A Heart that's Crying!

There are both good days and bad days. On a good day you don't even have to bother looking, happiness is just there. On a bad day you look and look until you can find it. Its so hard when you keep searching and your heart comes up with nothing during that day. Why when we only want to do good must we come up with nothing. How will we get through the next hour.



            The way to find happiness during these times is to look for the good points in yourself, not only in the situation your stuck in. You, fine person that you are, stand at this moment higher then you realize. Not even realizing it, all through this day you have turned to Hashem. Yes, he didn't answer you directly but maybe you answered him. You have remained strong even though you are hurt inside. Your next step is to search yourself and come up with the good you have done. For instance, think about all the commandments you have done today. A mitzvah you did a couple of years back. You are a good person, aren't ya:) That is the way to pick yourself up. Joke around a bit.Stick to the point of Torah, keep things simple until you cheer up. As for the good days, on them add a little extra. By giving 200% on those days, bad days will almost never come up. There is a purpose to this day you are experiencing. It is not without reason. Now force yourself to be happy. Turn on some fast music, turn up the bass... Put on a happy face and fake it, eventually you'll even trick yourself and be happy today.

The highest level of happiness one can reach is through realizing the special Jewish neshama that they have been given. There is no better joy then remembering that your a yidd:)


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