Do a lot

“Say Little and Do a Lot”


Many years ago I had the privilege and honor to witness the Chanukah lighting ceremony of my grandfather – the Skulener Rebbe. He was able to transform this simple task into a celebration of light and joy that lasted for hours. People would come from all over the country to take part in this special celebration. The crowd would wait patiently to get a glimpse of the preparation of the wicks and actual lighting of the menorah. The place was packed with children of all ages and adults who came with friends in tow.

Why is Chanukah the first major celebration following the month of high holy days and spiritual awakening?

For those who approached Rosh Hashanah with a sense of wanting more the coming year, of wanting to make a better life for themselves, Chanukah holds the key. We, as a people, must raise up the wick that we have prepared with dedication and joy, and make light where there is still darkness. We have just passed through the bitter month of Cheshvan, when there are no holidays for us to rejoice in; now we begin the months of celebration with the festival of lights.

“Say little, but do a lot,” our sages tell us. So I will! This month let us take upon ourselves to light a flame of joy for those who are not yet filled with happiness. Let us do actions that speak louder than words. You could offer a coat to someone who’s cold, give a warm smile to someone feeling blue, or put an arm around someone who’s bent over with troubles. Invite those who need your light to come by and celebrate with you–find that jug of pure oil in the hearts of those who have lost their way and bring them home to their roots.

Reach out and take action to help those in need; light a fire within their soul; say little but do a lot.