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The Sages teach us in Gemarah that if the woman is happy, the home is full of blessing and shefa, sustenance. If she is unhappy on the other hand, the channels of blessing are blocked up. It is so important for a woman to bring happiness into her home. If the children grow up seeing unhappy parents, they will grow up emotionally disturbed.

A woman represents the Shechinah but at the same time, we are told from Chazal that the Shechinah distances Herself when someone is downtrodden. When the Shechinah leaves a person's home, all craziness breaks loose. Shefa, blessing ceases and the klipah, unholy forces start to hold sway.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that no matter what, a person must force themselves to be happy. Even if it involves joking around and serving Hashem with utter simplicity. You have to do what it takes to be happy.

Woman have many external forces which can lead them astray from the Torah. Ones emotions can play a very big role in atmospheric stability. Should you find yourself overwhelmed and sad, sing a song and begin thinking of all the good things you have done for Hashem and others. Do not allow anymore negative thoughts to enter you mind but only allow happy thoughts to reside inside you and eventually any negative will disappear.

No matter what, do not let yourself remain SAD!

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