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Our Thoughts

Shlomo Hamelech taught us in Proverbs, "Grace is elusive and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Hashem-she shall be praised."

Why is she so praised for her fear of Hashem and modesty? Why not mention kindness as well? It is because all virtual aspects stem from humility and modesty. When someone is modest, they are drawn to doing aspects of kindness.

There are two kinds of grace. A grace which stems from pride, this is a false sense of grace and then there is grace which comes from humility and modesty. This real grace is the connection a woman makes with the Shechinah.

Everyone can make themselves appear to be modest on the exterior and it certainly is a step in the proper direction as it will eventually lead towards being truly modest but this is only the first step. One must work to have a modest heart. With a modest and humble heart comes purity and bracha, blessing.

So how can a woman work on her modesty.

1. Speak softly and pleasantly.

2. Think before you speak

3. Try to think of others first

4. Try not to draw attention to herself

5. Constantly think about Hashem

6. Wear clothing that covers modestly and not too bright.

7. Say Iggeret HaRamban

8. Always carry a Tehillim, Psalms or something to remind yourself the importance of serving Hashem.

9. Being Patient

10. Hisbodidus, meditation on attaining the aspects of fear of Hashem, modesty.

11. Think about the Shechinah often and do things in order to draw her presence near to you. 


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