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Ping Pong Mama

February 16th, 2009

I am like a ping pong ball. In the evening I start out in my own bed and then soon a child wakes up to join me. I am so tired that I just let him and then a while later the baby wakes up. I get up and take care of her and then move the other child out of my bed. Then he awakes so then I lay down next to him and put him to sleep in his bed while all the while, I fall asleep there. Then another child wakes up and looks for me and just falls asleep in my bed. Soon I wake up and realize I am not in my own bed anymore and go to my bed but there is another child there. It isnt’ worth it to me anymore so I just sleep on the couch. Realizing that I a missing from my room after they wake up, a child comes looking for me and falls asleep next to me on the couch. Then Reb Moshe complains that he can’t turn on the light or go out to the mikvah because everyone is sleeping by the front door. He tries to sneak out but in the process wakes up me accidentally and when I move, I wake up the kid on the couch. I then move him back to his bed and the baby wakes up. I then go to her room. Then Reb Moshe returns from the mikvah closes the door and puts down his bag, boom! Another child wakes up. Each morning I never know where I will wake up! Now Reb Moshe always tries to help but the kids want their ping pong mama cause the ping pong mama loves her little munchies. So after the kids go to school in the morning, guess what I have to do? SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. Does anyone understand and relate to the ping pong mama?

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  1. comment number 1 by: Kathy

    Hi! Dear Rochel, What you need to do is make up a new, better and different pattern for the children so they know not to follow you around and sleep with you here and there. You need to teach the children that when it’s bedtime they need to sleep in their own bed and that it is not okay to wake you up every time – (I am not talking about the baby here). That way when you go to bed you would get a good night’s sleep which is very important. Remind R. Moshe that he can help you in this by doing things like NOT banging his bag down on the floor when he arrives home from the Mikve and to make sure to ASK before he invites millions of people to your home. Also I did not understand your post of what your guests should leave outside that had you spending hours cleaning the walls??? B”H you can find these solutions helpful and that you will get all the sleep you need. 🙂 In friendship, Kathy, Arizona, USA

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