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I was born in 67 family in a nice warm place called "Midrashet Sde Boker". 20 years I begin my ways in natural medicine - reflexology, Bach flowers, Chinese medicine and Classic homeopathy.

After many years of clinic experience [since 1990], I added my own personal healing way called "practical Bioenergy", which developed from a different methods - (Biorgonomi, Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, chakra centers), plus an old knowledge of Jewish Kabbalah and Hasidik wisdom,
Access deep healing processes in order to produce a deeper stimulation of the patient vital force
Today, my family live in Sefad Israel, participate Jewish Hasidic life.
The majority of my practice in the field of medicine is the "practical Bioenergy" and when needed homeopathy, Chinese herbal and NLP.
Also teaching "practical Bioenergy" and "home care homeopathy".

Dr. leshem yosef PhD

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