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Giving to the World


Our Thoughts

What does Hashem do all day but give to his creatures. Is this not his greatest pleasure, providing us with our every need? This being said, what does he want from us?

We are to emulate his every midah, character trait. Perform the 613 commandments with love and understanding. Taking upon ourselves anything we can to elevate the sparks from the klipah in order to draw the Moshiach closer.

This being said though, what in reality can a Jewish woman do today to give of herself that which she should? How is she to know in which ways she is to give to the world when she has so many responsibilities already and there are so many needs of Klal Yisrael?

Well the most important thing is for you to realize that there certainly is something special for you to give to others. It could be something that is unique and would be a truly important contribution to society. In fact, the sooner you figure-out what it is you should be giving, the sooner you will receive back from Hashem the tremendous light that is awaiting for you. Meaning, until you become the giving person that you are too become, you cannot come close to Hashem like you are truly supposed too.

Rebbe Nachman says that when Hashem wants to draw you close to Him, He first sends you some form of a way to give to others and then after you perform this act of kindness, He gives you back so much more. But He only gives to a vessel that can hold all of His kindness, a vessel that has become not just a sponge or container but rather a funnel, which takes in from one end and spills out from the other. Wishing only to have water in which to give out.

Thou art a fountain of gardens, A well of living waters, and flowing streams from Lebanon.". (Song of Songs 4:15) After water falls from the ledge, the waterfall doesn't ask for the water go come back up but rather the water leaves and goes off on its own to live on. The Garden of Eden, is sometimes compared to a flowing brook, which constantly flows with light to give.

One difficulty woman have is that if they stop to rest, it is difficult to get going again. You see, this is because a woman must always be a flowing brook, though the water can run slower because of weather changes, she still must fight not to remain still. In stillness for her is a world of emptiness.

Now getting back to the topic at hand, how is a woman supposed to know what it is she is supposed to give? Well let us look into the live of holy mother Rivka. Before Yitzchok showed up, she lived a rather simple life caring for her family and their needs. As soon as she Eliezer though, as she saw an opportunity to give, she grabbed the opportunity before her. Therefore, finding what it is you should give may not be so difficult. Hashem is putting these opportunities in front of you all the time, so just grab them! After some time of grabbing the opportunity before you, one will shine for you. It will be the most enjoyable of them all and that my friend is what you should GIVE TO THE WORLD.

Reb Moshe  תשס"ו כז טבת


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