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Rebbezin Rochel

Pesach Pearls

March 29th, 2007

During all of the prePesach upheaval I managed to have a moment of inspiration which I’d like to share.
I love mashalim (parables) because they can make an abstract or ultra deep concept into something inspiring and usable. While I was cleaning my saint of a husband walked in the kitchen and looked at the microwave I had been cleaning for the past 45 minutes. “You missed some crumbs over here.” I looked at him with full rage in my glance thinking to myself, “How dare he come in here and inspect my hard work and find something that is too small to be chametz anymore.” I looked and sure enough there was an evil crumb that had slipped my well trained eye. At that moment I merited to have a revelation of the meaning behind my chapped and over worked hands. Why do we have to clean so meticulously for chametz? The chametz represents our bad character traits in which we need to “clean out”. While cleaning we have to have in mind that we should look within ourselves to get rid of the unwanted “chametz” inside of us, but when someone comes along and sees a few crumbs we missed we lose our cool and become defensive. The truth is that it is always easier for someone else to see the crumbs we’ve inadvertently skipped over.