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Rebbezin Rochel

Bedtime Nachas

February 28th, 2009

My five year old, Yaacov Yosef, finds bedtime the best time for him to ask his deep and lengthy questions. Tonight he used his brilliant five year old logic to salve a problem he has been having. Before he goes to sleep he usually realizes that he it either hungry or thirsty. I tell him I can’t give him anything other then water because I brushed his teeth already and anything else then water will give him cavities (which he calls holes in the teeth). This is a problem for him because he hates water. So finally after thinking about it he told me to give him apple juice and some crackers and he’ll just lay in his bed but won’t close his eyes so he won’t fall asleep. He said he’ll rest until morning. Then I informed him while giggling that it’s not the sleep that makes the holes, it’s the food that sits on the teeth all night, so even if he doesn’t fall asleep he could still get cavities. He sighed and then gave up and fell asleep.

I Hate Summer Vacation

September 7th, 2008

I never thought that I would hate summer vacation. I counted the days until the end of school, each day looking forward to freedom. Now vacation for me means bored kids, hot and exausting trips, and turning my kitchen into a restraunt for three growing boys (not counting the husband). Now, for me in my older wiser years, I count down for the first day of school, and look forward to a long winter.

Mazel Tov

January 14th, 2008

I finally had a baby girl! Mazel Tov and blessings to you all!

Happy New Year!

September 11th, 2007

A time of hope, joy, and blessings. May you all have a fruitful year of all goodness! I hope to post much more this coming year as I miss talking to all of you. As you know, the baby is still recovering from surgery so I have my hands full. Little Gedalya is handling things well and we are proud of him!

Halarious Mazel Tov Video

October 19th, 2006

I was going through some stuff and found this. It was a video my freinds made for me when I got engaged to wish me mazal tov, in their own way. It’s great!


a holy nation

August 10th, 2006

I took the kids for the a week to visit m parents in Beitar. They needed to get away and see some life again. It was nice for a while but it’s hard living in someone elses house. I ended up being police mom the entire time. It’s good to be back. It’s a strange feeling to go from an abandoned town that you can feel the depression in the air to action and life. In Beitar everyone is going about their regular life, planning vacations, going to camp, and say tehillim for what’s going on up here but don’t really think about it too much. It’s like stepping in and out of two worlds that you are stuck in between of. You want to be here, you want to be there but you can’t really stay at either for too long. One thing that has really impressed me is the amount of donations we have recieved, in food and toys. Everyday we get boxes of dried goods, meats, and drinks. People have opened their homes all across the southern part of Israel for the people in the North. I read something that really shows the contrast of the two ends of the war. There are about 400,000 refugees in Lebanon that fled yo the north. The government couldn’t find shelter for them so they set up temperary tents for them to stay in. In Israel there are 800,000 and the news browdcast that was saying this sayed that they couldn’t find any of the refugees of the north. They all had family, freinds, or even strangers who opened their homes to everyone. They are being supplied with food, clothing, toys and money. It really is a big kiddush Hashem.

finally a break

April 16th, 2006

Hello there world. This is Mrs. Ilovetorah. I chose this name because, for all of those who don’t know me, I am the wife of the great Reb Moshe. When we got married i married Moshe who also had a web site to reach out to the Jewish population. Now, five years later and three kids later, I’m Mrs. Ilovetorah. This is in no way a complaint, on the contrary, I’m proud and honored to be Mrs. Ilovetorah.

I’m finally able to take a break from the mad rush. Kids are sleeping, house is clean, husband is sedated, and I’m free! This blog thing is strange for me. Why anyone would want to hear my twisted thoughts is beyond me. I always tried to keep a diary but wasn’t successful. I’m not going to make this first one too long because if anyone does read this I want them to want to come back.