worth my time. I did not purchase the report for millions of dollars, yet I will be able to apply it to my own life, and perhaps you will too.

The post office has seen a drop in letters being mailed now that millions are using e-mail (as we are) to stay in touch with a loved one. The Internet now offers Greeting cards, and letter writing services with reminders and the USPS has been losing a lot of money. Originally they decided to raise it to 35 cents (3 cents raise) but research showed that if they would raise it by 3 cents more negative publicity would hurt them, and it would get less people to mail letters.

They sat down and calculated that ONE PENNY would raise millions of dollars in order to begin a major overhaul of postal offices. Realizing that ONE PENNY could raise this great amount of money they realized that if this ONE PENNY could change the IMAGE of the USPS then within three years they could raise it by 3-5 cents and it wouldn’t matter — since people would say, “Hey look, they fixed up the buildings and they need money to pay for it!” The post office therefore chose to raise the stamp by ONE PENNY in order to raise it by more money somewhere down the line without negative backlash.

Making changes in our lives is a painful act for most. To change from one habit to another takes 14 days according to research. To undo a habit takes 7 days. What would happen if we made one change and changed our IMAGE by doing so? Perhaps when we would then choose to make bigger changes it would be easier to accept.

A couple of months ago I chose to listen to Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill for 90 days not including Shabbos and Sunday. The reason I chose to do this was because I wanted to change one thing in my life that would allow me to be open minded to changes that will certainly come my way. I have since discovered many great sensational opportunities. I now incorporate my daily lessons into my teffillos and I find that my davening’s Kavanah has improved greatly, and my day has less stress to it BH. All I did was make ONE CHANGE in order to begin accepting changes as life goes on, and so far the results are magical.

I could not ask anyone to join me in the venture if I myself have not done the same. This eye opening experience has allowed me to SEE things that were cloudy before, it has allowed me to become fearless to the non-truths in my life and accepting of the emes that life has to offer. It has opened me to possibilities that I was scared to approach because I was not seeing how important change may be within a lifetime.

My 90 Days will end on March 27th and I will then begin another project. If you want to experience an easy path to accept change I urge you to try this method I now call ONE PENNY. If the USPS can do it so can we. Perhaps we may choose to change just one thing for the better and see how many wonderful experiences come from this one change.