February 23, 2016

Purim katan

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Purim katan… it is a sign and reminder to increase and prepare ourselves from the coming holiday in 30 days. So what do we do today? We reflect upon the idea of bringing more joy into our life. We don’t have to but it’s good to eat more festively today. No other halachas are required.so that’s what the shulchan aruch says…. but what would chassidus tell us… hmmm
Hashem wants to remind us that Judaism isn’t supposed to feel heavy and a burden. The joy leading up to any holiday and it’s preparation is the holiday itself. Every day of adar is like a purim. Every day of the week has a taste of shabbos. So Hashem is teaching us, you know how you bring more joy in your life? You prepare. You want to rid yourself of depression, you prepare yourself for something sweet. Put all your energy and frustration into preparing for a mitzvah done to its fullest. The joy of any mitzvah is its preparation. The day itself will come and go but all your hard work lives on forever inside you. You can’t experience that which you don’t work for. So what is true joy? Sharing what you prepared with others. Purim is about sharing, hence we have mishalach manos. So give joy to others and you too will experience so much more. Blessings happy purim.

January 24, 2016

Aryeh Kaplan’s Shirim on Kabbalah

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December 30, 2015

Who Straightens the bent

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“Blessed are you Hashem, Who Straightens the bent.” Doctors are given a license to heal and also to destroy peoples body and minds. They have a loaded weapon in their hands. Don’t trust just any of them with your life. Many give out medications haphazardly not realizing they are poisoning their very patients who would be better off with good diet and exercise. Don’t fall into this endless trap. Most bodies and souls have the ability to heal themselves through better physical and emotional care. It is time to take our lives back. Hashem returns to a person life and good health every day. Just when yesterday, you couldn’t continue anymore, here you are put back together this morning.

Shabbos for study

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For those that work hard all week long and don’t have as much time to study Torah. During shabbos alone, you can accomplish a weeks worth of Torah study, but you must study every moment an with all your heart. I discovered this when I was a CEO of a company and worked 70 hours a week. When it came to shabbos, I would study every second and he Torah was open for me… So close up the magazines, limit the shmuzzing and study Torah! It’s your gift to take!

Life is a candlestick chart

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Life is a candlestick chart, you have to build resistance and watch for the turning points. You have to go with the momentum to your advantage. Ride the Fibonacci waves with patience expecting for every up in life there might be a 30% relapse but soon you will go back up if you hold on tightly. When your down, that is when you buy into life as how you serve Hashem when your down, in simple and joyous ways is more important then how you serve Him when your up. When your up, that is when you need to sell, giving to others life. Don’t be greedy but give to others when you feel well and are in a good position in your life. (I traded stocks and forex for years. I hope you like the analogy) We also learn in graphing that you should never rely totally on the charts. There are other factors that come into play and you have to be ready for anything. Never let your emotions completely dictate your decisions and do your research. Learn from others & see how other traders are currently finding success. The same is true in living a Torah lifestyle and investing in yourself. This is your winning stock play, live life smart.

The morning blessing

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The morning blessings all made sense to me this morning but one, “Raka Haretz Al Hamayim.” What does it matter to me the first thing in the morning that Hashem makes a separation of the earth and water? So I was thinking on this and I realized that we can relate to this blessing in the following way. Without having a foundation and schedual, our life could literally be in shambles. So I am asking Hashem, please let my life make sense today. Let me be organized, let me separate like the earth and water, that my life should be in its place. That everything should go smoothly and be successful today. Blessings….

December 17, 2015

New Torah thoughts

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Our Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) wants us to think that we are stagnant in our spiritual growth because we see our daily challenges becoming stronger and we thereby overlook our constant spiritual improvements. Every day bares a new set of challenges that we grow from.The greater the person, the stronger his Yetzer Hara becomes. This causes our good deeds to become overlooked. We believe we are stuck in the same place yet we are far from that place. We only seem to notice the stronger Yetzer Hara but we don’t see our stronger Yetzer HaTov. My friends, don’t compare your soul to another, be the best that you can be. Only joy will help you realize how far you have come and grown. Your really not stuck like you think, your free. Now live your life as a free man. Why do we say the daily passages about going out of Egypt in the prayer service? It is to remind us that Hashem is taking us out every day from the grips of negativity. We are free men to grow and prosper. The Yetzer Hara wants us to think we are in constant captivity but Torah study frees us from his grips. So no, your not stagnant at all. It is only his allusion. A free man is above his Yeter Hara, he is above his imagination & thereby doesn’t fear the angels. Through Torah study and prayer, he is never stagnant but is mastering his soul every day. So don’t look backwards and see only the challenges, take hold of your good points and bask into the light of the Shechinah.

October 11, 2015

A page of Talmud is alive

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A page of Talmud is alive, in it contains all elements, fire, water, air and earth. Inside it is debates, peace, holiness, bible, mishnah, stories and all wisdom. If a person puts their mind and heart into the Talmud, instead of experiencing many difficult trials in life, they instead pass these tests through study of Talmud alone. Since I started learning 4 Hours of Talmud a day, I feel much less suffering in my life, days and weeks feel more complete. I suffer in comprehending a sugya instead of being out and about on the streets of the world. I found a home. A place to run too when all else is kayos. My holy friends, you too can return home and begin your Talmud study today.

September 9, 2015

Please help out

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We are really in need of donations to keep ilovetorah.com running. If you can help out, here is the donation link. http://ilovetorah.com/new/donations/

My Personal Learning Projects

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I have increased my daily learning schedule during the last few months. It has kept me quite busy but I am hoping in the long run, I will have much more Divar Torah’s to share with everyone. Right now my personal goal is to complete Bavli and Yerushalmi talmuds with artscroll translation for next shavuos.

3 Sefarim almost ready for Print

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Thank Hashem, three of my sefarim, books have been edited and are almost ready for publishing. If you want to make a dedication or help out, please let me know.

I would like to thank my editor, Elise Teitelbaum for an amazing job. Mrs. Teitelbaum did more then polish up my books and I can’t wait to share them with the world this coming year as I self-publish them. Visit her website at… http://sparksofholiness.com

Happy New Year

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I am wishing everyone a happy new year and only blessings!

June 22, 2015

Bais Shami, Bais Hillel

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In the old days, we used to be able to pick who we wanted to paskin by, Bais Shemai or Bais Hillel. The gemarah says that someone should just pick one way or the other and hold by everything that Rabbi does and not pick and choose. Someone who would take all the leniency from both would be called wicked, while one who picked one Rabbi and added the stringency of the other would be considered a fool. Then a Bas Kol came down & said we paskin by Bais Hillel. Why Bais Hillel, because he was humble. This gemarah in Erivin got me thinking about how many of us pick and choose what we like in Judaism and from different Rabbis and how it sometimes confuses us. Then again, it isn’t so simple as we don’t have Rabbis the caliber of Bais Shimai and Hillel. The purpose of gemarahs in Bavli is to make us think so I leave this open to you as well to think over after-all, the Bas Kol came down to tell us to go with the humblest opinion until the times of the Moshiach.

May 14, 2015

Importance of studying in order

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A friend who is a Talmud Chachaim said to me yesterday… I wish i could do it all over, I would learn Tanach, Mishnah, then Talmud… the system messed me up. I can’t tell you how important it is to learn Torah in order. It builds structure to your learning. When i was around 23 I finished Zohar and my Rabbi (Hornotyple Rebbe) told me, your doing it all wrong, First Tanach, Then Mishnah, Then Talmuld and then Kabbalah. He saved me by telling me this… But now if you attend a kollel, they don’t let you just learn what you want so you can’t start over and fix what you missed as you have no time… but for us not stuck in the system… we can do it right! So if you can, study in order and build yourself a base. You won’t regret it!

May 8, 2015

The Secret Ketoris

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The Malas Ashan was the secret ingredient in the Ketoris, spice offered to Hashem in the Temple every morning & afternoon. It was a secret ingredient that one family kept private between them. It allowed the smoke arising from the offering to go straight up to Heaven in a perfect vertical line & made the offering pleasing to Hashem. It says in Talmud Jerushalmi, Yoma, that if sweet honey were to be added to the Ketoris, the world would not be able to tolerate the sweetness of the Ketoris. Twice daily we have the opportunity to offer this very same offering to Hashem in our heart felt prayers before Pesukay Dezimra and before Ashrai at Mincha prayers. We may not have the secret Malas Ashan but we have the sincerity of our heartfelt prayers to Hashem which replace this special spice. The Ketoris was the first offering every morning… it opened the gates for the Tamid & the lighting of the menorah that followed. It too can open up gates of Heaven for you so do not take this prayer lightly. It’s power is to sweeten your entire life, the same as its aroma once filled the Hillsides of Jerusalem for miles and miles every morning. If you close your eyes, you too can smell it even today as the Malas Ashan because Chazal has taught us that the Karbonos, offerings on the holy Alter have now been replaced by our heartfelt prayers… so if you don’t know what to do, recite the holy Ketoris with all the love in your heart and the gates shall open to you.