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Reb Moshe has written more then 5 books and hundreds of original Torah teachings. Enjoy glimpses of these books free online.

Capture1 My First Book Kavanos Halev was begun in Lakewood New jersey in 2002. It has been completed many years ago in Tzfat, Israel. It is now being prepared for publication.

Capture2Glimpse of Light was written in Tzfat and sheds light on gems from the Tanach. It is composed of original Torah insights.

Capture3Through the learning of Tikkun Shechinah, you will be able to aid in the Tikkun Ohlom (rectification of the world) and attain a greater level of self-perfection, learned with the guidance of the Shechinah herself. This is truly a very original work and an important one.


video-photo12The Forgotten Torah. One has to teach themselves to remember that which they forgot. Each and every one of us was there at Har Sinai. The Torah was given to us by Hashem through Moshe Rabbenu. How can we have forgotten that which was the greatest moment of our lives?

video-photo2Chassidic Kabbalah and Meditation. In order to begin connecting yourself to the spiritual, you must work on the aspect of fear of Hashem. One must know and have a true realization that you stand before Hashem at all times.

71whtgoldmailSefer Yom LeYom, Daily practices


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