Rebbezin Rochel :: Lend me your ears, don’t worry I’ll give them back.

Rebbezin Rochel

Rochel is now a Life Coach

May 31st, 2009

I’ve finally decided to make the jump. I’m putting all of the years of experience ,in answering ilovetorah emails and helping and guiding people, to an actual profession. I’ve already started working with people via email and IM. I don’t charge nearly as much as the average life coach because I don’t want my service to be a business. Life coaching shouldn’t just be available to those who can afford it’s outrageous prices. I work with Jews from all works of life. My new email address is for anyone who is interested.

Life coaching is focused on providing the client methods for focusing on self-empowerment and manifesting future goals. Life coaching is different for everyone and can be for you anything you need it to be. I try to use a mixture of different theories of psychology and therapy along with life coaching. Regular therapists spend too much time talking and analyzing the past. Understanding our past is an important piece of the puzzle in being aware of ourselves but it is all too often used as a crutch to not having to fulfill our potential. We are all victims to something in our lives, but should not “make us a victim”. I, in my life coaching sessions, help my clients to cultivate self awareness, self-respect, and to unlock the inner genius and gifts we all posses. I feel we all could use a life coach in one way or an other, we all have room for growth.
Hope to hear from you!